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1. m_ut_(嘴) 2. sh_pp_ng(购物) 3. dau_ _ ter(女儿) 4. j_ck_t(夹克衫)

5. _ _oes(鞋) 6. p_ct_re(图片、图画) 7. p_zz_(比萨饼) 8. p_pp_t(木偶)

9. c_ndl_(蜡烛) 10. d_ _l(玩具娃娃)

二、选出与所给的单词不同类别的词(1’ X5=5’)

( )1. A. your B. my C. me D. his

( )2. A. father B. brother C. mother D. nurse

( )3. A. mirror B. bear C. seal D. hippo

( )4. A. jeans B. schoolbag C. jacket D. shoes

( )5. A. plate B. soup C. spoon D. fork

三、 单项选择(2’ X10=20’)

( )1. - ____ do you ____ from?

- I come from France.

A. What, come B. Where, are C. Where, come

( )2. Let’s ____ a song together.

A. singing B. sing C. to sing

( )3. They are ____ old shoes.

A. you B. mine C. his

( )4. - How many people _______ in your family?

- Three.

A. is there B. are there C. there are

( )5. - Where ____ your uncle work?

- He ____ in a school.

A. does, works B. do, works C. are, work

( )6. - Whose textbook is this?

- It’s ____


A. my B. mine C. mine textbook

( )7. - Is this her coat?

- _________

A. Yes, it isn’t. B. No, it is. C. Yes, it is.

( )8. I like playing ____ piano, but he likes playing ____ football.

A. the, the B. the, / C. /, /

( )9. I’m going to take a picture ____ of the house.

A. in front of B. in the front C. in front

( )10. He takes care ____ pets.

A. for B. of C. from

四、选词填空,每词限用一次(2’ X5=10’)

1. We should learn ____ him.

2. Thank you ____ your e-mail.

3. Peter, your mask is ____ there.

4. We look ____ each other.

5. Please write ____ me soon.

五、 选择适当的词填空。(2’ X5=10’)

1. This is my ______ (sister/ brother)

2. She sings very ______ (well/ good)

3. He looks very ______ (friendly/ friend)

4. Your mask is over ______ (here/ there)

5. Those are ______ (me/ my) balloons.

六、 根据问题选择适当的答语。(把序号填在括号内)(2’ X5=10’) ( )1. What’s your house number? A. They’re Kate’s. ( )2. Where do you live? B. I want to be a doctor. ( )3. Whose jeans are these? C. It’s 46.

( )4. Does she like reading a book? D. No, she doesn’t.


( )5. What do you want to be in the future? E. I live on Green Road.

七、 选出句子中有错误的一项,并改正过来。(2’ X5=10’)

1. The girl in the left is my sister.

2. This is yours camera.

3. He look great in his uniform.

4. She is good at read a book.

5. Remember to put your things away in class.

八、 连词成句。(3’ X5=15’)

1. back/ to/ seats/ go/ please/ your/ .


2. same/ in/ we’re/ the/ grade/ .


3. they/ what/ do/ at/ party/ want/ to/ the/ do/ ?


4. leave/ like/ this/ your/ don’t/ things/ .


5. this/ we/ an/ English/ afternoon/ going/ are/ to/ have/ party/ . ______________________________________________

九、 阅读理解(2’ X10=20’)


Hello! I’m Lily. I’m eleven. I come from America. And I’m in Class One, Grade Five. I live at Pink Street. I like drawing an painting. 根据短文内容,选择正确的答案。

( )1. Where does Lily come from?

A. She comes from America.

B. She comes from France.

C. She comes from China.

( )2. How old is she?


A. She’s twelve. B. She’s eleven.

C. She’s ten.

( )3. What class are you in?

A. She’s in Class Three, Grade Five.

B. She’s in Class Five, Grade One.

C. She’s in Class One, Grade Five.

( )4. Where does she live?

A. She lives at Purple Street.

B. She lives at Pink Street.

C. She lives at Pink Road.

( )5. Does she like writing?

A. Yes, she does.

B. No, she likes drawing and painting.

C. We don’t know.


Wu Dong has a good friend. His name is Peter. He is from USA. Wu Dong and Peter are in the same class. They go to school five days a week. They stay at home on Sundays and Saturdays. Peter likes China and Chinese food. He likes cakes very much. At school, they play table tennis(乒乓球)after class. Wu Dong and Peter likes making things. Now, they’re making a plane(飞机). Peter speaks English and a little Chinese, Wu Dong speaks Chinese and a little English. They teach each other. ( )1. Wu Dong has an American friend.

( )2. They go to school from Monday to Friday.

( )3. They are making a plane now.

( )4. Wu Dong teaches Peter English and Peter teaches Wu Dong Chinese.

( )5. Peter likes eating cakes.


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