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( )1.

A. jump B.hop C. stamp

( ) 2. A.rbbita B. rabbit C. rabbits

( ) 3. p_ _cil A. en B.ea C. an

( ) 4.紫色A. pink B. purple C. brown

( ) 5.A. pumkin B. pumpkin C. pampkin


1.-what colour is it? -It’s___.

A. big B. red C. old

2.-what’s this,Mr Li? -____.

A. It’s a goat. B. Sorry C. Thank you

3. This __my new bag.A. is B. are C. am

4.-__is Sam? -He must be in the lemon house.

A. What B. Where C. Which

5.- What would you like, Sir? -____ .

A. I want some apples . B. I’d like one. C It’s a goat.

( )6.– Hello ! Which colour do you like? --____________

A I like dogs. B. I like bananas. C. I like purple.

( )7.–What’s his name? --____________

A. His name is bill. B. My name is Li Ming. C. I’m Pat. ( )8.–Would you like some apples, sir ? --____________

A. I want some apples. B. Yes,please. C.No, thanks. ( )9.–What is yellow?

--The _____ is yellow.

A. banana. B. orange. C. mango.

( )10.–Blue is the colour for ____ sea to swim?

A. a B. an C. 无

( )11.–______ have a fruit and vegetable party!

A. Let’s. B. Which. C.Where


鼻子 蓝色 书包 苹果 汽车 This is my friend.

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Bounce the ball What is it? How many? This is a beautiful house.

( ) ( ) ( )( )


1.【ai】 A .bike B. kite C. hid

2. [ei] A. cake B. bag C. name

3. [e] A. bed B. pen C. bag

4. [i] A. hid B. kit C. nice

5. [ju:] A. cute B. duke C. bus


1. A. pencil B. ruler C. dog

2. A. elephant B. cow C. orange

3. A. coconut B. mango C. carrot

4. A. eye B. car C. ear

5. A. plane B. train C. dress

6. A .blue B. bus C. brown

7. A. one B. three C. sheep

8. A. under B. behind C. kick

9. A. catch B. book C. pick

10. A .boy B. girl C. goat


1. What is it? A. Nice to meet you,too.

2. How many? B. It’s red.

3. Nice to meet you! C. It’s a cat.

4. Hello! I’m Pat. D. I’d like one ,please.

5. What colour is it? E. I’m Lucy.


1. my is this book

2. are blue the windows

3. on it’s the desk

4. some want I apples

5. red The car is

6.game Which want to do you play

7 hear can I my ears with

8. eyes two He’s got

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