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人教版pep英语五年级下册课文read and write&let‘s talk

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Amy: When do you get up?

Zhang: At 6:00. What about you?

Amy: I usually get up at 6:30. When do you eat breakfast? Zhang: At 6:20.

Amy: When do you go to school?

Zhang: At 7:00. And you?

Amy: At 7:00 too.

Chen: What do you do on weekend?

John: I often play football. Sometimes I go hiking. What about you? Chen: Usually I clean my room. I often go hiking, too.

John: Let’s go hiking together next Sunday.

Chen: Great.


Zhang: Which season do you like best?

Mike: Fall. It’s always sunny and cool. Which season do you like best? Zhang: Winter. I can play with snow.

Mike: I don’t like winter. It’s too cold.

Chen: What’s your favourite season. Sarah?

Sarah: Spring.

Chen: Why do you like spring?

Sarah: Because I can plant trees. Which season do you like best? Chen: Winter.

Sarah: Why do you like winter?

Chen: Because I can skate.


Mike: When is your birthday?

Amy: My birthday is in February. Is your birthday in February, too? Mike: No, my birthday is in December. What about you, Zhang Peng? Zhang: My birthday is in October.

Sarah: Who has a birthday in October?

Zhang: Me.

Sarah: What’s the date?

Zhang: It’s October 1st. what about you?

Sarah: My birthday is March 12th.


Army: Hello.

Chen: Hi, Amy. It’s Chen Jie.

Amy: Hi, Chen Jie. What are you doing?

Chen: I’m drawing pictures. What are you doing?

Amy: I’m reading a book.

Chen: Hello.

Woman: Hello. This is Nina. Can I speak to your mom, please? Chen: She’s cooking dinner. Please hold on.

Woman: Thank you.

Chen: Mom. There’s a call for you.

Mom: Thank you.


Chen: I see the mother elephant.

Amy: What is she doing?

Chen: She’s walking.

Amy: What about the baby elephant? What is it doing? Chen: It’s running.

Wu: What do you see?

John: I see two elephants.

Wu: What are they doing?

John: They are drinking water.

Wu: Can you see the monkeys?

John: Yes. They are swinging.


Teacher: What are you doing?

John: I’m watching my classmates.

Teacher: Where are they?

John: They are in the woods.

Teacher: Are they catching butterflies?

John: No, they aren’t. they are picking up leaves.

Teacher: Where is Zhang Peng?

Wu: He’s in the woods.

Teacher: Is he taking pictures?

Wu: no, he isn’t. he’s playing chess.

Teacher: Is john playing chess, too?

Wu: Yes, he is. They are playing together.


Amy: Excuse me. can I ask you some questions?

Policeman: Sure.

Amy: What do you do?

Policeman: I’m a policeman.

Amy: When do you go to work?

Policeman: I go to work at 9:00 in the evening.

Amy: When do you eat dinner?

Policeman: I eat dinner at 7:00 in the evening.

Amy: When do you go home?

Policeman: I go home at 5:00 in the morning. I eat breakfast at 6:00. Then I go to bed.

Amy: When do you get up?

Policeman: I usually get up at 12:00 noon. I play sports at about 3:00 in the afternoon.

Amy: Thank you for telling me about your day.

Policeman: You’re welcome.

Zoom: What do you do on the weekend?

Zip: Usually I watch TV and go shopping. Sometimes I visit my grandparents. What about you?

Zoom: I often play football. Sometimes I go hiking.

Zip: That’s fun.

Zoom: But not this weekend.

Zip: Why?

Zoom: The weather report says it’s going to rain tomorrow. I can’t play football in the rain. I can’t go hiking, either.

Zip: Then come to my home. Let’s watch TV together.

Zoom: Ok.


Amy: Which season do you like best, Mike?

Mike: Well, in Canada I like fall best. The sky is very blue. The leaves are colorful.

Amy: Which season do you like best?

Zhang: I like winter best. We go up north. We play in the snow.

Amy: Winter is beautiful, but it’s too cold for me. I like summer best. I like to swim in the sea.

Mike: Summer is good, but fall is my favourite season.

Zhang; Why?

Mike: Halloween and Thanksgiving.

It’s summer. Zoom and Zip swim in the lake. They are happy. “I like summer,” says Zip. “Why do you like summer?” asks Zoom. “Because I can swim in the lake.”

It’s fall. Zoom and Zip go hiking. The eat a lot.

Winter comes. Zoom and Zip don’t skate. They sleep.

Spring comes. Zoom and Zip wake up. They fly kites. “I like winter,” says Zoom. “Why do you like winter?” asks Zip, “Because I can sleep a long time.”


Grandma: What are you doing, John?

John: I am making a birthday chart for our family. When is your birthday?

Grandma: It’s in May.

John: My mother’s birthday is in May, too. When is grandpa’s birthday?

Grandma: It’s in June.

John: There are three birthdays in June. My birthday is in June. Uncle Bill’s birthday is in June, too. When is Aunt Mary’s birthday?

Grandma: Her birthday is in November. Cousin Alice’s birthday is in April.

John: Great! Here’s the chart.

Zip: What are you doing?

Zoom: I’m sending Grandma an e-card?

Zip: Is her birthday in June?

Zoom: Yes.

Zip: What’s the date?

Zoom: June 9th.

Zip: Does she have a computer?

Zoom: Oh, no! She doesn’t.

Zip: Then she won’t be able to see the card. Let’s make a birthday card.

Zoom: Good idea. Everyone likes to get birthday cards.


John: Hello.

Zhang: Hi, John. This is Zhang Peng. What are you doing?

John: I am talking to you.

Zhang: Come on, John. What are you doing?

John: I’m doing the dishes. What are you doing?

Zhang: I’m reading a book.

John: Do you want to go to the children’s center?

Zhang: Sure. What time?

John: 10:30

Zhang: Ok. See you later.

John: Bye.

Mike: Hello.

Larry: Hello. This is uncle Larry. How’s everybody doing?

Mike: Just fine. Grandpa is writing a letter. Brother is doing homework. Mom is cooking dinner in the kitchen. I am cleaning the room.

Larry: What about your dad? Can I speak to him, please?

Mike: Sure. Hold on please. He’s writing an e-mail in the study. Dad, there is a call for you.

Dad: I’m coming. Who’s that?

Mike: Uncle Larry.

Dad: Thank you.


Sarah: Look at the monkey.

Chen: What is it doing?

Sarah: It’s eating bananas. It’s hungry.

Chen: That baby kangaroo is so cute. It’s sleeping.

Sarah: What about the mother kangaroo? what is she doing?

Chen: She’s jumping.

Sarah: Do you see any elephants? I love elephants.

Chen: Yes. Look there! That elephants is drinking water with its trunk.

Sarah: What a big nature park.

Amy: But where are the animals?

Sarah: Do you see any animals?

Amy: Yes! Here come two tigers.

Sarah: What are they doing?

Amy: They’re swimming.

Sarah: Can tigers really swim?

Amy: Yes, they can.

Chen: I see some pandas.

Amy: What are they doing?

Chen: They are climbing trees.

Amy: They are good climbers.

Chen: Yes, they are.


Wu: Hey! What are you doing there? Are you eating lunch? John: No, we aren’t. We are doing an experiment

Wu: What experiment?

John: What do ants like to eat?

Wu: That’s interesting.

Chen: Come and have a look at the ants.

Wu: Are they eating the vegetable?

John: No, they aren’t. They don’t like it.

Wu: Are they eating the honey?

Chen: Yes, they are. They like sweet food.

Wu: I like sweet things, too. Do an experiment to me, please.

Teacher: It’s time to go. Where is John? Is he playing chess? Wu: Yes, he is.

Teacher: Tell him we’re leaving. Where is Amy? Is she writing a report? Wu: No, she isn’t.

Teacher: Is she counting insects?

Wu: No, she isn’t.

Teacher: Tell me, please.

Wu: She’s running to us! Look! She’s over there.

Amy: Hi! I’m coming.

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