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英 语

本试卷共十三大题 时量:60分钟 满分:100分

Ⅰ 听 力 部 分(30分)

一、听录音 选出你所听到的单词或短语。(10分)


)1.A. naughty

B. noisy C. dirty

( )2.A. first B. second C. third

( )3.A. September B. November C. December

( )4.A. National Day B. Autumn Day C. Children’s Day

( )5.A. plane B. subway C. train

二、听录音,用1, 2, 3, 4, 5给下列的图片标上先后顺序。(5分)

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


( )1. Where did you have your lunch?

( )2. The first bottle was in front of the boy.

( )3. Don’t put your hand in the rubbish bin.

( )4. Jane went to work by car.

( )5. Ma Liang works hard at drawing.

2013年上期小学五年级英语期末考试卷 第1页(共4页)


( )1.A. Anne was the second. B. Peter was first.

( )2.A. No, it wasn’t. B. Yes, there is.

( )3.A. It’s ten o’clock. B. It’s on the fourth of May.

( )4.A. Tony hit me, Miss Zhu. B. It’s my ball.

( )5.A. Yes, there is. B. No, it isn’t.

Ⅱ 笔 试 部 分(70分)


1.When is your country’s National Day?

2.It’s on October 1st.


( )1.A. bank

( )2.A. bus stop

( )3.A. hers

( )4.A. third

( )5.A. July

B. beside C. above B. police station C. each other B. we C. theirs B. nine C. seventh B. October C. Thursday 七、选出与图片相符的选项。(10分) ( ) 1. A. a roof B. a road ( ) 2. A. a lamp B. a sofa ( ) 3. A. a storeroom B. a classroom ( )4.A. March B. May ( ) 5. A. a subway

B. a taxi 2013年上期小学五年级英语期末考试卷 第2页(共4页)


( ) 1.--__________did Tony go home? --He went home by bike.

A. When B. Where C. How

( ) 2.He painted the wall ___________ a brush.

A. with B. on C. in

( ) 3. We ________ a very pretty cave at the Jiutian Caves last week.

A. see B. saw C. sees

( ) 4. There is a hospital on the ___________ square.

A. nine B. nineth C. ninth

( ) 5. Is this your bike, Anne? --No, that’s not___________.

A. mine B. me C. my


1. a cat the on roof draw


2. plane I came by


3. near a policeman the office there’s post


4. did see what you time him


5. go did where you



3. Peter is w__iting for a bus.

1. There isn’t a bus in the stre__t. 2. The cat is outs__de the box. 4. Look , the bird is above the t__ee.

5. Anne usually goes to school on f__ot. 2013年上期小学五年级英语期末考试卷 第3页(共4页)


S: Sorry, Miss Pan. I was_____.

T: Where were you on Saturday?

S: I was _____. I was in bed at home.

T: Where were you yesterday, then?

S: My uncle came from Beijing. I went to the railway station to _____him.

T: All right, Mingming. Finish your work and _____ it to me tomorrow.

S: Yes, Miss Pan. Thank you.


( )1. a pair of scissors A.一个好主意

( )2. a strange man B.小心

( )3. a good idea C.一把剪刀

( )4. on top of D.一个陌生人

( )5. be careful E.在……顶部

十三、阅读理解 阅读短文,根据文章的意思,选择正确答案。(10分)

Hi! My name is Lingling, and I’m a student. It was Sunday yesterday.

My father, my mother and I went to visit my grandfather. He lives in a

small town(小镇). He is fifty-six years old. He’s a teacher. He loves his

students and job very much. It was his birthday yesterday. My uncle also

came from Changsha to see him. He’s a tall man. What’s he? Oh, he’s a

taxi driver. Mr Wang is my grandfather’s student. He works in Shanghai now, and he’s a nice cook. He came to see him, too. My grandfather felt very happy yesterday.

( )1. My grandfather is _______________ years old now.

A. fifty-six B. eighty C. seventy

( )2. My grandfather is a ______________.

A. taxi driver B. teacher C. cook

( )3. My _____________ also came from Changsha to see my grandfather.

A. uncle B. aunt C. cousin

( )4. Who works in Shanghai now?

A. My uncle B. My grandfather C. Mr Wang

( )5. Lingling and her parents went to see her grandfather yesterday because(因


A. her grandfather lives in a small town

B. her grandfather teaches in a school

C. it was her grandfather’s birthday

2013年上期小学五年级英语期末考试卷 第4页(共4页)

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