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深圳朗文版六年级上册unit 1

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1. centimeter ( cm ) n. 公分 厘米

2. kilogram ( kg ) n. 千克

3. ※ light a. 轻的

4. ※heavy a. 重的

5. ※weak a. 弱的

6. ※strong a. 强壮的

7. ※slow a. 缓慢的

8. ※fast a. 快速的

9. lift v. 举起( n. 电梯 )

10. weight n. 哑铃

11. pull-up n. 引体向上

12. test n. 测试

13. ※than conj. 比

14. cheer v. 欢呼

15. congratulation n. 祝贺

16. wake v. 醒

17. lazy a. 懒惰的

18. exercise v. 运动 锻炼


1. last year 去年 2. this year 今年

3. do well 做得好 4. ※lots of 许多

5. very often 经常 6. ※fall asleep 睡着了

7. wake up 醒来 8. finish line 终点线

9. ※be good for 对…有好处 10. ※be bad for 对…有坏处

第二环节:反义词 看一看,比一比

1. Which is heavier???

a kilo of iron 2 kilo of cotton

轻的 重的

2. Who is faster???

The Tortoise and the Hare

3. Who is stronger? 快的 慢的

Tim and Bob

强壮的 弱的



Light________ short_________ fast_________ weak___________

(2) large ---larger

Nice________ late__________ wide_________

(3) heavy—heavier

Early_______ happy_________ lazy________

(4) big—bigger

thin________ fat___________ wet_________ hot__________



1. big---small 2. heavy---light 3. slow---fast

4. dirty---clean 5. beautiful---ugly 6. fat---thin

7. long---short 8. tall---short 9. hot---cold

10. different---same 11. weak---strong 12. fun---boring


1. 一般情况在原级词尾后+er

tall---taller short---shorter light---lighter

long---longer strong---stronger weak---weaker

slow---slower fast---faster small---smaller

1. 以e结尾的词,直接+er

nice---nicer large---larger

3. 以辅音字母+y结尾的词,应先改y为 i 后+er

heavy---heavier happy---happier lazy---lazier

easy---easier noisy---noisier early---earlier

4. 以重读闭音节且只有一个辅音字母结尾的词,应双写这个辅音字母后+er big---bigger fat---fatter thin---thinner

hot---hotter wet---wetter red---redder


look at 看着什么 朝着什么看

like to do sth 喜欢做什么

What happened (to sb)?(某人)发生了什么?

What’s wrong with (sb/sth)?(某人/物)发生了什么? fall asleep 熟睡 睡着

wake up 醒来 叫醒

get to/arrive in 到达

be afraid of 害怕

too much +不可数名词

too many+可数名词复数


1. 改写句子,使意思相同

(1) Pat is lighter than Candy.

Candy is ________ _________ Pat.

(2) Tim is stronger than last year.

Tim is stronger_______ _______.

(3) John and Peter are slower than Tim.

Tim is _______ _______ John and Peter.

二. 选出最佳选项完成句子。

( )1. Tim likes to do pull—ups. He is very___________.

A. weak B. tall C. strong

( ) 2. Jack is __________ than his brother.

A. heavier B. heavy C. heaviest

( ) 3. Candy is stronger this year .She can _________ some heavy weights。

A. life B. leave C. lift

( ) 4 . Too ________sugar is bad for your body and your teeth!

A. many B. much C. little

( )5 .To be healthy ,you need to eat __________ kinds of food.

A. different B. all C. some

( )6 .The TV set is 50 _______ long.

A. m B. cm C. mm

( )7 .The boy was very tired. He fell _________ quickly.

A. sleep B. asleep C. sleeping

( )8 .Students like to play ________ computer games

A. a lot B. lots C. a lot of


( )1.当你问别人多重时,你应该说:

A. How tall are you? B. How old are you? C. How heavy are you?

( )2.当你问别人多高时,你应该说:

A. How tall are you? B. How old are you? C. How heavy are you?

( )3.你告诉别人Lion今年比去年跑得快,你应该说:

A. Lion runs faster this year than last year.

B. Lion ran faster this year than last year.

C. Lion was faster this year than last year.

( )4.你不会回答老师的问题时,你应该说:

A. Don't ask me. B. I'm sorry. I don't know. C. You can ask others.

( )5.你告诉别人黄年燊喜欢锻炼,你应该说:

A. Huang Nianshen likes exercise. B. Huang Nianshen likes to exercise.

C. He likes to exercise.

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