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一、找出不同类的单词,将其字母标号填入题前括号内。(2×5 = 10分)

( ) 1. A. went B. want C. played D. cooked

( ) 2. A. his B. her C. she D. your

( ) 3. A. was B. is C. am D. are

( ) 4. A. thin B. long C. tall D. fly

( ) 5. A. small B. better C. bigger D. shorter

二、选出划线部分读音与其他三个不同的选项。(2×5 = 10分) ( ) 1. A. please B. head C. sweater D. breakfast ( ) 2. A. these B. they C. thank D. that ( ) 3. A. window B. no C. now D. load ( ) 4. A. share B. hair C. pear D. near

五、选择正确答案。( 2×5 = 10分)

( )1. ----How are you, Mike? You look so________.

----It's raining outside. I can't play football.

A. happy B. excited C. sad

( )2.----Sam is 160cm tall. Ted is 10cm shorter than him. How tall is Ted?

A. 150cm B. 160cm C. 170cm

( )3.----What's the matter? My leg _____.

A. hurts B. sore C. is hurts

( )4.----_______did you go on your holiday?


A. What B. Where C. How

( )5.----Did you ______ pictures yesterday?

A. take B. took C. taking

六、连线。(2×5 = 10分)

How does Zhang Peng feel? 56 cm.

What did Mike do yesterday? He went to a park.

What’s the matter? I have a sore throat.

How long are your arms? No,I didn’t.

Did you go fishing? He’s excited.

七、连词组句.( 2×5 = 10分)

小学六年级下册英语期中试卷 1/3 1






八、补全对话。(把编号写在横线上)(2×5 = 10分)

A. What did you do yesterday? B. How did you go there?

C. What day is today? D. What did you do there?

E. What day was yesterday? F. Did you play computer game with your cousin?

G. Yes, I did. A: ?

B: It was Saturday. A: ?

B: I went to visit my cousin. A: ?

B: I went by bike. A: ?

B: I played computer game with my cousin.

A: Did you eat good food in your cousin’s home? B: . It was delicious.

九、阅读短文,按要求完成题目. (2×5 = 10分)

Hi, I'm Liu Yang. Last weekend I visited my uncle and aunt in Hangzhou. I went

there by bus. I got to Hangzhou at about 10:00 in the morning. Then my aunt, my

cousin----Tony and I took a taxi to the West Lake(西湖). We went there quickly because

my uncle is the taxi driver. We rowed the boat on the lake.

Then we went to the Taiziwan Park on foot. It was a hot day. The sun was shining

in the sky. We felt hot and hungry. We sat under a big tree and had our lunch. We

ate bread, orange juice, hamburger, milk and some bananas. Tony saw a fish in the

water. So we fed (feed,喂养) the fish with bread. More and more fish swam to us and

opened their mouths. We fed them. We were very happy that day.

1. 根据短文内容,判断正误。(正确的打“√”,错误的打“×”)

( ) (1)Liu Yang lives in Hangzhou.

( ) (2) Jenny went to the West Lake by train.

( ) (3) They had lunch under a big tree.

( ) (4) They fed fish in Taiziwan Park.

( ) (5) Liu Yang 's father is a taxi driver.

十、请根据文字提示,续写短文:(10分) Last weekend was sunny, I

I have a happy weekend.

小学六年级下册英语期中试卷 2/3 2



三、1. happy 2. do 3. heavier 4. played 5. thinner

6. has 7. took 8. coming 9. can not 10. no 四、1. 喉咙痛 2. have a cold

3. 看电视 4. have a fever

5. 买礼物 6. learn / study English

7. 弹钢琴 8. play football

9. 洗衣服 10. listen to music


六、连线。 .

. ,I didn’t.

He’s excited.

七、(1) You’re shorter than me.

(2) How big are your feet?

(3) What did you do on the weekend?

(4) Did you go swimming on the weekend?

(5) Where did you go on your holiday?



十、 略

小学六年级下册英语期中试卷 3/3 3

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