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一、 单项选择。

1. --______is it?

--It’s ten to seven.

A. When B. What time C. What day D. What date

2. It is ______ for us to visit the Great Wall.

A. first time B. the first time C. one time D. a time

3. Tom came back in low ___ last night.\

A. spirit B. spirits C. spiriting D. spirited

4. They’ll have a match with Guo’an Team ___ July 5th.

A. in B. at C. on D. at

5. We ______ visiting you soon.

A. want B. need C. look forward to D. start

6. He was ___ to know ne didn’t pass the final exam.

A. disappointing B. disappointed C. disappointment D. disappoint

7. He invited me to ____ our football club.

A. reach B. end C. join D. leave

8. You look terrible, you must have a ____.

A. day off B. off day C. day away D. away day

9. -- What day of the week is it?


A. It’s July 15th B. Today is March 24th C. It’s seven o’clock

D. It’s Tuesday

10. – Is her birthday ____ September?

-- Yes. Her birthday is ____September 18th.

A. in; on B. on; in C. in; at D. at; in

11. Tom walked ___fast for us ___ catch up with.

A. so; that B. such; that C. enough; to D. too; to

12. The old man was born _____.

A. in the 1960 B. in the 1960s C. in 1960s D. on the 1960s

13. We umbrella aren’t allowed ___ in the room.

A. to take B. take C. taken D. to be taken

14. We heard her ____ a pop song in the next room at that time.

A. to sing B. singing C. to sung D. sing

15. It’s dangerous ____ in the deep sea on your own.

A. to swim B. swim C. swimming D. to swimming


1. Daniel is the __________son of the family. (three)

2. I’m hoping these goods will reach you ___________. (safe)

3. There are _________ of students in our school. (hundred)

4. Don’t worry. I ______________ you as soon as she comes back. (call)

5. The doctor often tells him ______ more exercise. (take)


1. ---Have a nice day, Mary.

---___________ ___________ to you.

2. --- ____________ ___________ your father?

---He is a doctor.

3. ---What do you _________ _________ the film?

---It’s very interesting.

4. ---Hello, may I _________ _________ Jane, please?

---Hold on. Jane, your phone call.

5. ---It’s so kind of you to help me.

---You _________ ___________.


1. A q__________ is period of 15 minutes.

2. There is a football match today. It’s time to show our team s_______________.

3. It’s a good idea to find a g___________ to show us around Dalian.

4. She is looking f____________ to your arriving soon.

5. Don’t m___________ the last chance to take part in the English speech.

五、 阅读理解。


This is a ___________ from Sue to John. Sue is John’s ____________.

One day Sue had to stay for a meeting and couldn’t go home for _____________. The children were at their ___________ home. So Sue wrote to tell John to some _________. He would go and get the children ___________ first, then he would _______ some bread, milk and _______ the children to take a bath. She didn’t tell John how long the meeting would _______ because she didn’t _______ when the meeting would be over.

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