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Lesson 49A

Look, this is my school.

The music room is on the first floor.

The second floor.

classroom, the office and the clinic are the Joy is in the classroom. Our teacher is in the office. Lily is in the clinic.

The library is on the third floor. Andy is in the library.

The computer room is next to the library. The washrooms are on the third floor.

Lesson 50A

This is my school. This is the clinic. It’s next to the computer room. We have a music room on the second floor.

It’s next to the art roWe have a library on the third floor. om.

It’s between the washroom and the science room.

Do you have a gym in your school? Yes, we do.

Lesson 54 A

This clinic. It is on the first floor. It’s beside the gymis my school. It’s not big. Look, this is the My classroom is on the second floor. It’s between . the art room and the boys’ washroom. We have a library on the third floor. It’s between the music room and the science room.

Lesson 55A

Lily: I like English. It’s easy for me.Boy: I like Chinese. It’s Andy: I don’t like Math. It’s hard for me.easy for me.

Girl: I don’t like Music. It’s hard for me. Yaoyao: I like computers. It’s interesting. Boy: I like PE. It’s fun. Bill: I don’t like art. It’s boring.

Girl: I don’t like science. It’s boring.

Lesson 56A

-We have English, Chinese, science and -We have Chinese, math, art and PE on Monday. computers on Wednesday.

-What do you have on Tuesday?

-We have Chinese, computers, English and -What about Thursday?

music on Tuesday.

-Oh, on Thursday we have math, Chinese, PE -And Friday? and art.

-On Friday, we have English, math, science and music.

Lesson 60A

Joy: I’m Joy. My favorite class is music.Lily: I’m Lily. I don’t like Thursday. We have

Andy: I’m A art, math, PE on Thursday. I like science. Chinese on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ndy. I like Chinese. We have

Bill: I’m Bill. I like computers and English.Thursday and Friday.

Ted: I’m Ted. On Tuesday I have math, English,

Chinese and PE.

Lesson 61A

Club time, club time, every day after school. Lily and I play, play the drum on Monday. Yaoyao and I sing, sing songs on Tuesday.

Binbin and I draw, draw pictures on Wednesday. Bill and I play, play chess on Thursday. Joy and I do, do art projects on Friday. Fun time. Fun time. Saturday and Sunday. We play soccer. We play ping-pong.

We dance. We dance to the beautiful music. Fun time. Fun time. Saturday and Sunday. We play soccer. We play ping-pong.

We dance. We dance to the beautiful music.

Lesson 62A

-Lily, what are you going to do after school? -I am going to do art projects after school. -What are Joy and Yaoyao going to do? -They are going to play chess. -What about Bill and Binbin?

-Bill and Binbin are going to play soccer after school.

-And what is Angel going to do? -She is going to play the drum.

Lesson 66A

No. 1 Andy is going to play the drum at 4:30. No. 2 Yaoyao is going to dance after school. No. 3 Joy is going to sing songs.

No. 4 Lily is going to do art projects.

No. 5 Binbin is going to play soccer at 5 o’clock.No. 6 Bill likes chess. He is going to play chess with Tom.

Lesson 67A

-This is our school. We have a big library. -The music room is on the second floor. It’s on the third floor.

- The teachers’ office is in the second floor.It’s next to the computer room.

-We play ball games in the gym. There is a computer on the table. -The school clinic is next to the gym.

Lesson 72A

-We have science on Thursday.

-I am going to play chess with my teacher after -Our school has a big library.


-The music room is on the second floor.

-After school, we are going to play basketball.

Lesson 73A

My three rooms. Our living room is big. A cat is in it. home is very big. On the 1st floor, we have The dining room is orange. Our kitchen next to the living room. It’s is pink. have three rooms. This green. is my On bedroom. the 2ndwe floor, It’s bathroom is In the study, we have a computer. many garage. I love my home.

flowers next to the study. Our balcony The on it. We have a red car in has our

Lesson 74A

-Andy, in my new home, there is a big living room, a kitchen. There are two bedrooms and - Is there a balcony? two bathrooms. -Yes, there is.

-Is there a garage? - -Do you have your own bedroom?

No, there isn’t.

-Yes. My bedroom is pink. There is a desk, a teddy bear and a closet in it. I like it very much. -Which is Yaoyao’s home?

Lesson 78A

1.T2.There is a pink bed in the bedroom and there here is a bedroom in Yaoyao’s home.

3.There is a TVis a Teddy bear on the bed.

, an armchair and a telephone in 4.There are some flowers and two cats on the the living room.

5.Is there a fridge in the kitchen? Yes, there is. balcony.

6.Is there a computer in the study? No, there isn’t.

Lesson 96A

My grandfather is feeding the fish. There is a book next to the computer. My cousin is drawing in the bedroom. She has long hair.

Lucky is in the bathroom.

Is there a telephone in the living room? Yes, there is.

Lesson 79A

This family. This is my grandfather. He is on the chair. is my family. There are 10 people in my He is thin. This is my grandmother. She is on the chair, father is tall. That is my uncle. My uncle is short. too. She is big. This is my father. My This mother’s hair is long and my aunt’s hair is short. is my mother and that’s my aunt. My This my sister. She’s in a red dress. This is my cousin. is my brother. He has brown hair. This is She is with Lucky. Can you find me?

Lesson 80A

- - My grandfather is a cook.

What’s your grandfather’s job? My father is in black. He is a waiter. My grandmother is tall. She is a dentist.

This is my mother. She has long hair. She is a nurse.

This is my uncle. He is big. He is a manager. My aunt is next to my uncle. She is a taxi - What about your cousin? driver.

What’s your cousin’s job? - My cousin is a policeman.

Lesson 84A

This is my uncle. He is tall. He is a policeman. This is my mother. She is pretty. She is a nurse. This is my cousin. He is short. He is a waiter. This is my grandfather. He is big. He is a cook. This is my aunt. She is thin. She is an engineer.

Lesson 85A

Dad is feeding, feeding, feeding the fish. Mom is washing, washing, washing clothes. Grandpa is watering, watering, watering the flowers.

Dad is cooking, cooking, cooking the chicken, Mom is cleaning, cleaning, cleaning the kitchen, Grandma is talking, talking, talking on the phone.

I am watching, watching, watching TVI am listening, listening, listening to music, , I am walking, walking, walking the dog.

Lesson 86A -Hello.

-Hi, Lily. What are you doing? --I’m listening to music.-My mother is cooking. My grandfather and What’s your family doing?

father are playing chess. My grandmother is --What’s your brother doing?watering the flowers.

He’s walking the dog.

Girl 1: What is Lily’s mom doing? Girl 2: She is cooking. Lesson 90A Look, everybody in the building is busy. Yaoyao’s mother is cleaning the kitchen. Yaoyao’s father is feeding the dog. Binbin’s father is watering the flowers and Binbin’s mother is cooking. Yaoyao and Binbin are talking on the phone. It’s a busy day in the building. Lesson 91A 1. My cousin is 9 years old. He is wearing a purple shirt. 2. My grandmother is short. She is at home now. Her clothes are brown. 3. My father is thin and tall. He is a policeman. His clothes are black. 4. I am a pupil. I am wearing a yellow hat. 5. My grandfather is big. He is a cook. His clothes are white. 6. My mother is thin. She is a nurse. Her dress is white. 7. My aunt is pretty. She is a manager. Her dress is green. 8. My uncle is small. He is an engineer. His clothes are blue. Lesson 92A -Yaoyao’s Grandfather’s birthday is coming. His family is busy. They are getting ready for his birthday. -Yaoyao’s grandmother and mother are cooking in the kitchen. -Yaoyao’s aunt is washing clothes. -Yaoyao’s grandfather is watering the flowers on the balcony. -Yaoyao’s father and uncle are cleaning the living room. -Yaoyao is cleaning her bedroom. -Lucky is also busy. He’s looking for his toy in the bathroom.

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