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1.He ______(be) my brother.

2.The giraffe is __________(tall) than the deer.

3.My hands are__________(big) than yours.

4.This dog is____________(strong) than that one.

5.Jonh is______________(draw) a picture on the blackboard.

6.It's time_____________(have) breakfast.

7.There are some__________(book) on the desk.

8.There ______(be) a teacher and forty-five students in the park.

9.My father often____________(play) football on the weekend.

10._________ Mary ___________(do) her homework now?

11.How___________(do) your mother______(go) to work?

12.What class do you have on _________________(Tuesday)?

13.Look! Many people_______________________(swim) in the river.

14.Can you set the table ? No, I___________(can)

15.Where ________(do) you _______(go) last night?

16.We __________(see) elephants yesterday.

17.Who can help ______(I ) with my homework?

18.I will _________(play) basketball with my classmates this weekend.

19.Did you _________(help) them________(clean) their room?

20.I_______(sing) and________(dance) with my new friends on my last summer holiday.


1.What's he like? He's ________.

A. twelve B. funny C. a teacher

2._________ your math teacher ? Mr Liu.

A. Whose B. Who's C. Who

3._______ is the second day in a week.

A. Monday B. Sunday C. Wednesday

4.Is he tall ? ________ He is short.

A. No, he is. B. Yes, he is. C. No, he isn't.

5.What do you do on Sundays ? ___________

A. I like sports. B. I read books. C.I can dance.

6.Mother's day is ______ May. A. on B. in C. at

7.____________ I read books.

A. What are you doing ? B. What can you do ? C. What did you do ?

8. Here you are.____________ A. Thank you. B. No, thanks . C. OK.

9. His mother is a nurse. She works in a __________

A. school B. hospital C. company

10. What are you going to do on your holiday ?

A. I went to Xinjiang. B. I 'm going shopping. C. I am reading a book.


( ) 1.Li for two hours every evening A.watch B.watches


( ) 2. --- _________ is he? --- He is ten. A. What B. Who C. How old

( ) 3. Kate and Jane _______ my good friends. A. is B. am C. are

( ) 4. --- Where ________ he from?

--- He _______ from China. A. is; come B. is; comes C. does; is

( ) 5. --- Where is my pencil?

--- I can't ______ it. A. look at B. find C. look for

( ) 6. We're going to stay here tomorrow. What ____ you?

A. about B. besides C. with

( ) 7. That blue jacket is beautiful. A. fine B. very nice C. well

( ) 8.-- ___ are these? -- They are red pencils. A.What B.Where C.What colour

( ) 9. My mother _______ three shelves. A. have B. has C. is

( ) 10. The man over there is ___. A. Miss White B. Mrs White C. Mr White

( ) 11. --- _______ kitchen is clean? ---- Mary's. A. Who's B. Whose C. Who

( ) 12. -____ grade are you in? --- Grade Five. A. Whose B. Which C. Where

( ) 13. - ___on the river? ---- There're some ducks. A.What B.Which C. What's

( ) 14. That girl is my friend. ______ name is May. A. His B. Her C. Its

( ) 15. Helen is behind me. I am ___ Helen. A.behind B. in front of C. beside


1. Peter's father often ______ (take) a bus to go to work.

2. Look! They _______ (play) happily in the playground.

3. Tom likes _______ (swim) in summer.

4. Who can _____ (speak) English well in your family?

5. Tim and Tom _____ (read) in the library. Let's _____ (join) them.

6. We will ______ (go) for a picnic tomorrow. We ______ (get) ready for it now.

7. Mary, ________ (not talk) with each other. _______ (be) quite, please.

8. _________ (be) there any water in the bottle?

9. Do you like _______ (watch) TV?

10. Don't _______ (wash) your shirts now.


Jane and Mary are good friends. Their families are in Shanghai now. Jane is from Britain and Mary is from America. They are in the same school. But they aren't classmates. Jane is in Class One. Miss May is her teacher. Mary is in Miss White's class. They study Chinese. They like it. They like Shanghai, too.

( ) 1. Jane and Mary are good friends and classmates.

( ) 2. Their families aren't in Shanghai now.

( ) 3. Miss May is the teacher of Class One.

( ) 4. Mary is in Class One.

( ) 5. Jane and Mary study Chinese and they like it.

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