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2013-2014六年级英语第一学期期末模拟试卷(一)(无答案) 人教PEP

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1. acc_____nt A. ou B. uo C. oa

2. bookst____ A. or B. ore C. ure 3. c__m__c A. e,I B. o,u C. o,i

4. str____m A. ae B. ea C. ee

5. sh_____d A. oul B. ou C. ol 二、按要求写单词(10分)

1、 different(名词)、be(三单形式)

2、 no(同音词)、twelve(序数词)

3、 he (宾格 )7、buy (过去式)

4、 sing(名词)、box(复数)



1、买两张明信片 2、星期天上午

3、本周三 4、下周末



( )1. They (A; has / B: have) lunch in the kitchen.

( )2. She (A: watch / B: watches) TV in the evening.

( )3. We (A: ride / B: rides) a bike to our school.

( ) 4. Ton and Alice (A: likes / B: like) listening to music.

( )5. His mother (A: wear / B: wears) a black coat.


( )1、Here are two .

A. newspaper B. newspapers C. newspaperes

( )2、Can I help you?

I want ome bread.

A. Yes B. Thanks C. Sorry

( )3、I want to buy shoes.

A.a pair B. a C. a pair of

( )4、Look, the students books in the library.

A.are reading B. read C. are going to read ( )5、There a bike how tomorrow afternoon..

A.is going to be B. is C. is going to have


1. same the like We things don’t (连词成句)

2. bus to school by He goes (连词成句)

3. Ann TV on cartoons watches (连词成句)

4. Who in a factory works car (连词成句)

5. from does the Where rain come (连词成句)

6.I wake up.(用She 改写)

7〃We can put the tree in the soil.(变一般疑问句)

8〃Put the pot in the sun.(改为否定句)

9〃What is your sister ?(改同义句)

10.His hobby is playing the violin.(改同义句)


1. —How do you usually go to school?

—I usually go to school ________ ________.

2. —Where does your father work?

—He ________ in a ________.

3. —Where does the rain come from?

—It comes from ________ ________.

4. —What is your hobby?

I like ________ the ________.

5. —What are you going to do this weekend?

—We are going to ________ ________.


1. He likes helping people. He goes to work by motorcycle. He helps make our city a safe place to live and work in.

2. He works in a bank. He helps the bank use their money well. He likes working with number and he is good at computer.

3. She likes drawing pictures. She works in a car factory. She often goes to work by car.

4. She works in a hospital. She often helps sick people.

5. He works in a street. He cleans streets and he works hard.

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

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