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63. I ________(is, am, are) looking out of the window.

64. The sun is ________(shine, shining, shines).

65. My mother ________(buy, buys,bought) a book.. She gave it to me yesterday.

66. Amy’ grandpa was a pilot. He flew ______(out of, inside, all over) the world.

67. I’m not going to go swimming tomorrow, ________(because, so, but) it’s too cold.

68. It’s raining hard. There’s ________(many, much, a lot) rain water on the road.

69. It’s bedtime.Please _______(go to bed, get up, woke up) before nine o’clock.

70. Betty is a nice girl. She helps her mother do housework _______(last week, next week, at the weekend).

71. Yang Liwei was China’s first man in space. We all proud ________(for, of) him.

72. Now lots of famous stars write books about ________(them, themselves).

73. My bike was broken. I ________(could, couldn’t) ride it to school.

74. I’ve got a dream. I hope to go all ________(out, over) the worls.

75. Here is a phot of ________(America, American, the USA) spaceship.

76. Another man is driving a small truck. He’s bringing food ________(to, for, of) the school.

77. The weather tomorrow. It’s going to be ________(snow, snowy) in Harbin.

78. What happened ________(for, to, of) him.

79. Marry is swimming in a pool, ________(so, but, and) a strong wind is blowing.

80. I am high up in a plane. You are waving ________(to, at, on) say goodbye.

81. Sue ________(is having, is having, have) lunch.

82. The weather tonight. It’s going to ________(cool, be cold, very cold) in Beijing.

83. Sorry ,I’m ________(make, making, kakeing) Daming’s birthday card.

84. This book ________(looks, look, looing) interesting. I want to read it.

85. Mun bought a new present ________(for, to, in) you.

86. Daming and Simon madea model ________(at, in, of) a Chinese spaceship.

87. He is playing his favourite songs and everyone ________(are, is, am)listening and clapping.

88. We’re going to walk ________(round, around,over) the lake and see the ducks.

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