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1.不同的diff r nt 2. 电视机t lev sion 3.gr ndch ld en

4.电话ne. 5.田野火 e 7. 收音机 女士


制作make 吃 是 做 观看


There __ any cars or buses.

A.were B.weren’t C was

2.It’s big __ you.

A.for B.with C with

3.She didn’t__ a radio.

A.had B.have C has 4.There are lots buses and cars.

A.off B.of C. on 5.Where are the books computers?

A. at B.about C.for 6.she walked school yesterday.

A.for B. to C.at 7.I watched TV my mother last night.

A.with B.for C.to 8.She cooked a fire.

A.of B.about C.on 9.My sister lived a small city.

A.on B.in C.for

10. I watched TV programme China last night.

A.about B.in C.for

11.She worked the fields.

A. for B.in C.about

12.Thank you for talking us.

A.with B.for C.to


1、 couldn’t / write./ or / read / She

2.yesterday/ learnt/ We/ English.

3didn,t/have/food/We/enough 4.taught/Mr.Li/ten years ago/Chinese


( ) 1. Did he go to the park yesterday? A They are on shelfF

( ) 2. Where are the books about animals? B I ate an icecream

( ) 3.What did you do there? C He had fish and chips

( ) 4. What did he have for lunch? D There weren't any cars

( )5.How was the life many years ago? E Yes,he did

六.将单词填入短文中 1.was 2.taught 3.retired 4.learning 5.hard

Ten years ago , Mr. Li ______ a teacher. He______ Chinese. Chenhai was a pupil in his class, Now, Mr. Li is _________, he’s _________ English. Chenhai is an English teacher, Mr.Li studies very ________.


Hi friends ,

I am from India . My name is Indrani . I am wearing traditional Indian clothes . I am nine years old . I like music and dolls . Yesterday , I played computer games . I finished my homework very late .

From ,


1 She is from Mexico .. ( )

2 The girl’s name is India. ( )

3 She likes music and dolls . ( )

4 She usually plays computer games . ( )

5 She didn′t do her homework yesterday . ( )

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