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Unit 6 Meet my family Part B Let

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Unit 6 Meet my family Part B Let’s learn

[Teaching Aims]

Ability aims: 1. Enable Ss 3-skill the words: baseball player, driver, doctor, farmer, nurse.

2. Enable Ss to introduce the jobs by using these words.

3. Enable Ss to do and chant “Let’s do” part fluently.

Emotion aims: 1. Enable Ss to learn something about different jobs.

2. Ask Ss to think about their future and talk about what they want to be in the future.

3. Improve Ss’ consciousness of cross-culture.

[Important Points]: 1. 3-skill the words: baseball player, doctor, farmer, driver, and nurse.

[Difficult Points]: 1. Get Ss to master the sentence: What’s your father? My father is doctor. And can use it in a real situation.

[Teaching Aids]: 1. CAI

2. Some family tree made by students

[Teaching steps]:

Step 1: Warm-up

1. Enjoy a song: My father is a doctor

Let Ss have familiar with the jobs at first.

2. Let’s do in Pep 2 Unit 4

Such as: Act like a cat, act like a monkey…

In this way , Ss can review the phrase “act like a …” and lay a foundation for the next step.

3. Say the opposite words in a quick speed.

Such as: thin-strong big-small tall- short

So that Ss can review some adjective words and some words about relatives. Step 2. Presentation

1. Guessing game

Through the decoration, ask Ss to speak out who he/ she is. In that way, I can lead out the main character in this class- Xiao wanzi.

2. It’s time for class, but Xiao Wanzi is absent. So Mr Black ask her father where she

is. And lead out the word- doctor. (BD)

T: What’s her father?

S: He is a doctor.

Teach the different meaning of doctor- 博士

3. Her father doesn’t know, and Mr Black asks her mother. Teach nurse(bd) T: What’s her mother?

S: She is a nurse.

Show different nurses, Ss describe them.

4. Show a picture of school, T: Is he a teacher?-----baseball player(bd)

Discribe different baseball players in a certain form.

5. Show a sound of car. Lead out Xiao Wanzi’s aunt is a driver.(bd)

Talk about different drivers: I’m a ______. Di, di, Iike driving.

6. Go to the farm and ask her grandpa.----farmer(bd)

7. At last , Mr Black finds Xiao Wanzi is at home.

And teach Ss, we should go to school on time. Don’t be late. Step3. Practice

1. Let’s do

Listen and follow. Practice in group of four.

2. Guessing game

What is he?

He is a ___.

3. Through the game, to lead out a new word, worker

4. Pair work

A: What’s your father/mother?

B: He/ She is a… .

He/ She is ….

He/ She has … .

He/ She likes … .

Step 4 Extension

Show a family tree of teacher’s family, and introduce the family members. Ss imitate it and speak out.

Step 5 Homework

1. Read the work one by one after the tape and read Let’s do for 5 times.

2. Introduce your family to your classmates.

3. Write a little passage and talk about your family.


Unit 6 Part B Let’s learn What’s your father?



He is a … baseball player



Look, this is my family. My father is a_____________. He is/has___________________________________. He likes __________________.

My mother is a _________.

She is/has___________________________. She likes __________________.

My uncle is a___________.

He is/has_____________________________. He likes __________________.

My aunt is a ____________.

She is/has______________________________. She likes ______________________.

Word bank

teacher, driver, doctor, farmer,

nurse, student, worker,

baseball player…

big, small, tall, short, long, strong, thin, quiet, ,beautiful, cute, funny, eyes, ears, hair, mouth, nose …

music, science, sports, painting …

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