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G&A International English

Side by side 1 chapter7-8 Editor: Joy Time: 2014.1

English name___________Chinese name_____________ score_____________+

I.听 力 部 分(共20分)

I. 听句子,选出你在句子中听到的信息。(共5小题,每小题 1分,计5 分) ( )1. A.polka dot B.ripped C stripped

( )2. A. gray B. green C gold

( )3. A. mitten B necklace C. pajamas

( )4. A.barber shop B.church C. police station

( )5. A. air conditioner B.elevator C.jacuzzi

II. 听句子,选出合适的答语。(共5小题,每小题1 分,计5 分)

( )1. A. You are right. B. Here are you C. Yes,please.

( )2. A. It’s 5$ B. I don’t know C. It’s 5 am.

( )3. A. He is vacuuming B. He vacuums C. He is vacuum

( )4. A. It’s rain B. It rain C. It’s raining

( )5. A. Yes,it is. B. No,it isn’t C. It’s cheap.

IV 听句子,写单词。(共5小题,每空1分,计10分)

1.My neighborhood is very ’s very 2.Purple this year.

3.She is looking for an 4.Those boots are 5.That umbrella is




( ) 1.There are two _____ in our school.

A.library B.libraries. C.librarys

( ) 2.There aren’t _____ apples in the basket, but there are some on the table.

A.some B.any C.a

( ) 3.—Is there a refrigerator in your kitchen? —__________

A.Yes,there are. B.No,there is. C.Yes,there is.

( ) 4. —Excuse me, may I sit here?

A. Yes, please B. I’m afraid not C. No, thanks

( ) 5.I think those are my __________.

A.dress B. dresses C. a dress

( ) 6.—Where are _____ ? —They are on the chair.

A.Tony's books B.Tony's book C.Tony books

( ) 7.---_______ are my glasses, Tom? ---They are under the chair, Granny.

A. What B. How C. Whose D. Where

( ) 8.—How many computers _____ in your classroom?—There are two.

A.are there B.are you have C.does you have

( ) 9.—Where _____you _____? —I'm from Beijing.

A.are, from B.do, from C.are, come

( ) 10._____ is a doctor.What about _____ father?

A.He,your B.Her, your’s C.His,you

( ) 11.There are _____ students in our class.That is 19 boys and 21 girls。

A.forty B.fourty C.fourteen

( ) 12.Juice and water are healthy drinks,_____ Coke isn't healthy drink.

A.and B.but C.or

( ) 13.Can I have _____ water?

A.these B.some C.one

( ) 14.My skirt_____ white.

A.is B.a C.are

( ) 15.What's your _____ fruit?

A.very like B.favourite C.much like

( ) 16.She can't ________ in the lake.

A.swimming B.swiming C.swim

( ) 17.There __________ a cat and two dogs in my home.

A.be B.is C.are


( ) 18.He _____ hamburgers.

A.like eat B.likes eating C.like to eats

( ) 19. Joy is looking for _____ umbrella for her sister.

A.A B.an C./

( ) 20.__________ there any apples in the kitchen?

A.Have B.Be C.Are


Uncle John has a very clever nephew. His name is Tim. Tim loves him.One summer, Tim goes things they need, such as a map, some food and a big tent(帐篷). When night comes, they need to set up(搭. It takes him only half an hour to make the tent . So John and Tim go in the tent and go to sleep.

At midnight, John can’t sleep. He wakes up Tim and asks, “Dear Tim, look at these beautiful !How do you feel?” Tim is very happy, “上帝 想法) is that the stars are so close to us. My third and last thought is that the ”

“How do you feel about those stars, Uncle?”

“I think somebody has taken our tent away.”

( )1. A. spells B. knows C. hates D. imagines

( )2. A. past B. behind C. with D. against

( )3. A. We B. He C. She D. They

( )4. A. fast B. special C. free D. hungry

( )5. A. fresh B. clean C. ready D. large

( )6. A. cakes B. flowers C.stars D. photos

( )7. A. Father B. Uncle C. Grandpa D. Aunt

( )8. A. makes B. changes C. hopes D. misses

( )9. A. any B. first C. every D. second

( )10. A. town B. summer C. weather D. park



In England, people often talk about the weather because they can experience (经历) four seasons in one day. In the morning the weather is warm just like in spring. An hour later black clouds come and then it rains hard. The weather gets a little cold. In the late afternoon the sky will be sunny, the sun will begin to shine, and it will be summer at this time of a day.


In England, people can also have summer in winter, or have winter in summer. So in winter they can swim sometimes, and in summer sometimes they should take warm clothes. When you go to England, you will see that some English people usually take an umbrella (伞)or a raincoat with them in the sunny morning, but you should not laugh at them. If you don't take an umbrella or a raincoat, you will regret (后悔) later in the day.

( )1. Why do people in England often talk about the weather?

A. Because they may have four seasons in one day

B. Because they often have very good weather

C. Because the weather is warm just like in spring

D. Because the sky is sunny all day

( )2.From the story we know that when _________come, there is a heavy rain.

A. sunshine and snow B. black clouds C. summer and winter D. spring and autumn

( )3."People can also have summer in winter." Means "it is sometimes too ______in winter."

A. warm B. cool C. cold D. rainy

( )4.In the sunny morning some English people usually take a raincoat or an umbrella with them because ________.

A. their friends ask them to do so B. it often rains in England

C. they are going to sell them D. they are their favourite things

( )5.The best title (标题)for this passage is ________.

A. Bad Seasons B. Summer or Winter

C. The Weather in England D. Strange English People


Knowing what to do in case of fire is important. If a fire broke out in your home, what would you do First, you should warn everyone in the house about the danger. Don't be too afraid and start crying. Be calm(镇静) and act fast. Second, you and all the others should get out of the house. Don't stop to take belongings with you. Once you are out of the house, stay out. Do not go back for any reason. Finally, when you are out of the house, call the firefighters. Don't try to put out the fire yourself. That can be very dangerous.

( )6. What is the first thing you should do if there's a fire in your house

A. Take your belongings. B. Start crying loudly

C. Warn everyone in the house. D. Don't go into the house


( )7. What should you do once you are out of the house

A.Run away at once. . Call the firefighters.

C.Go back for everything in the house. D. Cry for help

( )8. After warning everyone in the house, you should _____ .

A. act fast B. take all your belongings out

C. call the firefighters D. get out of the house

( )9. You should call the firefighters _____ .

A.before you warn everyone B. after you take your belongings

C.when you are trying to put out the fire D. after you leave the house

( )10. The passage tells us _____ .

A.what to do in case of a fire

B.it is better to tell all your belongings burn in the house

C.not to be afraid before leaving the house

D.not to try to put out the fire


1.She’s looking for s__________gifts for all the people in her family.

2.Chinese people are very good at p__________,and it's our favorite sport.

3.Linda is reading books in the school l__________.

4.I have a pen friend,and we always send e__________to each other by computer.

5.I think this is my blouse,because mine is b__________.

6.What’s the w__________ like in spring? It's warm.

7.When you see foreign friends in our school,you can say to them “W__________ to my school”.

8.My uncle is a policeman.He works in a police s__________.

9.Here is a nice s__________.I like it very much.

10.Don't take this book because it is mine.Y__________ is on the table.


1. Everybody in Brewster is talking about the city’s new shopping mall.The mall is outside the city,next to the Brewster airport.There are more than one hundred stores in the mall.




Write about your apartment building or home.Tell about the building and the neighborhood.


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