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3BM3U2(The 2nd period)教案(15)

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Oxford English 3B Module 2 Unit 2


主题: Toys 课时: The 2nd period

学校: 园南小学 执教者: 吴笑雷

教学任务简述: Learn to know the modeled sentences to express one?s likes and dislikes. (e.g. I like/don?t like…) Use wh-questions to find out specific information about the others. And try to use pronoun and objective to describe toys one likes. 学情分析:


为了更加丰富学生的语言,在对第一课时单词用‘I like…’以及‘Do you like…?’的句型询问他人的喜好进行复习的基础上,渗透wh-questions的新授,在这个过程中让学生进行语言学习和积累。通过玩具商店的情景创设,使学生将新旧知识融合在一起,在真实的语境中获得体验,实现语言的使用功能。 Learning Objectives:

1. Get to know how to express one?s likes and dislikes.

2. To use pronoun “this” to talk about the favorite toys one likes.

3. Learn to use wh-questions to find out specific information.


1. To properly use pronoun “this” to express one?s favorite

2. Ask and answer the wh-questions correctly.


1. Multi-media (power point)

2. Pictures and sentences cards

3. Blackboard

Talking about “3B Module 2 Unit 2 Toys”

Good morning, everyone!

Today, I?ll say something about Module2 Unit 2 Part B in Book 3 of Oxford English. The topic of this module is “My favourite things”. The content of this period is to use “I like/don?t like…” to express one?s likes and dislikes. By using the interlocution of “wh-questions” to know about the others? likes. On the basis of the first period, I establish the following

teaching contents of this period: a. I like/don?t… b. What do you like? I like… c. I like this… It?s …

We have already learnt the sentence “I like…” in Module 2 Unit 1. This period is the continuation of Unit 1. Review the learned language points “I like…” and the new language points will be represented in the following units. And according to the philosophy of《English Curriculum Criteria》and the face of Ss, I establish the following three teaching objectives of this period:

The first one: Ss can use “I like/don?t like…” to express one?s likes and dislikes; know about the others by using “wh-questions” and use pronoun and adjective to describe the favourite toys.

The second one: Ss can use the new patterns correctly and make conversation for specific situations.

The third one: Ss can listen and share information with each other.

I think the teaching focus of this period is to use “wh-questions” to ask about the others? likes. The most difficult point is to make sure the Ss can use the pronoun to describe their favourite toys correctly.

And I will use some pictures, toys and games. In order to make the class active, I will use the methods which suit Ss? interest, their experience of life and cognitively level to achieve the aims. The task-based method, communicated method, group cooperate method will be used in this period too.

To accomplish the aims, I design the following steps:

Step 1: Introduction

a. In order to attract the Ss? attention and arouse the initiative of spelling the words, I let the Ss use the letters of the word to make a letter tree.

b. I combine the words with sentences learned before, and then do ask and answer in the whole class. This will introduce to the new patterns on the basis of the revision.

Step 2: Present a new lesson

a. Using the power point to show a picture of a stranger ?Tina?. I will introduce ?Tina? to the Ss and bring them to the situation “A toy shop”. Then ask Ss to use “I like/don?t like…” to express their likes and dislikes about toys to ?Tina?. At the same time, the practice will make a good foundation for the new pattern “What do you like?” b. The substance of language is communication and truly situation. So when I present the new pattern “What do you like?” I first show the same picture of a toy shop, and then teach the sentence. Pattern practice, such as pairs work will let Ss familiar with the sentence. c. It is very important for me to change the role in the class. When I was a child, I had many toys too. So I will bring a shelf full with toys to the class. This will help Ss to know the using of pronoun “this”. The Ss can come to the front, choose their favourite toy and

express their ideas by saying the sentence “I like this… It?s …” Step 3: Practise and consolidate

a. Say: After presentation, I ask Ss to do quick response in the whole class. So all the Ss can get chance to say the sentence.

b. Play: Most Ss like play games. I design a “Bingo game” for Ss, not only to arouse their interest, but also to consolidate the interlocution of “What do you like?”

c. Listen: Group work is a good way for Ss to listen to the others. Who gets the lucky star, he/she must listen to the others because he/she is Aladdin, he/she can make what they say come true. The same as the other students. I think, class is not only an occasion to learn knowledge, but also an occasion to develop good habits.

d. Act: In class, Ss is the host, teacher is just a guider. I will stick all the key patterns on the blackboard and ask them to make a new dialogue happens in a toy shop. Teacher can encourage them show themselves bravely. From acting the dialogue, they can get happiness and achievement.

Assignment: I will ask Ss to do a survey in their family. Ask their parents “What toys do you like?”

I always hope that my students can acquire knowledge, happiness and experience from my lesson. And one day, they can use the language in their life. That?s all. Thank you!

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