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英语Module 2 测试

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英语Module 2测试


1.take(动词-ing形式)_________ 2.taking(原形)_________

3.he’s(完整形式)_________ 4.you are (缩写形式)_________

5.let’s(完整形式)_________ 6.there(单数)___________

7.friendly (名词)_________ 8.watch(动词-ing形式)_________

9.toy(复数)_________ 10.where’s(完整形式)_________

11.vegetable(复数)_________ 12.write (名词)_________

13.write (名词)_________ 14.two (同音异义词)_________



( )16.listen to music A.做家庭作业 ( )17. play with a toy car B.听音乐

( )18.write a letter C.看电视

( )19.do my homework D.写信

( )20.watch TV E.照相

( )21.at the station F.直着走

( )22.play the flute G.玩玩具汽车

( )23. take pictures H.和我的朋友交谈 ( )24. go straight on J.吹笛子

( )25.talk to my friend I.在车站


26.Look at the p_________.It’s nice.

27.Can you write a l________ to your grandma?

28.I am r__________ a new book.

29.She’s t________ to her friend.

30.Tony is my good f________.


31.Look___________ these pictures.

A./ B.at C.to

32.—________ are you doing? —I’m playing with the toy trains.

A.Who B.Why C.What

33.—________ is the hospital?

—Go straight on and turn left.You’ll see it.

A.Whose B.Where C.What

34.—How old________ Tom?

—He’s five years old.

A.are B.is C.am

35.—What is Mary doing?

—She’s _______ to music.

A.listens B.listen C.listening


36.sister,is,my, a, reading,book (.)


37.doing,what,your,is,father (?)


38.friend,is,my,this (.)


39.a,zoo,it’s,next,to (.)


40.book,is,my,where (?)



( )41.当你想知道Amy 正在做什么时,你应该问:

A.Who is Amy ?

B.What is Amy doing?

( )42.你想把你的朋友Tom介绍给别人时,你应该说:

A.This is my friend Tom.

B.Tom is new here.

( )43.别人向你问路,你告诉他直着走时,你应该说:

A.Go straight on .

B.Turn left.

( )44.你知道你弟弟在哪儿时,你应该问:

A.Is this your little brother ?

B.Where is my little brother ?

( )45.你想告诉别人你妈妈正在和他的朋友交谈时,你应该说:

A.My mother is talking to her friend.

B.My mother is at home.

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