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一、 Read and choose (读一读,选出与划线部分发音不同的单词) 10分

1)A come B orange C monkey D brother

2) A up B trunk C tube D duck

3) A box B cold C open D home

4) A pupil B music C butterfly D tune

5) A ball B ballon C hall D tall

6) A pink B chick C big D write

7) A have B animal C black D what

8) A bowl B know C how D window

9) A yellow B mouse C mouth D house

10)A fish B fine C find D five

二.Read and arrange.(读一读,按发音归类) 三、 Look,write and match (用所给的字母组成单词,与右边配对) 10分 ( )(

( )(9) a e e l v s A 颜色B 黄色C 漂亮的D 橘子E 昆虫F 棕色的G桃子H叶子 I 白色的J 树枝

四、 .Think and write (将下列内容翻译成英文) 20分

(1)在图书馆 (2) 一只粉红色的风筝(3) 买一些球(4) 穿上我的鞋 (5)一只黑色的蚂蚁 (6)七只白色的鸭子 (7)请给我十只香蕉好吗(8) 厕所在哪里 (9)那只小船是什么颜色 (10) 踢足球五、 .choose and write (选词填空,完成句子) 10分

am is are (2) —Linda’s friend ? — friend.

(3) ——— (7) —brother’s name? —Henry.

(8)Here ___ three books for you.

(9) —This my picture. Here you . — Thank you .

(10) — Where your classroom? — Behind the tall tree

六、 Think and write.(选择填空) 30分

(1)Do you like this coat ? —’t like

(2) —Your brother ___ a blue shirt. — Yes. And he ___ a white one too.

A has have B have has C has has

(3) — How many cakes ___ in the box ? — ___ one.

A are there , There is B there are, There are C is there , There is

(4) — Look at the boy. _____ Bob ?

— Sorry. I don’t know. A Is he B Is she C Is it

(5) —Is it a peach ? ____ No, ___ A It’s a pear B It’s a peach C It isn’t

(6) — What are they ? — ____

A Chicks B Yes, they are chicks C It’s a chick

(7) — Is this your skateboard ? —Yes,___ A it’s B it is C it is a skateboard

(8) Is your ball blue and black ?

A Yes, it is a ball. B No. It’s blue and green. C It is blue and black.

(9)___ A re you hungry ? — No.___ hungry.

A I’m B He’s C The cake is

(10) —What’s this ? — ____ my coat.

A It’s B They’re C I am

(11)— Who is __ ? — My brother. A he B she C you

(12)— How many pencils __ on the table ? — ____ three.

A there are There are B are there Have C are there There are

(13) — ____ I help you ? — ____ I have some flowers,please?

— Sure. Here are you.

A May, Can B Can , May C Can , can

(14) — What ___ are they ? — They are oranges. A / B colour C there

(15) —What__are they? — They are oranges. A / B colour C there

七、 Think and write . (想一想,然后组词成句。) 10分

(1) a is my this of picture family

(3) read write and we classroom the in

(4) you see birds can there on tree the

(5) brother Tom good are my and friends

(6) rabbit the has white red two eyes

(7) some are kites there the in sky

(8) like the I toy soft pig

(9) we football school in play the

(10) big nice my school and is

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