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2013-2014六年级英语上册 段考测试题(无答案) 外研版

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1.公里2.明信片3.更多 4.百万


9.有时 10真的


1.发送一封电子邮件 2.去唐人街

3.中国舞蹈 4.听起来很好5.许多、大量的 6举旗7.在感恩节那一天 8骑自行车


11. 春节 12. 元宵节


1. Now you can have _________ (另一个)one.

( 收集 ) stamps is my ( 爱好 ) .

3. These stamps are famous ( 男人 女人 ) .

4. Have you got any American ( 邮票 ) ?

5.The Great Wall is about six_________ (千) seven ___________ (百)__________(公里)

6._________ (有时)there is dancing in Tian?anmen _________ (广场)

7. There were lots of Chinese 饭店) in Chinatown.

8. Thanksgiving is my favourite ___________(节日)

9. We carry _______(国旗) and we sing _______(歌曲).

10. We always have a _________(特别的)meal. It?s a big ________(家庭)dinner.


1.like (第三人称单数(原形)________

3.can(否定形式 4.America (形容词 5.I(复数形式

6this(复数复数) 形容词


1. ________(我们的) classroom is big.__________( 你们的)classroom is small.

2. She is________(I)classmate.

3. Miss Li often looks after________(she)brother.

4.--Are these ______(they)bags ?—No,They are ______(we)


( )1. There ______ lots of shops there .

A .are B.is C. am

( )2.I 'm ______ a letter to my family .

A. send B.writ ing C. write

( )3.--- ____ you send an email? --- Yes , I can .

A . Can B. Are C. Do

( ) 4. _____ you go to the Great Wall last Sunday ?

A. Do B. Did C. do

( )5.It 's ______ big square .

A . such B. such a C. a such

( ) 6.---What colour is the American flag ? ---I t's ______.

A . red B. blue C. red , blue and white

( )7.-- ______ is Shanghai ? ---It 's got about 16 million people .

A.How many B.How big C.How long

( ) 8.---_________ cheese do you want ? ---A kilo .

A. How many B. How much C. How long

( )9.There are ___________ in the picture .

A.noodle shops B. noodle shop C. a noodle shop

( )10.Let's ____ to the Tian 'anmen Square .

A . go B. to go C. going

( )11.It 's a picture ______ the Huangshan Mountain .

A . of B. with C ./

( ) 12.New York is___of America.

A. in east B. in the east C . at the east

( )13.Beijing __about fourteen million people .

A . have B. have got C. has got

( )14.I t 's _____ animal .

A . an B . a C. the

( )15.Is there a letter ____ me ?

A . in B. to C. for

( )16、Do you want __________ to Chinatown?

A. to go B. go C. goes

( )17. There is a _______ in NewYork.

A. townchina B. Chinatown C. town of China

( )18. We saw Chinese ______.

A. dance B. dances C. dancing

( )19. what are you doing Daming?

I?m _________ an email to my friend.

A. send B. sends C. sending

( )20. There are __________ of Chinese shops.

A. a lot of B. lots C. Lot

( )21. The city is about ______ away from here.

A. two hundred metres B. two hundreds metres C. two hundred metre

( )22. Please tell me more ________ your city.

A . of B. about C. from

( )23. There are ______shops in this street.

A. lot of B. a lot C. lots of

( )24. All of these postcards are _______Canada.

A. from B. for C. of

( )25. Look! There _____ an egg on the desk.

A. is B. are C. was


1.These postcards ______ (be) great.

2.There ____ (be) about eight million people.

3.There _____ (be) a book and two pens.

4.How big ____ (be) it ?

5.Daming ( visit ) America now .

6. ( tell ) me more about the Great Wall .

( be )in the south.

8.I___(have)got an English book and she _____(have) got a Chinese book.


The First Chinese Stamps

China made its first stamps in 1878.The first stamps were of a very big dragon. Behind the dragon there are clouds and waves.

People all over the world love to collect stamps from China.Chinese stamps are famous because they are very beautiful .They also show China?s history,people ,places and animals. Many stamps in China were children?s paintings. People love these stamps .The paintings show China and the children?s work is very very good.

1.China made its first stamps in 1878.( )

2.The first stamps were of a very big tiger.( )

3.People all over the world love to collect stamps from China.( )

4.The stamps also show China?s history,people ,places and animals.( )

5.The paintings show China and the children?s work is very very good.( )

九、以“My favourite festival”为题,写一下自己喜爱的节日,不少于40词。(10分)

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