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1.go 2.meet 3.buy 4.run 5.do 6.drop 8.watch 9.have 10.come 二、英汉互译。(20分)

1.go to the park 2.跑向公共汽车 3.一个冰激凌 4.walk to school 5.等待 6.回来 7.快点 8.Sam and Amy’s friend 9.last Sunday 10.居住在 三.选择填空。 (30分)

( )1.Lingling is London with Daming and Amy. A.on B.in C.at ( )2.Look those trees!

A.in B.on C.at ( )3.Yesterday I an ice cream.

A.have B.had C.has ( )4.I went home by .

A.bus B.the bus C.my bus ( )5.Did they Tom yesterday? A.met B.meet C.meeted ( )6.Did they buy ice creams?

A.Yes,they didn’t. B.No,they did. C.Yes,they did. ( )7.I buy anything last summer. A.don’t B.didn’t C.doesn’t ( )8.We are back China.

A.for B.from C.at ( )9.When did you back?

A.come B.came C.comes ( )10.Look at those .

A.new shoes B.new shoe C.a new shoe ( )11.I went supermarket bus.

A.on B.in C.by

( )12.This is my friend,Lingling.

A.China B.Chinese C.Beijing ( )13.Hurry up,lLingling.They are waiting for now. A.us B.we C.our ( )14.You back from China.

A.are B.is C.am ( )15.Let’s some ice creams.

A.buy B.buys C.bought 四、选择合适的词填空。(20分)

1. for in with by from ①I often play football my friends after school. ②My father went to Shanghai plane yesterday. ③They live Beijing.

④My friends are waiting me in the classroom. ⑤Lily is back London.

2.when where what how what ① did you come back? ---Yesterday. ② did you go to school? ---Walk. ③ went to the supermarket? ---Ms Smart. ④ did you buy the doll? ---At the supermarket. ⑤ did you eat last night? ---Rice and fish. 五、连词成句。(10分)

1.buy did ice creams they

2.with Sam and Amy the park went to I yesterday 3.my I ice cream dropped but 4.back when did come you

5.Lingling our this friend Chinese is

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