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Lesson17 Beijing is Great教学设计

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Lesson17 Beijing is Great教学设计


本课是小学《学英语》教材第五册《Lesson 17 Beijing Is Great!》。本学期将要讲述Li Ming、Jenny和Danny到北京旅行的故事。在本课中,Li Ming 计划去北京旅行并邀请Jenny和Danny一起去。要求学生能就旅行进行对话和用英语介绍北京。




trip , hotel


a. Let’s go on a trip.

b. I want to go to ____.

c. I want___ and ___to come.

2. 能力目标

1) 能运用所学句型根据旅行说几句话。

2) 能简单描述北京。

3. 情感目标:






Step 1、Warming up and review:

T: Hello, boys and girls. Nice to meet you! First let’s play a guessing game. 引出map, then ask : “ what do you know about China?” 复习旧知 ,谈论中国。

Step 2 Key Concepts

1. Introduce “go on trips” 讲解go on a trip的意思。just now you said Beijing is the capital city of China. Do you know about Beijing ? 引导学生说一说北京。Beijing is great, and I want to go on a trip to Beijing. Where do you want to go? 询问学生,运用句型:I want to go on a trip to…

2. T: If I go on a trip, I want my son and my husband to come. Who do you want to come? 练习句型: want somebody to do something. S1: I want … and …to come.

3. enlarge knowledge:

Tian’anmen Square is famous .Everyone knows Tian’anmen Square is in Beijing . so I can say Beijing is famous for Tian’anmen Square.引导学生说出be famous for的含义并板书)Can you tell me what’s Beijing famous for? And enjoy some pictures.

给学生提供一些可供选择的北京景点!the Great Wall(长城) , the Summer Palace(颐和园), Xiangshan Park(香山), Bird's Nest(鸟巢), Beijing Zoo(北京动物园)Longqingxia 龙庆峡,Wangfujing Street


Step 3. practice :group work

T: We know so much about Beijing , let’s talk about it in group., everyone says one or two sentences, and then make a short passage about Beijing.

Step 4、go back to the book.

1. Listen to the tape and answer two questions.

Where does Li Ming want to go?

Who does Li Ming want to come with?

2.Open your books and read it with one question :What does Li Ming know about Beijing ?

T: now let’s see what we learn from this lesson.(总结本课知识点)


Good !this is li ming goes on a trip to beijing, and we talk about we go on a trip to Beijing, at last we think about our city---langfang ,you can write about langfang . A trip to langfang

Lesson 17Unit 1 My Family

Beijing Is Great!

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