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Part 1 Listening

Question 1-5

You will hear five short conversations.

You will hear each conversation twice.

There is one question for each conversation.

Put a tick ( √ ) under the right answer.

1. How many girls are there in the middle of the room?

A. B. C.

2. Where is the armchair?

A. in the room B. on the floor C. behind the table

3. What is the girl doing?




4. What is the man going to do?

A. He is going to open the door.

B. He is going to sweep the floor.

C. He is going to wash his hand.

5. Are there three bottles of cola?

A. No. There are two tins of cola.

B. Yes. There are three bottles of cola.

C. No. There is a tin of cola.

Question 6-10

Listen to Jenny talking about her living room.



6. How many sofas are there?

A. two B. one C. three

7. Is there a table in the living room?

A. yes B. no

8. Where is the table?

A. in front of the TV

B. in the middle of the room

C. behind the door

9. What’s on the table?

A. a book B. a magazine C. a stereo

10. Is Jenny’s living room new?

A. yes B. no

Part2 Reading

Choose the best answer (A,B,C) for each space. 11.

A. What’B. What’s the wrong?



s matter?

12. His ice cream ______nice.

A. are.

B. is.

C. am.

13. A. It is new.

B. It is red.



C. It is old.

Can you make tea?

A. Yes. I can not.

B. No. I can.

C. Sorry. I am busy now.

Your passport please. A. Here you are.

B. My passport.

C. His passport.

Whose shirt is this?

A. It’s Lucy.

B. It’s Lucy’s.

C. It’s Lucys.

17. ______ there any tea in that bottle?

A. Is.

B. Are

C. Am

18. Your dress is lovely!

A. Thank you!

B. Yes. It is.

C. No. It is not.




A. am

B. is.

C. are

20. What are you going to do?

A.B. I am going to take it off.

C. I am going to showing him a nice coat.

Part 3 Writing

21-25. Read the passage, and choose the best form of the word for each space.

21. We are going to _________(swim) in the river.

22. Ben is __________(look) at his picture.

23. What are you going to _________(do) this afternoon?

24. Steven is _________(do) his homework.

25. My mother is _________ (dust) the bed for me.

26-35. Choose the best word for each space.

( between, along, under, across , over, on , off, near, with, into )

26. There is a TV_________ the door. (门的附近有一个电视.)

27. The girl is sitting ________her mother and her father.


28. They are walking _________ the street.(他们正穿过街道。)

29. There is a chair _________ the bed.(床下面有一把椅子)

30. The plane is flying __________ the river.(一架飞机正从河上飞过)

31. The boy is jumping _________ the tree.(那男孩正从树上跳来)

32. My book is ______ my desk.(我的书在桌子上)

33. We are running _________ the bank of the river.(我们正沿着河岸跑)

34. Jenny is _________ her friends.(Jenny和她的朋友们在一起)

35. Tom is coming _______ his bedroom.(Tom正走进他的卧室)

36- 40. The first word is already there. There is one space for each other letter in the word.

36. He\ She is the head of some people. b__ __ __

37. There is some water in it. What’s it? k __ __ __ __ __

38. It is sweet and you can put it in coffee or milk.



What’s it? s __ __ __ __

39. There are flowers in it. What’s it? v __ __ __

40. We can use it to go across a river. b__ __ __

41-45. Put these sentences into English.

41. 请把门关上。


42. 教室里有十个学生。


43. 他打算干什么去啊?


44. 你在干什么呢?


45. 玻璃杯里还有水么?

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