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always, usually, often, sometimes, every week (day, year, month?), once a week, on Sundays, etc.






1. He_________to school by bus everyday.

A. went B. go C. goes D.gone

2. I ________my grandparents________Sundays.

A. visits,in B. visited, at C. visit,on D.visit, with

3. He_________computer games every night after school.

A. plays B. play C. played D.playing

4. Lily usually_________to a movie with her parents.

A. went B. go C.gone D.goes

5.Jiang Changlin________everyday when he is in school.

A.smoke B.smoking C.smoked D.to smoke

B. 填空

1.We_____(build) this road last year.

2 I _____(hear) about the benefits.

3 We_____(buy) suits for the interview .

4 She_____(give) me my paycheck.


5 I_____(hurt)my knee at work

6 Victor_____(wear) a hard hat.

7 She_____(become) a doctor

8 The custodians_____(throw) out the trash

9 My boss _____(catch0 a cold

10 Beth _____(read) her evaluation

11 He _____(find) a great job

12 She_____(know) every co-worker

13 I _____(put) the package over there

14 We_____(find) the office keys

15 He_____(pay) the delivery person.



时间状语:ago, yesterday, the day before yesterday, last week(year, night,

month?), in 1989, just now, at the age of 5, one day, long long ago, once upon

a time, etc.



一般疑问句:①was或were放于句首;②用助动词do的过去式did 提问,同时还原行

为动词。 动词过去式变化规则:

1.一般在动词末尾加ed,如:pull-pulled, cook-cooked






am,is-was are-were, do-did, see-saw, say-said give-gave, get-got, go-went, come-came, have-had, eat-ate, take-took,

run-ran, sing-sang, put-put, make-made, read-read,


write-wrote, draw-drew, drink-drank, fly-flew, ride-rode, speak-spoke, sweep-swept, buy-bought swim-swam, sit-sat bring--brought can-could cut-cut become-became begin-began draw-drew feel-felt find-found forget-forgot

hear-heard keep-kept know-knew learn-learnt(learned) leave-left let-let lose-lost meet-met read-read sleep-slept speak-spoke take-took teach-taught tell-told write-wrote wake-woke


1.I______a good boy.

A.was B.were C.is D.are

2. They____(be) on the farm a moment ago.

1. There____(be)a shop not long ago.

2. Jenny____(not go)to bed until 11:00 o'clock last night.

3. Danny _____(read )English five minutes ago.

4. I _____(see)Li Lei ____(go) out just now.

6. He ____(do)his homework every day. But he __(not do)it yesterday.

7. When I was young, I _____(play)games with my friends.

8. When ____you_____(write)this book?

9. Did he____(have) lunch at home?

10.I _____(eat) the bread, I 'm full now.


go ______ _______ _______ enjoy _______ _______ _______

buy ______ ______ _______ eat______ _______ _______

get _______ _______ _______ walk ________ _______ ________

take______ ______ ______ dance_______ ________ _______

write _______ ______ ______ run______ _______ _______

swim_______ _______ _______ find _______ _______ _______

begin______ ______ ______ eat ______ _______ ______

play ______ ______ _______ study ______ ______ ________




时间状语:now, at this time, these days, etc.






1.Some are _________ in the river and some are _________ games.

A. swiming, playing B. swimming, plaiing

C. swimming, playing D. swimming, plaing

2. Look! The boy students are ___ football while the girls are ________.

A. playing, dance B. playing,dancing

C. play, dancing D. play, dance

3. He_____ to do his lessons at fight every evening

A. is beginning B. is beginning C. begin D. begins

4. ________ he _________ on well with his friends this term?

A. Dose, gets B. Dose, get C. is, getting D. Is, geting

5. Mr. Smith ______ short stories, but he ______ a TV play these days.

A. is writing, is writing B. is writing, writes C. writes, is writing D. writes, writes ( ) 6. I _______ to the cinema. I _________ there every Sunday.

A. go. go B. am going, go C. go. am going D. am going, am going

7. Look. they _________ a good time, _________ they?

A. have, do B. have, don't C. are having, are D. are having, aren't

8. You ________about the future (将来) now, ________you?

A. don't think, don't B. aren't thinking, aren't C. don't think, do D. aren't thinking, are



1.What are you _________(do) now? I _________(eat) bread.

2.Look, the boy____________(put) the rubbish into the bin.

3. He__________(play).

4. Where is Mak? He_________(run) on the grass.

6. Listen, who_________(sing) in the music room? Oh, Mary_______(sing) there.



时间状语:at this time yesterday, at that time或以when引导的谓语动词是一般过去时的时间状语等。


否定形式:was/were + not + doing.



A. 选择

1.I ______ cooked a meal when you _____ me.

a. cooked, were ringing b. was cooking, rang

c. was cooking, were ringing d. cooked, rang

2.He said he _____ to draw a plane on the blackboard at that time.

a. tries b. tried c. was trying d. will try

3.While she ______ TV, she ______ a sound outside the room.

a. was watching, was hearing b. watched, was hearing

c. watched, heard d. was watching, heard

4.They _____ a football game from 7 to 9 last night.

a. were watching b. watch c. watched d. are watching

5.What book ____ you ______ when I ____ you at four yesterday afternoon?

a. did, read, was seeing b. did, read, saw

c. were, reading, saw d. were, reading, was seeing

6.It was Friday evening. Mr and Mrs. Green _____ ready to fly to England.

a. are getting b. get c. were getting d. got


7.Lei Feng _____ always _____ of others when he ______ in the army.

a. is, thinking, was b. was, thinking, is c. did, think, is d. was, thinking, was

8.A girl ______ my pen fall off the table when she _____ me.

a. saw, passed b. was seeing, passed

c. was seeing, passed d. was seeing, was passing

9.We ____ for tom at ten last Sunday. He often kept us ______.

a. were waiting, waiting b. were waiting, wait

c. waited, waiting d. waited, wait

10.He ____ his father on the farm the whole afternoon last Saturday.

a. helps b. would help c. was helping d. is helping

11.While mother _______ some washing, I _____ a kite for Kate.

a. did, made b. was doing, made

c. was doing, was making d. did, was making

12."_______ you angry then?" "they ______ too much noise."

a. are, were making b. were, were making c. are, made d. were, made

13.He ____ some cooking at that time, so _____ me

a. did, heard b. did, didn't hear c. was doing, heard d. was doing, didn't hear

14.This time yesterday jack _____ his bike. He _____ TV

a. repaired, didn't watch b. was repairing, watched

c. repaired, watched d. was repairing, wasn't watching

15.His parents wanted to know how he _____ on with his new classmates.

a. was getting b. gets c. is getting d. will get


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