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Betty: What are you going to do this Saturday, Daming? ____1____ (时间90分钟,分值120分)


1. Don‘t read _______ the sun .It‘s bad for your eyes.

A. in B. to C. for D. under

2. My mother often _________ some vegetables in the supermarket near my home. A. wait for B. runs for C. shops for D. buys for 3. -- Where‘s Tom now? --He _______ in the river.

A. is running B. is swimming C. is riding D. is shopping 4. Are people in the New York working________?

A. in a moment B. at the moment C. a moment later D. every day 5. Mum often ________us not to play in the street.

A. speaks B. tells C. says D. talks

6. My father is going to ______ a plane to Hong Kong for a meeting in a week. A. by B. on C. take D. in

7. - Lily ,there are ________eggs in the fridge . -Can you buy some?—OK, Mum A. little B. few C. a few D. a little 8. Do you often _______ e-mails to your friends?

A. give B. send C. use D. make

9. The CD player is too expensive,________ I don‘t want to buy it. A. because B. and C. but D. so 10. It‘s spring now .It‘s getting _________.

A. cool B. hot C. warm D. cold 11. The radio says there will be _______rain this afternoon.

A. heavy B. strong C. large D. rough

12. ________can answer this question so we have to ask Mr Li for help.

A. Everyone B. Someone C. Anyone D. No one 13. Tony______ talking on his cell phone. He is listening to the music. A. isn‘t B. won‘t C. doesn‘t D. don‘t 14. His hair is a little long .He wants to have a ________. A. haircut B. paper C. picnic D. wash 15. There __________an English party next month.

A. is going to have B. will have C. is going to be D. will going to be

Daming: I‘m going to meet Lingling and Tony in the park._____2____

Betty: In the morning, nothing special .But in the evening, I‘m going to a party at a friend‘s

home. ____3_____

Daming: Then you will have a good time.

Betty: thank you. And we‘re going to play some games at the party.____4_____ Daming: Yes._____5_____

Betty: Then let‘s meet outside the school gate at about 6o‘clock. Daming:OK.


1. This weekend we are going to go _______(cycle) 2. Listen! Who ________ (lie) on the beach.

3. Do you enjoy ________ (go) sightseeing in your holiday.

4. Mum is getting some food ready because we ______ (have) a picnic at the weekend. 5. The students are looking forward to ________(visit) Beijing next week. 6. Where are the boys ? They ___________(make) lanterns.

7. There ________(be) strong winds in spring and autumn in the future.

8. Teachers won‘t use chalk ________-(write )on the blackboard in the future. 9. Can you _________(help )me carry the heavy box? 10. Jack ________(ride) a bike to school every day


It‘s September 1st, and we‘re all back to school. It‘s glad to ____1____all my teachers and friends again .They all _____2___fine.

We‘re in Grade Two this year. We have ___3____ new subjects. I‘m not very


____4___at Chinese ,but Hanmei says she is going to____5___ me .I think I can ____6___better .

I like English very much ,Zhanghong likes English ____7___, but she need help . I ___8____I can help her.

Mr Wu is our new English teacher .He __9____know all of us. So he has our names on a piece of paper and ____10____ our names before he begins his lessons ( )1. A. see B. watch C. find D. look ( )2. A. do B. see C. look D. sound ( )3. A. a lot B. some C. lot D. much ( )4. A. well B. good C. bad D. nice

( )5. A. learn B. give C. help D need ( )6. A. do B. play C. meet D feel ( )7. A. also B. too C. very D a lot

( )8. A. am afraid B. think C. am sorry D want ( )9. A. don‘t B. doesn‘t C. does D do ( )10. A. gives B. calls C. asks D tells

五.阅读理解:(25分) (A)

It is a fine Sunday morning . Ann and her mother are in big bus .there are many people in it . Some of them come from American ,and some come from English and Canada .They are all their friends . They are going to the Great Wall .

There are two Chinese in the bus .One is a woman .She is driving the bus. The other is a young man .He speaks good English. He is now talking about the Great Wall. The other people are all listening to him. They like the Great Wall. They want to see it very much.


( )1.Ann and her mother are going to the Great Wall________

A. by plane B. by bus C. girls D. in the same class ( ) 2. They are going to the Great Wall on__________

A. Monday morning B. a rainy Sunday morning C. a fine Sunday morning D. a sunny Sunday

( ) 3. There are two Chinese in the bus. One is a woman .She‘s a ______

A. teacher B. doctor C. driver D. farmer ( ) 4.The Young man speaks ________ well.

A. Chinese B. English C. Russian D. French

( )5. The people are all listening to the young man because he is talking about______

A. English B. China C. Chinese D. the Great Wall


A man gets off the bus ,and Sam , the bus driver, driver on . Soon the bus comes to the stop. An old man gets on it.

―This boy will give you his seat,‖ Sam says to the old man.

But the boy in the front seat does not stand up when the old man goes up to him Sam looks at him . Then he says again to the old man in a louder voice(大声) ,‖This boy will be glad to give you his seat!‖

This time the boys faces goes red . He gets up at once .The old man sits down and says ,‖Thank you ,my boy. ‖Most people want to be nice. ―Sam tells the old man .‖They just forget that sometimes and need a little push(推).I am glad to give them such a push sometimes.‖

根据短文内容判断下列句子正(T)、误(F):(5分) ( )1.Sam wants to find a seat for the old man.

( )2.The boy does not give up his seat at first so he doesn‘t stand up. ( )3.Then Sam is angry with the boy and gives him a hard push. ( )4.The boy‖s face turns red because he is afraid of Sam.

( )5.We should learn from Sam and help the old and weak in public places. (C)

Mrs green lives in a small village. Her husband is dead(死), but she has a son . He is twenty –one and his name is Jack. Jack gets to work in a town and lives there. Its name is Greensea . It is quite a long way from his mother ‘s village ,and she is not happy about this. But Jack says ,:‖There isn‘t any good work for me in the village, mother. And I can get a lot of money in Greensea and give you some every week, ‖

One day Mrs Green is very angry .She gets on a train and goes to her son‘s house in Greendsea .Then she says to him ,‖Jack, Why do you never telephone(打电话) me?‖ Jack laughs, ‖But ,mother,‖ he says ,‖you don‘t have a telephone.‖‖ No,‖ she says, ‖I haven‘t , but you have one.‖


1.Where does Mrs Green live?______________


2.How many sons does she have?_____________ 3.Is the town far from the village?________________ 4.Why does her son leave home?________________ 5.Who is very angry? ____________


1.Chinese people think the round and sweet yuanxiao can bring us good luck_________ 2.Betty is going to ________her test next Friday.

3.we‘ll have ________ and lots of _________ in the future. 4.—Who is she ________at the school gate?—Oh, her son.

5.Tom likes traveling and___________ .He has a lot of photos of different places. 6. Now we are having a birthday party at school and _____________ 7.I‘d like __________ you .Have you got a moment? 8.We often __________ when we are in a foreign city. 9.I have _________friends here ,I often visit them.

七.句型转换(15分 )

1.I‘m going to revise for a test.(一般疑问句) ________ you_______ to revise for a test?

2.Everyone will have a small car in the future. (否定回答) No, _______ ________

3.He is going to stay at home 划线部分提问) _________ ________he ________to stay at home? 4.They are playing the piano.(变否定句) They _______ _____ the piano. 5.We ?ll study________ ________you study? (划线部分提问)

划线部分提问) _______ she ______ at the moment?

7.My friend reads English every morning.(用at the moment改写) My friend ________ ________ English at the moment. 八.单词拼写(10分)

1.There are many Chinese _________(餐馆)in America . 2. Eating dumplings is an old __________(传统) in China. 3.We must learn foreign _________(文化).

4.I like this chair because it‘s very ___________(舒适). 5.New __________(科技)can make our life very easy. 6.My son is too young to get __________( 穿衣服) 7.Red _________(意味)good luck .

8.Do you usually get up _______(早)on Sundays ? 9.He is a little __________(弱的)in English.

10.In my ________(梦想) school , there won‘t be any teachers. 九.根据汉语完成句子(5) 1.Tim非常喜欢看芭蕾。

Tim likes __________ _________ a lot. 2.人们会扫去厄运。

People can _________ ________ bad luck. 3.学生将通过电子邮件把作业发给老师

The students will_______their homework _______their teachers by email. 4.我们通常用剪纸来装饰门窗。

We usually ___________ the doors and windows _______paper cuts. 5.我将要学习英语因为我想交一些美国朋友.

I‘m going to learn English because I want to _______some American_______. 十.作文(10分)

明天是星期六,你们班将在组织一次野外徒步旅行()。现在请你以班长的身份写一份通知(字数不少于60字)开头已给出。 1.明早六点在校门口集合,不要迟到。 2.要穿运动鞋,因为要登山。




一.(15) 1____2____3____4____5____6____7____8_____9_____10_____ 11____12______13______14______15_____

二.(10) 1 ____ 2 ____ 3 ____ 4____ 5____

三.(10)1_________2_________ 3__________ 4__________5________

6_________ 7_________ 8__________ 9__________10_______

四.(10)1____2____3____4____5____6____7____8_____9_____10____ 五.A.(10)1.______ 2._______ 3.______4_______5._______ B.(5)1._______ 2._______ 3.______4._______5._______ C.(10)1.________ 2._______3.______4._______5_______ 六(10)1__________2___________3__________4__________5_______ 6.___________7___________8__________9__________10________ 七(15)1._______ _______ 2._______ _____ 3._______ ______ _______ 4.______ _________ 5.______ ________6._______ ________ 7._________ ________




九. (5)1._______ ________2. ________ _______

3.________ _______ 4.________ ________

5.________ _______

十(10) Friday

Boys and girls,

On Saturday we are going to go hiking . I have something to tell you.

___________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Monitor


一.1___15题 A ,C B . B . B . C . B .B . D .C A. D .A . A .C

二.1— 5题 E C D B G

三.1___10题 cycling ,is lying ,going ,are going to have , Visiting ,are making ,will be ,to write ,help rides ,

四.1__ 10题 A , C , B ,B ,C ,A ,B

B ,B B

五.A 1___5题 B ,C ,C ,B ,D

B. 1___5题 T ,T ,F ,F ,T

C. 1 __ 5题 in a small village , a son , Yes, it is Because he can get a lot of money ,Mrs Green 六.1—10题

All the year around , revise for ,long holiday , Free time , waiting for , taking photos

Having a good time , talk to , stay in a hotel , a few 七.1—7题 Are …going , they won‘t , why is going ,

aren‘t playing , where will ,What‘s doing

is\are reading

八.1—10 题 restaurant ,tradition ,culture ,comfortable Science technology ,dressed , means ,

early ,weak , dream

九.1___5题 watching Ballet , sweep away , send … to

decorate with , make…friends



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