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what are you doing课件

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What are you doing?
桂林市榕湖小学 邹琳

What are you doing? I’m singing. ( 唱歌 ) I’m dancing. ( 跳舞 ) I’m listening to music. ( 听音乐 ) I’m watching TV. ( 看电视 ) I’m reading a book. ( 读书 ) I’m talking to you. (和你/你们交谈)

1. What is Sam doing? ?He’s listening to music. 2. What is Amy doing? ?She’s watching TV.


3. What is Tom doing? ?He’s reading a book.

I’m listening to music. I’m reading a book. I’m writing a letter. Come here and look. I’m playing football. I’m talking to you. I’m doing my homework. Are you doing it too?

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