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新版冀教版三年级下册lesson8 tigers and bears英文教案

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Lesson 8: Tigers and Bears

Teaching Aim:

一. Knowledge Aim:

1. vocabulary: tiger ,wolf, bear, snake, long, short

2. sentences: It’s--------. Its-------is ------.

3. Song: Big and Small

二、Ability Aim

Through this lesson learning, students can use these sentences: It’s--------. Its-------is ------. Can sing the song Big and Small. In order to develop the ability of speaking English.

Emotional Attitude:

Inspire students to study English, listen English, speak English.

Teaching Key Points:

1. Students can listen, speak, read and write the words: tiger ,wolf, bear, snake ,

2. Students can use the sentences: It’s--------. It’s-------is ------.

4. Students can sing the song: “Big and Small.”

Teaching Difficulties:

Students can use the sentences: It’s--------. It’s-------is ------.

三、Teaching Preparation:

四、Teaching Procedure:

Lead in

1. Greeting.

2. Review.

1. sing the song “ big and small”

2. game: the missing game

What do you see? I see____. Now, what’s missing?

New concepts

Step1: 1. tiger ,wolf, bear, snake,

T: what’s this?

S: it’s a tiger link in tiger

T: fat or thin? a tiger

T: thin?

Ss: No. it’s fat.

Step2: pair work

Step3. learning the song big and small


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