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1. —are you going ? — I am going to visit Aunt Sally.

A. Where B. What C. Who

2. —What she do want to be ? —She wants to be a farmer.

A. is B. does C. do

3. diary is it ? — It is Tony’s

A. Who B. What C. Whose

4. —He is my brother. —So, he’s your uncle.

A. father B. father’s C. tathers’

5. She her toy monkey every month. A. washes B. wash C. washing

6. —are you going to get a new bike ? —Maybe next Tuesday.

A. Where B. When C. How

7. Tony basketball with Jenny’s cousin.

A. is playing B. are playing C. are play

8. What does do ? A. your uncle B. you C. they

9. He brushes his every morning. A. tooth B. teeth C. tooths

10. —What does your aunt want to ? —She wants to be a fire fighter.

A. Be B. go C. do

11. —Whose calendar is it ? —It’s his calendar.

A. teacher B. teacher’s C. teachers

12. —you have any paper clips ? —No, I don’t.

A. any...any B. any.....some C. some....any

13. My brother is a toy car. A. make B. making C. making

14. Jim have any bags. A. isn’t B. doesn’t C. don’t

15. I don’t have any brothers, I have a sister. A. but B. and C. or

16. —Do you have staplers ? —No, I don’t.

A. any B. a C. an

17. your aunt have glue ? A. Does B. Is C. Do

18. What she have ? A. does B. do C. are

19. —Are these your father's dictionaries ? —Yes, they .

A. does B. are C. isn’

20. —Does Tony have any envelopes ? —No, he .

A. is B. does C. doesn’t

21. —do they need ? — They need some tofu.

A. What B.Who C. How

22. We need some rice, A. two B. to C. too

23. —can we buy this salt ? —In the store.

A. What B. Where C. Why

24. —Tony some sugar. —There is some sugar on the tabe.

A. needs B. need C. needing

25. Let's for dinner. A. cooking B. to cook C. cook

26. Are you ready lunch, Jack ?

A. for B. to C. in

27. I’m . I want to drink some water.

A. hungry B. thirsty C. tall

28. Tony and Jenny have any fruit ? A. Do B. Does C. Are

29. Ben some evelopes. A. needs B. is C. need

30. We have vegetables. We don't need meat.

A. some, some B. any, some C. some, any

31. What is your name ? A. father B. fathers C. father's

32. My mother have any sugar.

A. isn’t B. does C. doesn’t

33. I don't have vegetables. So I want to buy .

A. some, some B. any, some C. some, any

34. can I buy the juice ? A. Where B. What C. Who

35. uncles do you have ? Two.

A. How B. How many C. How old

36. This is my sousin. He’s my uncle’s A. is B. do C. does

37. 当你想问别人需要什么时,应该问:

A. What do you have ? B. What do you do ? C. What do you need ?

38. 当你想知道彼特是不是有一些信封时,应该问:

A. Do you need any envelopes ? B. Do you have any envelopes ?

C. How many envelopes do you have ?

39. 当你想问对方的职业时,应该问:

A. What do you do ? B. What do you want to be ? C. Who are you ?

40. 当你捡到一本字典,想知道是谁的,应该问:

A. Whose is the dictionary ? B. Whose diary is it ? C. Whose book is it ?

41. —is the weather like in your hometown ? —It's not too hot.

A. How B. the C. 不填

42. It’s usually warm in spring. A. a B. the C. 不填

43. Please look these flowers and tell me how many colors they have.

A. at B. for C. after

44. Is it cold winter ? A. in B. at C. on

45. The on the tree are big and green.

A. leaf B. leafs C. leaves

46. It's in summer in Guangdong. A. hot B. cold C. rainy

47. It's in fall. A. cool B. warm C. cold

48. —book is it ? —It’s uncle's.

A. What B. Who C.Whose

49. —does your father do ? —He’s a farmer.

A. Who B. Whose C. What

50. —the weather like in spring. —It’s sunny and .

A. What’s, hot B. What, cool C. What’s, warm

51. Spring is summer. A. after B. before C. in

52. —can we go running. —Next Sunday.

A. Why B. Where C. When

53. Let's to help him with his homework.

A. go B. to go C. g oing

54. English class is at 8’clock. Music class is at 9 o’clock. Music class is English.

A. before B. at C. after

55. His brother often to Guangzhou by bus.

A. go B. goes C. going

56. Winter holiday is January and February.

A. on B. at C. between

57. Let's go the beach. A. a B. on C. to

Tony’s birthday ? It’s in February.

A. Where’s B. When’s C. What’s

59. the weather like in Shanghai ? A. What B. What’s C. Where

60. This is yellow skirt . skirt is Lily’s.

A. a, The B. an, The C. an, A

61. The weather is cold in A. summer B. winter C. spring

62. It’s in spring. A. hot B. warm C. cold

63. January is February. A. before B. after C. next to

64. My father’s mother is my .

A. aunt B. cousin C. grandma

65. —bookcase is it ? —It’s .

A. Whose,hers B. Who, hers C. Whose, her

66. Let's to the beach. A. go B. to go C. going

67. —the weather like today ? —It’s rainy, and it’s cold!

A. What’s B. How C. When

68. —Can you give me glue ? —Sure. Here you are.

A. any B. a C. some

69. —Ask him a question the weather. —OK. Let’s ask him now.

A. about B. to C. at

70. I play the violin six to seven. A. at B. from C. in

71. Let's to the station quickly to meet Tony.

A. run B. running C. runs

72. —What is the date today ? — .

A. It's Sunday. B. It’s a good idea. C. It’s August 15th.

73. —is your grandma’s birthday ? —It’s May 5th.

A. What B. When C. Where

74. There lots of water in the bottle. A. be B. is C. are

75. —What’s the today ? —It’s January 3rd.

A. time B. they C. date

76. —When’s your birthday ? —.

A. November 2th B. November 2nd C. November 2

77. Children’s Day is on . A. June 1st B. July 1st C. August 1st

78. —Happy birthday ! —. A. Yes. B. Happy birthday. C. Thank you.

79. —What’s the girl’s favorite season ? —It’s .

A. meat B. September C. winter.

80. Where she go in June ? A. does B. is C. are

81. It’s often in winter in Harbin. A. snow B. snowy C. cool

82. What’s the date today ? A. It’s Sunday. B. It’s July 9th. C. It’s rainy

83. When’s birthday ?

A. Jenny B. Jenny’ C. Jennys

84. —can we go swimming ? —In winter. A. What B. Where C. when

85. do you go after Shanghai ? A. What B. Where C. When

86. Come on. Let’s a song.

A. sing B. sings C. singing

87. Your box is not light. It is . A. light B. heavy C. small

88. Your room isn’t tidy. It is so .

A. clean B. tidy C. messy

89. The road is now, but it was wet just now.

A. dry B. warm C. cool

90. —Our classroom is meesy! —Let’s it.

A. make B. call C. clean

91. Your bedrooms tidy last night. A. were B. are C. was

92. My pens in the pencil case yesterday.

A. was B. were C. are

93. —is the weather today ? —It’s warm

A. What...about B. What...in C. What...like

94. What was the weather like ? A. today B. tomorrow C. yesterday

95. Our bedroom was yesterday. But it’s messy now.

A. messy B. tidy C. dirty

96. What he do last Monday ? A. do B. did C. does

97. I my hair two days ago. A. washed B. wash C. washing

98. We planted last Tree Planting Day.

A. tree B. trees C. tree’s

99. Here. You can to the music. A. listen B. hear C. watch

100. —Did you yesterday ?—Yes, I did.

A. study B.studied C. studying

101. —What he do yesterday ? —clothes.

A. did...wash B. does...washes C. did...washed

102. —What did they do yesterday ? —They the floor.

A. cleaning B. cleaned C. clean

103. —What did you do the day today ? —I called some friends.

A. after B. before C. on

104. —Did you plant flowers ? —Yes, we did.

A. last yesr B. today C. on Sunday

105. Did your mother do yesterday ? A. What B. How C. Who 106. We last weekend. A. dance B. danced C. dances


A. after B. in C. before

108. I talked to the other day. A. friend B. friends C. friend’s

109. Do you uaually go to school boat ? A. by B. on C. in

110. The students the museum last Sunday.

A. visit B. visiting C. visited

111. — did you do yesterday morning ? —I visited my relatives.

A. What B. Where C. How

112. —What he do last night ? —He with his friends.

A. does...talks B. did...talked C. is...talking

113. —What did she do yesterday ? —She basketball.

A. plays B. playing C. played

114. —What your grandmother do last Wednesday ? —She cooked dinner.

A. do B. did C. does

115. Look! A parade is coming. They are and A. dance, sing B. dancing, sing C. dancing, singing

116. —What you do last Saturday ? —I visited my friends.

A. did B. do C. does

117. Listen! The birds singing! A. was B. were C. are

118.—What your friends do yesterday ? —They basketball.

A. do, play B. did, played C. are, playing

119.—What your mother do ? —She dinner.

A. does, cook B. do, cook C. did, cooked

120. Look! A parade ! watch! A. Let's B. We're C. Don't

121. I played trumpet in the parade.

A. / B. the C. at

122. —Did you plant trees . A. on Sunday B. every Friday C. last year 123. —What did your sister do yesterday ?

— painted pictures.

A. They B. She C. I

124. —was the like ? —It was cool.

A. Where, weather B. What, weather C. What, food

125. —It's dirty. —Come on. clean! A.To B. Let's C. We’re 126. —What does he do ? —

A. He’s my father. B. He’s my friend C. He’s a farmer.

127. —Is it windy in fall in Guangzhou ? —

A. It’s cool B. Yes, it is. C. It’s windy

128. —What's the date today ?— A. Monday B. in September C. September 28th 129. Tony paint a picture yesterday ?

A. Did B. Is C. Do

130. —Do you have any glue ? —No, I . A. don’t B. doesn’t C. can't 131. —What does he do ? —

A. He’s my father. B.He’s my friend. C.He’s a farmer.

132. —Is it windy in fall in Guangzhou ? —

A. It’s cool. B.Yes, it is. C. It's windy.

133. —What’s the date today ? —It's .

A. Monday B. in September C. September 28th

134. Tony paint a picture yesterday ? A.Did B. Is C. Do

135. —Do you have any glue ? —No, I .

A. don’t B. doesn’t C. can’t

136. It cloudy yesterday, but it sunny today.

A. was/ was B. was/ is C. is/ was

137. —does he need ? —He needs some meat.

A. Where B. What C. Who

138. 七月在六月之后,用英语怎么说:

A. June is after July B. Is July before June? C. July is after June.

139. 你写了一封信,想问同学有没有邮票,可以问:

A. Do you have any envelopes ? B. Do you have any stamps ? C. Are these stamps ? 140. 妈妈看见你的写字很湿,她会说:

A. Your shoes are dry. B. Your shoes are dirty. C. Your shoes are wet.

141. 你忘记了今天是几月几日,于是你问同学:

A. What date is it today ? B. What’s the date today ? C. What’s the weather like today ?

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