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Fun with Phonetics 牛津小学英语5A-6B单词音标大全

Unit 1 day / de?/ at school /?t sku:l/ all / ?:l / a lot of /? l?t ?v/ room / ru:m / any / 'en? / house / ha?s / flower / 'fla?? / first /f?:st/ of / ?v; ?v/ term /t?:m/ back /b?k/ each other /i:t? '?e?/ building / 'b?ld??/ reading room /'ri:d?? ru:m/ sure /???/ table tennis /'te?bl ten?s/ toilet /'t??l?t/ garden /'gɑ:dn/ swing /sw??/ slide /sla?d/ street /stri:t/ Unit 2 live /l?v/ bedroom /'bedr?m/ study /'st?d?/ large /lɑ:d?/ under /'?nd?/ behind /b?'ha?nd/ door /d?:/ parents /'pe?r?nts/ bathroom /'bɑ: θr?m/ kitchen /'k?t??n/ dining-room /'da?n??ru:m/ sitting-room /'s?t??ru:m/ world /w?:ld/ telephone /'tel?f??n/ sofa /'s??f?/ lamp /l?mp/ mouse /ma?s/ Unit 3 lesson /'lesn/ sing /s??/ song /s??/ dance /dɑ:s/ play /ple?/ learn /l?:n/ make /me?k/ put /p?t/ him /h?m/ music /'mju:zik/ 5A单词音标 have /h?v/ start /stɑ: t/ listen /'l?sn/ to follow /'f?l??/ together /t?'gee?/ skate /ske?t/ ski /ski:/ model /'m?dl/ ride /ra?d/ aah /ɑ:/ find /fa?nd/ Unit 4 family /'f?m?l?/ thing /θ??/ need /ni:d/ horse /h?:s/ pig /p?g/ work /w ?:k/ with /w?e/ evening /'i:vn??/ Halloween /h?l??' i:n/ tomorrow /t?'m?r??/ vase /vɑ:z/ mask /mɑ:sk/ lantern /'l?nt?n/ pumpkin /'p?mpk?n/ else /els/ change / t?e?nd?/ chicken /'t??k?n/ duck /d?k/ Saturday /'s?t?de?;'s?t?d?/ Sunday/'s?de?; 's?d?/ cook /k?k/ animal /'?n?m?l/ Unit 6 morning /'m?:n??/ home /h??m/ help /help/ maths /m?θs/ sleep /sli:p/ jump /d??mp/ walk /w?:k/ housework /'ha?sw?:k/ at home /?t h??m/ ring /r??/ sweep /swi:p/ floor /fl?:/ homework /'h??mw?:k/ help…with See you. /si: ju:/ stand /st?nd/ sit /s?t/ wash /w?∫/

第 1 页 共 4 页 clothes /kl??ez/ Unit 7 after /'ɑ:ft?/ class /klɑ:s/ look for /l?k f?:/ join /d???n/ newspaper /'nju:spe?p?/ picture book /'p?kt?? b?k/ play with /ple? w?e/ after school over /'??v?/ I’ll==I will magazine /,m?g?'zi:n/ chess / t?es/ card /kɑ:d/ yo-yo /'j??j??/ run after /r?n 'ɑ:ft?/ food /fu:d/ cry /kra?/ laugh /lɑ:f/ game /ge?m/ Unit 8 children / 't??ldr?n/ hill /h?l/ show /???/ fish /f??/ fat /f?t/ thin /θ?n/ camping trip /'k?mp?? tr?p/ camping site /'k?mp?? sa?t/ tent /tent/ tin /t?n/ tin-opener /t?n '??p?n?/ pot /p?t/ stove /st??v/ blanket /'bl??k?t/ telescope /'tel?sk??p/ towel /'ta??l/ elephant /'el?f?nt/ Unit 9 shape /?e?p/ teach /ti:t?/ fly /fla?/ us / ?s; ?s/ sun /s?n/ moon /mu:n/ star /stɑ:/ year /j??/ know /n??/ paper /'pe?p?/ art /ɑ:t/

Fun with Phonetics 牛津小学英语5A-6B单词音标大全

about /?'a? ??a?square /skwe?/ better /'bet?/ hand /h?nd/ rectangle /'rekt??gl/ soon /su:n/ leg /leg/ circle /'s?:kl/ still /st?l/ arm /ɑ:m/ diamond /'da??m?nd/ take /te?k/ follow / ' f?l??/ triangle /'tra???gl/ medicine /'meds?n/ order / '?:d?/ then / een/ toothache /'tu:θe?k/ line /la?n/ Happy New Year earache /'??re?k/ exercise / 'eks?sa?z/ Grandparents backache /'b?ke?k/ up and down /'gr?nd,pe?r?nts/ stomachache /'st?m?ke?k/ stop forget /f?'get/ fever /'fi:v?(r)/ lie /la?/ grandpa /'gr?npɑ:/ say /s e ? / lie on one’s back only /'??nl?/ rest /rest/ back /b?k/ number /'n?mb? (r)/ lift /l?ft/ choose /' t?u:z/ lift up touch /t?t? / with /w?e/ 5B单词音标 Unit 3 everybody / 'evr?,b?d?/ collect /k?' lekt/ neck /nek/ Unit 1 stamp /st?mp/ shoulder / '???ld?/ Chinese /t?a?'ni:z/ many /'men?/ finger / 'f??g?/ English /'??gl?∫/ ship /??p/ knee /ni:/ week /wi:k/ every /'evr?/ toe /t??/ Monday aunt /ɑ:nt/ /'m?nde?; m?nd?/ uncle /'??kl/ Thursday hobby /'h?b?/ Unit 7 /'θ?:zde?; 'θ?:z d?;/ beautiful /'bju:t?f?l/ night /na?t/ Friday classmate /'klɑ:sme?t/ half /hɑ:f/ /'fra?de?; 'fra?d?/ animal /'?n?m?l/ past /pɑ:st/ Science /'sa??nz/ take photos ready / 'red?/ subject /'s?bd??kt/ grow /gr??/ take /te?k/ social/'s????l/ Science water /'w?:t?/ really/ 'r??l?/ computer studies same /se?m/ begin /b?'g?n/ /k?m'pju:t?/ yet /jet/ interesting/'?ntr?st??/ brush /br??/ minus/'ma?n?s/ Unit 4 tooth /tu: θ/ well /wel/ e-mail /i: 'me?l/ with /w?e/ tell /tel/ busy /'b?z?/ quarter /'kw?:t?/ at once /w?ns/ town /ta?n/ on duty /'dju:t?/ er /?:/ usually /'ju:???l?/ quick /kw?k/ trick /tr?k/ well /wel/ fast /fɑ:st/ high /ha?/ Unit 8 Unit 2 from / fr?m/ talk /t?:k/ her /h?:/ surf /s?:f/ weekend /,wi:k 'end/ speak /spi:k/ internet / ' ?nt?net/ spend /spend/ bad /b?d/ London / 'l?nd?n/ very / 'ver?/ get /get/ loudly / 'la?dl?/ often / ' ?fn/ feel /fi:l/ beautifully /'bju:t?f?l?/ learn /l?:n/…from cold /k??ld/ carefully /'ke?f?l?/ sport /sp?:t/ fine /fa?n/ quietly / 'kwa??tl?/ catch /k?t?/ call /k?:l/ from… to talk about why /wa?/ can’t=cannot of course /k?:s/ absent /'?bs?nt/ cartoon /kɑ: ' tu:n/ stay /ste?/ butterfly / ' b?t?fla?/ stay in bed Unit 6 ant /?nt/ wrong /r??/ foot /f?t/ dragonfly headache /'hede?k/ time /ta?m/ / ' dr?g?nfla?/ cough /k?f/ turn /t?:n/ firefly / 'fa??fla?/ hear /h??/ left /left/ bee /bi:/

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Fun with Phonetics 牛津小学英语5A-6B单词音标大全 / ' grɑ:s,h?p?/ insect / '?nsekt/ primary/'pra?m?r?/ school other / ' ?e?/ carry / ' k?r?/ special / ' spe??l/ glow /gl??/ Unit 9 British /'br?t??/ America/ ? 'mer?k?/ French /frent?/ city / 's?t?/ visit / 'v?z?t/ American/ ? 'mer?k?n/ Japan /d?? ' p?n/ Japanese / d??p? ' ni:z/ France /frɑ:ns/ England /' ??gl?nd/ club /kl?b/ visitor / ' v?z?t?/ New York / nju: 'j?:k/ different / ' d?f?r?nt/ country /'k?ntr?/ Chinese / t?a? ' ni:z/ Australia /? 'stre?l??/ Australian /? 'stre?l??n/ housewife /'ha?swa?f/ story / 'st?:r?/ 6A单词音标 Unit 1 always /'?: lwe?z/ question /'kwest??n/ ask /ɑ:sk/ mean /mi:n/ must /m?st/ should /??d/ take a walk /te?k ? w?:k/ pick /p?k/ public /'p?bl?k/ sign /sa?n/ cousin /'k?z?n/ danger /'de?nd??/ away / ?'we?/ grass /grɑ:s/ keep off /ki:p ?f/ shouldn’t /'??dnt/ bird /b?:d/ quiet / 'kwa??t/ make noise /me?k n??z/ smoke /sm??k/ litter /'l?t?/ arɑ:suddenly /'s?d?nl?/ something /'s?mθ??/ note /n??t/ look around /l?k ?'ra?nd/ nearby /'n??'ba?/ quickly /'kw?kl?/ pick up /p?k ?p/ keeper /'ki:p?/ come up /k?m ?p/ point /p??nt/ fine /fa?n/ Unit 2 birthday /'b?: θde? ; b?: θd?/ date /de?t/ when /wen/ second /'sek?nd/ March /mɑ: t?/ third /θ?:d/ April /'e?pr?l/ fourth /f?: θ/ May /me?/ June /d?u:n/ October /?k' t??b?/ when’s /wenz/ August /'?:g?st/ as / ?z ; ?z/ present /'prez?nt/ VCD /vi:si:di:/ Aladdin /?'l?d?n/ Let’s wait /we?t/ and see January /'d??nj??r?/ February /'febr??r?/ fifth /f?fθ/ sixth /s?ksθ/ July /d?u:'la?/ twelfth /twelfθ/ twentieth /'twent??θ/ September /s?p'temb?/ twenty-first /'twent? 'f?:st/ November /n??'vemb?/ December /d?'semb?/ doorbell /'d?:bel/ take off /te?k ?f/ costume /'k?stju:m/ Happy birthday to you! blow/bl??/ out /a?t/ candle /'k?ndl/ Unit 3 was /w?z w?z/ excited /?k'sa?t?d/ moment /'m??m?nt/ ago /?'g??/ were /w?: ; w?/ just /d??st/ now/na?/

第 3 页 共 4 页 oio/'m??ba?l 'f??n/ glasses /'glɑ:s?z/ sports /sp?:ts/ day /de?/ running /'r?n??/ race /re?s/ camera /'k?m?r?/ exciting /?k'sa?t??/ film /f?lm/ ground /gra?nd/ earphone /'??f??n/ diary /'da??r?/ CD Walkman /'w?:km?n/ roll /r??l/ remember /r?'memb?/ weren’t /w?:nt/ Unit 5 holiday /'h?l?de?; 'h?l?d? / last /lɑ:st/ early / '?:l?/ meet /mi:t/ before /b?'f?:(r)/ did /d?d/ pull /p?l/ up taste /te?st/ farm /fɑ:m/ National /'n?∫?n?l/ Day carrot /'k?r?t/ milk /m?lk/ cow /ka?/ fun /f?n/ wonderful /'w?nd?f?l/ zoo /zu:/ camp /k?mp/ volleyball /'v?l?b?:l/ mountain /'ma?nt?n ; 'ma?nt?n/ Unit 6 Christmas /'kr?sm?s/ New Year’s Day people /'pi:pl/ had /h?d/ went /went/ Children’s /'t∫?ldr?n/ Day also /'?:ls??/ festival /'fest?vl/ Spring /spr?? /Festival didn’t /'d?dnt/ relative /'rel?t?v/ delicious /d?'l?∫?s/ favourite /'fe?v?r?t/ dress /dres/ up Mid-Autumn/,m?d'?:t?m/Festival moon /mu:n/ cake /ke?k/ Easter /'i:st?(r)/ May Day /me? de?/ Dragon/'dr?g?n/ Boat/b??t/

Fun with Phonetics 牛津小学英语5A-6B单词音标大全 popular /'p?pj?l?(r)/ beach /bi:t∫/ race /re?s/ dumpling/'d?mpl??/ Unit 7 yours /j?:z/ mine /ma?n/ hers /h?:z/ ours /'a??z/ in front /fr?nt/ of beside /b?'sa?d/ answer /'ɑ:ns?(r)/ theirs /ee?z/ Christmas Day his /h?z/ wallet /'w?l?t/ You’re welcome./'welk?m/ teapot /'ti:p?t/ calculator /'k?lkj?le?t?(r)/ skateboard /'ske?tb?:d/ hairdryer /'he?dra??(r)/ comb /k??m/ mirror /'m?r?(r)/ sunny /'s?n?/ sat /s?t/ back /b?k/ at the back of get off got /g?t/ saw /s?:/ seat /si:t/ nobody /'n??b?d?/ ask /ɑ:sk/ police station /p?'li:s 'ste?∫?n/ 6B 音标单词大全 Unit 1 young /j??/ go for a walk /w?:k/ glad /gl?d/ as…as /?z; ?z/ tall /t?:l/ than / e?n/ short /??:t/ strong /str??/ heavy /'hev?/ met /met/ chat /t??t/ twin /tw?n/ minute /'m?n?t/ one /w?n/ day /de?/ only /'??nl?/ child / t?a?ld/ so /s??/ ??,i:?centimeter /'sent?,mi:t?(r)/ Unit 2 more /m?: (r)/ be good at low /l??/ slow /sl??/ far /fɑ:/ player /'ple??(r)/ true /tru:/ ball game /b?:l/ /ge?m/ Would you…please? number /'n?mb?(r)/ Unit 3 way /we?/ get /get/ along / ?'l??/ street /stri: t/ take /te?k/ stop /st?p/ road /r??d/ history /'h?str?/ museum /mju:'z??m/ crossing /'kr?s??/ miss /m?s/ kilometer /'k?l??mi: t?(r)/ No. /'n?mb?(r)/ post office /'p??st '?f?s/ told /t??ld/ get to /get tu:/ get on /get ?n/ shopping centre /'??p?? sent?(r)/ middle school /'m?dl sku:l/ That’s all right. bookshop /'b?k??p/ steal /sti:l/ ran /r?n/ out of /a?t ?v/ shout /?a?t/ thief /θi:f/ Stop thief! /st?p θi:f/ came /ke?m/ Bank of China /b??k ?v 't?a?n?/ hotel /h??'tel/ place /ple?s/ Unit 5 season /'si:zn/ next /nekst/ weather /'wee?(r)/ summer /'s?m?(r)/ autumn /'?:t?m/ best /best/ spring /spr??/ winter /'w?nt?(r)/

第 4 页 共 4 页 What about…? cool /ku:l/ windy /'w?nd?/ countryside /'k?ntr?,sa?d/ Sounds great! rain /re?n/ warm /w?:m/ most /m??st/ because /b?'k?:z/ snowman /'sn??m?n/ cloudy /'kla?d?/ rainy /'re?n?/ go rowing and fishing Unit 6 plan /pl?n/ have school play /ple?/ take part /pɑ:t/ (in) Beijing opera /'?p?r?/ I’d love to… by the way concert /'k?ns?: t/ picnic /'p?kn?k/ outing /'a?t??/ go on an outing singing contest /'k?ntest/ sports meeting /sp:ts 'mi:t??/ project /'pr?d?ekt/ zebra /'zebr? ; 'zi:br?/ Africa /'?fr?k?/ Unit 7 letter /'let?(r)/ penfriend /'pen,frend/ ask for finish /'f?n??/ everything /'evr?θ??/ number /'n?mb?(r)/ read /red/ (read 的过去式) writing paper /'ra?t?? 'pe?p?(r)/ envelope /'env?l??p/ What for ? yesterday /'jest?de?/ both /b??θ/ you’ll= you will I hope so. address /?'dres/ fax /f?ks/ machine /m?'?i:n/ postcard /'p??stkɑ:d/ glue /glu:/ will /w?l/ lake /le?k/ wish /w??/ With best wishes

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