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听 力 部 分 30%

一、根据你所听到的内容,选择正确答案(听两遍):5% ( ) 1. A. lesson B. listen

C. little

( ) 2. A. June

B. July C. January ( ) 3. A. pear B. bear C. dear ( ) 4. A. glass

B. class

C. grass ( ) 5. A. same B. some C. son ( ) 6. A. behind B. beside

C. between ( ) 7. A. a lot

B. a lot of

C. lots of

( ) 8. A. make noise B. make planes C. make kites ( ) 9. A. fly a kite

B. write a card C. ride a bike

( ) 10. A. the 2nd of January B. the 2nd of June C. the 2nd of July 二、根据你所听到的内容,用阿拉伯数字给下列图片编号(听两遍 ):5%

( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) 三、根据你所听到的内容,选择正确的答案(听两遍):5% ( ) 1. A. It?s red.

B. It?s over there.

C. It was on the table.

( ) 2. A. I like swimming. B. I usually go jogging. C. I went to a farm. ( ) 3. A. Today is the 20th of September. B. Her birthday is on the May 16th. C. It?s on the first of August.

( ) 4. A. Yes, she does. B. Yes, she did. C. Yes, she is. ( ) 5. A. I watered the trees. B. I?m watering the trees. C. I water the trees. 四、根据你所听到的对话和问题,选择正确的答案(听两遍):5%

( ) 1. A. Spring Festival. B. Halloween. C. Christmas.

( ) 2. A. It?s on the desk. B. It was on the desk.

C. It was under the desk.

( ) 3. A. A purse.

B. A puppet.

C. A kite.

( ) 4. A. He visited his grandpa. B. He visited his friend. C. He visited his uncle.

( ) 5.A. It?s on the fifth of August. B. It?s on the sixth of August. C. It?s on the seventh of August.


My name is David. I come from but live in China now. Last Saturday I visited

Hangzhou with my .

Hangzhou is one of the beautiful cities in China. We _____ there by train. There are many places in Hangzhou. We wanted to West Lake, but we know the way. We asked a policeman for and he told us to take bus No. 71 and get off at the stop. Then we walked along West Lake Road and took(take的过去式) many there. We

had a time in Hangzhou.

笔 试 部 分 70%

一、选出划线部分读音与其余三个不同的那个单词:5% (

( ( ( ( (



( (


1.问一些问题____________________ 2.许多公共标志3.谈论本的生日4.在十月十八号



5.国庆节_______________________ 6.观看赛跑________________________ 7.两副眼镜_____________________ 8.作为一件生日礼物________________ 9.和我的家人参观一个农场_________________ 10.赏月__________________ 11.去年____________________ 12.在圣诞树下13.You? 15.a VCD of Japanese cartoons______________________________________ 三、在方框内选择适当的单词或词组,并用它的正确形式填入句子:5%

1. Ben and his cousin are _______ about the public sings. 2. This sign means ?No ________?. 3. Does Miss Li like _______ trees? 4. My birthday is on the _______ of June. 5. Helen, is this comb _______? Yes, it?s _______. 6. Ben _____ to school at 6:30 every morning. 7. We _____a birthday party in Jim?s home last Sunday.

8. The boy is watching an _______ cartoon now. It?s very________. 四、看图填词完成对话:5% A: _______ your birthday? B: It?s on the _______ of _______.

A: What would you like as a birthday present? B: I?d like a ______. A: What did you do last weekend? B: I ______ a _______. A: What ____ did you do?

B: I ______ _____ ______ on the farm. 五、选择填空:10%

( ) 1. She often ________ Miss Wang on Sundays.

A. go B visits C visit D. goes ( ) 2. We _______ some colourful kites at the Art lesson this morning. A. make B. made C. are making D. makes ( ) 3. He had a running race _______ other teachers.

A. for B. with C. and D. to

( ) 4. My father likes ________ stories in the library.

A. reading B. watching C. seeing D. looking ( ) 5. Yang Ling does not know much ______ the sign.

A. for B. to C. about D. of ( ) 6. When?s your father?s birthday? ____________________. A. It?s the 2nd April B. It?s on 2nd of April C. It?s on the 2nd April D. It?s on the 2nd of April ( ) 7. There are Mike?s shoes. Please give _____ to ______.

A. him, them B. it, him C. them, him D. him, it ( ) 8. Is this computer ________? No, it?s not_______. It?s _________. A. yours, my, brother B. your, mine, brother C. his, hers, brother?s D. yours, mine, brother?s ( ) 9. Listen! The girls ______ in the next room.

A. sing B. sings C. are singing D. sang ( ) 10. This pair of glasses ________ my mother?s.

A. is B. am C. are D. were 六、从Ⅱ栏中找出能对Ⅰ栏中句子做出正确应答的选项:5% Ⅰ Ⅱ ( ) 1.What does this sign mean? A. I?d like a toy cat. ( ) 2. What date is it today, Jim? B. The Mid-Autumn Festival. ( ) 3.Where is my CD Walkman? C. She made a kite. ( ) 4. What did you do last week? D. It?s on the 24th of May. ( ) 5. What would you like as a birthday present? E. We sang English songs. ( ) 6. What songs did you sing? F. I watched a film with my family. ( ) 7. When?s his birthday? G. It?s mine.

( ) 8. What did Nancy do at the Art Festival? H. It means ? No Parking?. ( ) 9. What?s your favourite holiday? I. It?s the 16th of October. ( ) 10.Whose calculator is it? J. It?s on the desk.


( ) 1. Bill and his mother went to the doctor that morning. A. by bus A. apples

B. by taxi

C. in the car D. on foot

( ) 2. Bill had for his breakfast.

B. a lot of food C. four eggs D. only an egg

B. Bill didn?t like medicine.

( ) 3. The doctor didn?t give Bill any medicine, because(因为) . A. Bill was fine.

C. Bill?s mother didn?t go to see a doctor. D. Bill?s mother was ill. ( ) 4. There was on TV.

A. a football match B. an English party C. a funny film D. a dragon boat race ( ) 5. In fact (事实上) , A. Bill liked watching football matches B. Bill didn?t like watching football matches C. Bill didn?t want to go to school D. Bill wanted to watch cartoon at home B. 阅读对话,完成短文: 5% A: Hi, Nancy.

B: Hi, Yang Ling. Come in please. A: Thank you.

B: Let me show you some photos.

A: Wow, your photos are very nice. Where were you in these photos? B: My mum, dad and I were at my uncle?s house in Beijing. A: When was it?

B: It was last Spring Festival.

A: Oh, I see. I also visited my friends in Beijing last Spring Festival. Do you usually visit your relatives at Spring Festival?

B: Yes, we do. Look at this photo. I had a bowl of noodles. Look at all the food on the table. A: Wow, there really is a lot of food.

B: My uncle is a good cook. He always cooks a lot of nice food for us.

Now Yang Ling is telling David what she did yesterday:

I Nancy yesterday. Nancy some photos. They were very nice. In those photos, Nancy in her uncle?s house in Beijing last Spring Festival. Her uncle is a good cook. He always cooks a lot of nice for . I think Nancy is very lucky.


1. When?s Children?s Day?

____________________________________________ 2. What do children usually do on Children?s Day? _____________________________________________ 3. Did Lin Tao go to the park last Easter?

_____________________________________________ 4. What did Nancy do on May Day?

_____________________________________________ 5. What did Mike get at Christmas?

_____________________________________________ 八、根据首字母提示, 完成下列对话:10%

Li Ying and Li Ling are twins. They have the same clothes. One day

mother says, “Dput coat is this? Please come and have a look.”

“ It?s Li Ying?s,” says Li Ling. “No, it?s Li Ling?s, ” says Li Ying.

. She finds a word “ Ling” on the coat.

“Come here, Li Ling. I find the word on y. It isn?t h . look after your coat. 九、 阅读理解:10%

A.根据短文内容, 选择正确的答案:5%

One morning, Bill said he was ill. His mother called a taxi and took him to a doctor. The doctor asked Bill, “ What?s wrong with you?” Bill answered, “ I?m feeling sick(患病的). I?m coughing and having a bad headache. I can?t go to school today, I?m afraid.” The doctor examined (检查) him carefully, and then asked his mother, “What did she have for breakfast?” His mother said, “ He had four pieces of bread , two eggs, a bottle of milk and an orange.” The doctor smiled. “ Don?t worry. It?s nothing (没事) serious (严重). The boy will be all right after the football match (比赛).” The mother said, “ I don?t understand (明白) , doctor.” The doctor smiled again, “ This afternoon, the biggest (最大的) football match of the year will be on TV. Your boy doesn?t want to miss (错过) it, I think he will be fine after the match. You wait and see.”

一、根据你所听到的内容,选择正确答案(听两遍) 1. I always listen to radio in the evenings. 2. Spring Festival is in January or February. 3. There were a lot of pear trees on the farm.

4. Look at the sign. It means you shouldn?t walk on the grass. 5. We?re twins, we?re the same age. 6. Look! The football is behind the door.

7. From these signs, I know a lot about public signs. 8. I make kites at the Science Festival. 9. I often write a card on the Internet. 10. My birthday is on the 2nd of June.

( 1. listen 2.January 3.pear 4.grass 5.same 6.behind 7.a lot 8. make kites 9.write a card 10. the 2nd of June)

二、根据你所听到的内容,用阿拉伯数字给下列图片编号(听两遍) 1. A: When?s your birthday, Miss Gao?

B: Tomorrow is my birthday. A: Oh, I?ll give a present to you. B: Thank you.

2. A: What are you doing now?

B: I?m making a card for Miss Li. Teachers? Day is coming. 3. A: What would you like, my dear? B: I?d like some masks. A: What else do you want? B: A pumpkin, please. 4. A: What date is it today?

B: It?s the eighteenth of October. A: What?s the time? B: It?s three o?clock.

5. A: Look at my new calculator.

B: Oh, it?s nice. Who is it from? A: It?s from my grandfather.

三、根据你所听到的内容,选择正确的答案(听两遍) 1. Where is your mobile phone? 2. What did you do last week? 3. When?s your birthday, Tom?

4. Does Miss Li go to Shanghai by plane?. 5. What are you doing now?

四、根据你所听到的对话和问题,选择正确的答案(听两遍 5分) 1. A: Which is your favourite festival, Kate?

B: I like Halloween and Christmas very much. But I like Spring Festival best. Q: Which is Kate?s favourite festival? 2. A: Mum, I can?t find my pen.

B: It?s on the desk, I think.

A: It was there a moment ago. But now it isn?t there. B: Look, it?s under the desk. Q: What was the boy?s pen?

3. A: Would you like a puppet as a Christmas present, Nancy?

B: Yes, I like puppets very much. How about you, Helen? A: I?d like a purse.

Q: What would Helen like as a Christmas? 4. A: What did you do last weekend, Jim?

B: I had a big lunch with my grandpa. A: You visited your grandpa? B: Yes, I had a good time .

Q: What did Jim do last weekend? 5. A: What day is it today, Nancy?

B: Today is Monday. A: What date is it today?

B: Today is the sixth of August. Tomorrow is my birthday. A: Oh, good. Happy birthday to you, Nancy. Q: When is Nancy?s birthday?


My name is David. I come from live in China now. Last Saturday I visited Hangzhou is one of the beautiful cities in China. there by train. There are many places in Hangzhou. We wanted to West Lake, but we know the way. We 的过去式stop. Then we walked along West Lake Road and took(take的过去式4

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