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Part 1 Listening

Question 1-5

You will hear five short conversations.

You will hear each conversation twice.

There is one question for each conversation.

Put a tick ( √ ) under the right answer.

1. What is the woman’s nationality?

A. B. C.

2. What is the man’s job?

A. B. C.

3. How is the woman?

A. good B. bad C. not bad

4. Is the man clean?

A. yes B. no

5. Whose car is that?

A. Steven’s B. Stella’s C. Tom’s

Question 6-10

Listen to Jenny talking about her umbrella.

6. What color is the umbrella?

A. gray B. green C. blue

7. Is it new?

A. yes B. no

8. Is it small?

A. yes B. no

9. What make is the umbrella?


10. Who gives Jenny the umbrella?

A. her mother B. her father C. her grandmother





Choose the best answer (A,B,C) for each space. 11.

A. B. Fine. You?


Find. And?


Good morning.

A. Good.

B. Bye.

C. Morning.

13. Are you a housewife?

B. Yes. I am.

C. Yes. He is.

14. What’s her job?

What’s your nationality?

A. I’ m Chinese.

B. I’ m China.



C. She is China.

Whose shirt is this?

A. It

’s Lucy.

B. It

’s Lucy’s.

C. It’

s Lucys.

17. A. It’s Japanese.

B. It’s Tom’s.

C. It’s orange.

Your coat is lovely!

A. Thank you!

B. Yes.

C. No.

19. How is Steven?

A. He is well.

B. She is well.

C. They are well.

20. AB. No, thanks.

C. Nice to meet you, too.

A. B. C. 3


Part 3 Writing

21-30. Read the passage, and choose the best word.

(is, am, are)

My name _______ Lily. I _____ Chinese. I______ a student.

My mother ______ a nurse. And my father _____ a taxi driver.

Linda ______ my friend. She______ a nice girl. Those ______ my friends too. They _______ English. They _____ not Chinese.

31-35. Choose the best word for each space.

(my, your, his, her, our)

31. Sunny is here. That is _______ bag.

32. I am an airhostess. ______ name is Mimi.

33. Excuse me, Leo. Is this ______ umbrella?

34. ________ teacher is Venus. She is nice.

35. I am a milkman. _______ name is Bill.

36-40. Choose the best word for each space.

(me, you, him, her, us, them)

36. That is her handbag. Give _______ it.

37. They are nice. I love______.

38. This is my father’s tie. Give ______ it.

39. My mother is a teacher. I love________ .

40. Our teacher is Tom. We love_______.

41- 45. The first word is already there. There is one space for each other letter in the word.

41. She helps(帮助) people and she is in white. n_ _ _ _

42. She stays at home and she has no job. h _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

43. He cuts hair. (理发) h _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

44. He carries milk for people. m _ _ _ _ _ _

45. It’s not open. How can I say? s_ _ _

46-50. Write the best word on the paper.

46. 我的鞋是黑色的。

My _______ _____ black.

47. 这些是我的钢笔。

These ______ my______.

48. 他是一个工程师。

He ______ _____ engineer.

49. 这是Lily的外套。

That _______ ________ coat.


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