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—五年级英语上册九月份月考试卷 分数: 一、 找出划线部分发音与众不同的单词。(5分) ( )1. A. peach B. seat C. head D. jeans ( )2. A. blue B. black C. brown D. blow ( ) ( )4. A. bread B. but C. ball D. climb ——( )5. A. meat B. pea C. break D. tea — 线———二、找出不同类的词。(共5分) —— ———( )1. A. active B. smart C. like D. strict ——( )2. A. Canada B. art C. English D. science —( )3. A. teacher B. student C. university D. principal

( )4. A. Mr. B. Mrs. C. Miss D. Ms. ( )5. A. short B. tall C. long D. funny


1. young(反义词) 2. tall (反义词)

3. he’s (完全形式) 4. who is (缩略形式)5. smart(中文意思) 6. so much fun(英译中)________


( )1、 ________ your Chinese teacher like?

A、Who’s B、 What’s C、Whose

( )2、Who’s your art teacher?

A、She’s tall and thin. B、She’s smart. C、She’s Miss Sun.

( )3、Is your principal strict?

A、Yes, he is. B、Yes, he isn’t. C、No, he is.

( )4、She’s not a quiet girl. She’s _________.

A、strict B、smart C、active

( )5、We have ________ English teacher.

A、a B、an C、the

( )6、________ you have new teachers? ———————————

A. Do B. Are C. Is

( )7、She’s ________ university student.

A. a B. an C. the

( )8、What ________ he like?

A. am B. is C. are

( )9、Who are ______?

A. they B. them C. their

( )10、She has three new _______.

A. teacher B. student C. teachers


( )1. Is she active? A. Yes, I do.

( )2. Who’s your art teacher? B. He’s young and funny. ( )3. Who’s that man? C. No, she’s very quiet. ( )4. Do you have a new English teacher? D. Miss Li.

( )5. What’s he like? E. He’s our principal.


1. That young lady is our math teacher. (翻译成中文)


2. What’s your music teacher like? (用young和active回答)


3. Is she quiet? (否定回答)


4. 我有一位新的英语老师? (翻译成英文)


5. Our principal is strict and active. (写出中文意思)




______ is your _____ Chinese teacher ?

2、她长得怎么样? 哦,她很高。

_____ _____ she like ? Oh, she is ______.


Is he ________? Yes, and he is very ______

4、谁是你的语文老师? ______ is _____ Chinese teacher ?

5、Who’s that young man? ______ is my P.E. teacher.

6、她和蔼吗?是的,而且她很聪明。 she ______? Yes, and she is very_______.


1、so much her is class fun

2、young who that lady is

3、that is young who man (?)

4. is Our principal kind very(.)

5、your is teacher math like what(?)

九、 读短文,判断正误。( 用T表示正确,F表示错误)(10分)

Hello, my name is John. I have P.E ,art and English on Tuesday.It’s my favourite day. I like English. Look,that is my math teacher. He’s very kind. His name is Li Hai. I like beef very much, but I don’t like apples.

I like bananas, too.

1( )John has P.E and computer on Tuesday.

2( )John’s favourite day is Monday.

3( )Mr Li is John’s English teacher.

4( )John likes apple very much.

5( )John’s math teacher is short and kind.

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