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Where does the flower come from? What’s in that tiny seed? If I want to grow a flower, What tools do I need? I know I need a pot of soil, To make a flower’s bed. I know I need a lot of sun, To keep my flower fed. I water every day, And up and up it grows. Then one day the flower opens, And there’s a pretty rose.

My friend is a ______. _____ father is a _____._____ mother is a _____. They live next to a_____. My friend’s favorite food is ______ . ______is ______ favorite color.

Zhang Peng has a pen pal. What does he know about his pen pal? Let’s read.

Zhang Peng knows a lot about his pen pal, but what is his pen pal’s name? Is it a boy a girl? Let’s go on reading.

Read and tick or cross.

Answer the questions.
1. Who is Zhang Peng’s secret pen pal? 2. What is Amy’s favourite colour? 3. What is Amy’s favourite food? 4. How does she go to school? 5. What does Amy’s mother do?

1. Listen and fill in the form.

2. Talk about Liu Yun’s family with your partner.

How often do you water you flower? Once a day? Twice a day?

Mike, Chen Jie and Sarah each plant a flower. Guess which is Mike/ Sarah/ Chen Jie’s flower?

Put it under the sun. Water it. Dig the soil.

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