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5B M1U1 What a mess!

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What a mess!!!!

Whose, whose, whose puppy is this? It’s Min’s. It’s Min’s. It’s Min’s puppy. Whose, whose, whose dress is this? It’s Mum’s. It’s Mum’s. It’s Mum’s dress. Whose, whose, whose hat is this? It’s Dad’s. It’s Dad’s. It’s Dad’s hat. Whose, whose, whose doll is this? It’s Jin’s. It’s Jin’s. It’s Jin’s doll.

What’s on your desk? There is/are ... on my desk.
It’s/They’re my ... What’s on his/her desk? There is/are ... on his/her desk. It’s/They’re his/her ...

What’s on my desk?

This is my notebook.

This notebook is mine.

This is my ____. = This ____ is mine.

mine = my ____

This is my hamburger. This is my flag. This _____ is _____. This _____ is _____.

rubber Whose _________ is it?

It’s her______ her rubber. . It’s hers. ____.

ruler Whose _________ is it?

It’s his ____ ruler. . It’s his. ____.

kites Whose _______ are these?
These are our kites. These kites are ours.

What are these? They are lunch boxes. Whose _______ are these?

and Mary’s They’re Tom’s ______________.
They’re ____________. theirs
Tom and Mary

1.This is my pencil-case. This pencil-case is mine. 2.That is his hat. That hat is his.

3.These are their shoes. These shoes are theirs.
4.Those are our flowers. Those flowers are ours. 5.This is your ball. This ball is yours.

What school things can you hear?
school things school bag whose Peter's Kitty's Alice's

picture books storybooks


Whose ________ is this/are these? It's/They're ______'s.

? ? ? ? 形容词性物主代词+ s (例如:ours) My 变 mine His 仍是 his 人名+ ’s

Let’s practice
Whose ____ is it/are these? It is ____./They are ____.

Is this ____ yours? Yes, it is./No, it’s _____.

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