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Unit1 I’d like a cold drink.


重点词汇:cold drink( ) 市场( ) hungry( )

有,吃( ) 感觉( ) bun( )

复习词汇: cold drink 冷饮 let’s go一起去 feel hungry 感觉饥饿 重点句型: Can I help you? 有什么能帮您? I’m hungry. 我饿了。 Would you like some dumpings? 你想要一些饺子吗?

I’d like some cakes. 我想要一些蛋糕。


1. 我也感觉饿了?

2. 好的,让我们一起去吧!

3. Do you have some drink cards?

Yes, I do。

No, I don’t.

Unit2 Do you want some rice?


重点词汇:home( ) 请( ) 汤( 蔬菜( ) water( ) 早餐( 午餐( ) 晚餐( ) pepper ( salt ( )

重点句型: Do you want some rice? 你需要一些米饭吗?

Yes, I do. 是的,我需要。

No,I don’t. 不,我不需要。

交际用语:1. 询问某人需要某物时应用哪个句型?


2. Here you are.



_____________________________________________________ 综合练习

1.Do you want some soup? ______________________________

2.I want some vegetables,please. _______________________________

3. I like to add some pepper to my noodles .________________________________

4.Yes ,of course. _________________________________.

Unit3 Can I borrow a pencil?


重点词汇:borrow ( ) 英语( ) forget( ) remember( ) 明天( ) 今天( ) blackboard( ) 刷子( )

重点句型:Can I borrow a pencil? (你)能借我一只铅笔吗? ) ) )

Yes,here you are. 可以,给你。

重点词组: excuse me 抱歉,打扰一下 here you are 给你

you’re welcome 不客气 in my schoolbag 在我的书包里 at home 在家

综合练习 (用正确的语序写出下列句子)

1. I borrow a pen can? .

2. want do what you, Peter ?

3. in they are schoolbag my? .

4. forget I it to bring . .

Unit4 Can I have a puppy?

重点词汇:小狗( ) 宠物( ) shop( ) 兔子( ) 笼子( ) 可爱的( ) hold( )

重点句型: Can I have a puppy? 我能有一只小狗吗?

Yes ,you can. 是的,你能。

No,you can’t. 不,你不能。


1.go home ___________________

2.It’s loving. ____________________.

3. You can touch it. ____________________.

3. Can I hold it ? ____________________.

Unit5 Which one do you want?

重点词汇:雨衣( ) 长的( ) 厚的( 薄的 ( ) 那个( ) 便宜的( 重点句型:由which 引导的特殊疑问句,询问需要哪一个物品

Which one do you want,a long one or a short one? 你需要哪一个,长的还是短的?

A short one,please. 请给我短的。


1. 你需要哪一个? _________________________________.

2. 请给我厚的. _________________________________

3. 这件雨衣多少钱? __________________________________.

4. 那太便宜了. _______________________________________ 写出下列单词的反义词

long ------ thick ------

young ------ clean ------

hot ------ good ------

) )


6 I like sweets.

重点词汇:sweet( ) hard( ) soft( ) teeth( )nut( )

chocolate( ) lollipop( ) ice_cream( )

重点句型:I have a box of sweets.

I like sweets.

Too many sweets are bad for your teeth.

What do you like?

I like lollipops.

7 Do you have any hobbies?

重点词汇:hobby( ) collect( ) roller_blading( ) sticker( 重点句型:Do you have any hobbies?

I like collecting stickers. Collecting stickers is my hobbies.

What hobbies do you have,Lingling?

Reading is my hobbies.

Does Tony have any hobbies,Peter?

He like cycling.

8 What time do you get up?

重点词汇:get up ( ) go to bed ( ) have breakfast(

come home( ) go to school( ) half past one (

重点句型:What time do you get up?

I get up at 6:50.

What time do you have English?

I have English at 9:20.

9 My father helps me.

重点词汇:iron( ) clothes( ) plant( ) meal( make the bed( )cook a meal( ) iron clothes( )

water plants( ) have a meal( ) at home ( )

重点句型:My mother makes the bed.I help her.

My father cleans the windows. I help him.

I water the plants. My father helps me.

10 What does that sign mean?

重点词汇:sign( ) mean( )cinema( )

Guests do not go in

No mobile phone

No talking

No fishing

No picking of flowers

No spitting

No parking ) ) ) )

11We are sorry.

重点词汇:teacher( ) happpy( ) angry( ) sad( )

shy( ) tired( ) clap( )

重点句型:The boy feels sorry.

The girl is happy.

The girl feels sad\shy.

12 The Spring Festival

重点词汇:Spring Festival( ) Eve of the Spring Festival( ) red packet( )lion dance( ) dragon dance( )

a family reunion dinner( ) burn firecrackers( wear new clothers( ) sweep the floor( )

13 I brush my teeth every day

.重点句型:I brush my teeth every day.

I comb my hair every day.My brother doesn’t comb his hair every day. I do my homework every day.

My brother does his homework every day.

My sister helps me every day. She is very kind.

14 What’t the name of this place?

重点词汇:Hunan Provincial Museum( ) Yueyang Tower( Taoyuandong National Forest Park( )Window of the World( 1我妹妹每天做作业。她学习很努力。


综合练习 (用正确的语序写出下列句子)

1 go what to you time do bed?

2hair your mother’s tidy looks

3 collecting stickers Tom’s is hobby.

4Tom cycling likes and swimming much very.


1A:__Here you are. B:_________________________

2A: __Thank you. B:_______________________.

3A: __ Can I have a puppy? B:_________________________

4A: __ What time do you get up? B:_________________________ 5A: __ Do you want some rice? B:_________________________

6A; __ Which one do you want,a long one or a short one?

B: ______________________________________________. ) ) )

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