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Unit 7 At the airport

Listen and match

Listen and match

Listen and answer
What color is dad's bag? It is green.

Whose bag does Mocky get? The woman's.

Listen and answer

Listen and answer

Whose suitcase is this?

Whose backpack is that?

Can you do it?
Whose bag is this?


Can you do it?
Whose bag is that?


Can you do it? 这是谁的包?
Whose bag is this?


Can you do it? is,Whose,pen,that,? is,hers,It . me,Let,get,bag,your. . isn't,That,ours,bag .

这是谁的手表? Whose watch is this? 让我看一看。 Let me have a look. 看这个手表。是你的么? Look at this watch.Is it yours? 他回家了。 He went home.

She wanted to have

Can you do it?
What did she want to do? you he they your mum

Where did you go? Who did you go?

How did you go?

What did you do?

What did you eat?

Last weekend
go to

I went to Beijing
with my parents. We went there by train.I like

by train
Beijing Duck Beijing Zoo

The Great Wall
have a good trip


I wanted to look at BeijingZoo, there were many animals.We
went to the Great Wall.It was exciting.

We ate Beijing Duck at night. It was good.We had a good trip.

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