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Unit6 Review

1. Write words of the same kinds.写出同类的单词。

(1) juggler__________

(2) tiger_____________

(3) shirt______________

(4) on_____________

(5) chair___________

(6) park________

2. Look and write.看图写单词。

(1) th

瘦 13 嘴唇

(2) wh

小麦 车轮 鲸鱼

(3) ar

汽车 手臂

3. Choose the best answer.单项选择。

( )(1)—What ____she do?

--She is a policewoman.

A.do B.does C.did

( )(2) --Do you know____?

--Yes,I do.

A.she B.his C.her

( )(3)____you know me?

A.Are B.Do C.Does

( )(4) Do you have____sweaters?

A.some B.a C.any

( )(5)We____have any bags.

A. do B.don’t C.not

( )(6)--____do you want?

--Size 20.

A.What color B.What size C.What

( )(7)--Where is the supermarket? --It’s____the bank.

A.on B.under C.near

( )(8)---Where____the socks?

A.is B.am C.are

( ) (9)---____.Where is the school? ---It is near the market.

A.Hello B. Excuse me C.Sorry

( )(10)---Thank you very much.


A.OK B.You are right. C.You are welcome

4.Read and match.为句子选择合适的答语。


(1) Merry Christmas!

(2) How are you ?

(3) Where is Alice ?

(4) What’s that under the bike ?

(5) Who’s he ?

(6) What’s the time ?

(7) How many apple can you see ?

(8) What color is your pen ?

(9) Let’s go to the zoo!


A. She’s over there.

B. Merry Christmas!

C. He’s Jack.

D. I’m fine. Thank you.

E. It’s a bird.

F. OK.Let’s go. ) ) ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) (((

G. Red.

H. I can see five.

I. It’s ten.

5.Look and write.照样子写句子。

Example: 小鸟在树上

Where is the bird?

It’s in the tree.

(1) 书在桌子上




(3) 鞋在床的旁边




1. Choose the best answer.单项选择。

( )(1)Is there____old man in the picture?

A.a B.an C.any D.\

( )(2)--____is the time,please?

--It’s seven.

A.Where B.What C.How old D.When

( )(3)--____is the woman?

--She is Sally.

( )(4)--__ trousrers are these ? --They’re Peter’s.

A.Who B.Whose C.Where D.What

( ) (5)Are there____on the farm ?

A. any sheep B. a sheep C.any sheeps D.sheeps

( )(6)--____is the monkey ?

--It’s in the tree.

A.Where B.What color C.What D.How

( )(7)Those are ___shose.They are dirty.

A. Amy B.Amy is C.Amy’s D.Amys

( )(8)This is ___father.That is ___father.

A. I;you B.my;your C.me;your D.my;you

2. Unscramble the sentences.连词成句。

(1) is be not nurse a (.)


(2)her do know you (?)


(3) any do sweaters not they have (.)


(4) in chair is the front the desk of (.)


3. Read and complete.阅读短文,补充句子。

This is a garden.We can see a big tree in it.There are two birds in the tree.They are red and white.Two monkeys are under the tree.They have two pears.They’re very happy.

(1) The_____is big.

(2) The birds are_____the tree.

(3) We can see the _____monkeys under the tree.

(4) The two birds____-red and white.

(5) The_____have two pears.


1. Fill in the blanks with the right form the each word.用所给单词的适当形式填空。

(1) Li Lei_____(study) in No.2 Middle School.

(2) ______(be) there any bread on the table.

(3) It’s time for us_____(have )a break.

(4) You can buy all_____(kind) of food in the


(5) Are teachers in your school_____(friend)?

(6) Give_____(she) a piece of paper,please.

(7) Lucy likes_____(fly) a kate.

(8) Tom_____(not come) from America. He’s English.

(9) Look! They_____(jump) now.

(10) What time_____she_____(do) moring exercises ?

2. Read and judge.阅读短文,判断正误。

One day a crow(乌鸦)finds a piece of meat(肉).She picks it up in her mouth and flies to a tall tree.She is just going to eat the meat when a fox sees her.The fox comes and stands under the tree and say,“How pretty(漂亮的)you are! You must be the prettiest bird in the world.”

The crow is very plaesed(高兴的)by this words.Then the fox speaks again,“I can see you pretty face,but I can not hear your voice. Why don’t you sing a song.” This makes the crow is very happy.She open her mouth and begins to sing. As(当)she opens her mouth, the meat drops.The fox picks up the meat at once and goes away with it.

Kind words are not always as kind as they seem.

(1) One day a crow finds a piece of meat. ( )

(2) Before the crow eat the meat, she meets a fox. ( )

(3) The fox ask the crow to dance. ( )

(4) The crow is very clever. ( )

(5) The crow is happy and flies to a tall house.( )

3. Read and answer.阅读短文,回答问题。

Liu: Excuse me. Is there a cinema near here?

Polic man: Yes,there is. It’s next to the hospital. Liu: Is it far from here.

Polic man: No,it's not far. Go straight,and then turn right at the first crossing. You can see the hospital. Liu: Thank you.

Policeman: You are wlcome.

(1) Where is the cinema?


(2) Is the hospital far from here ?


(3) How many people are there in the dialogue?



1. Write the missing letters.写出所缺字母。

A__ __b C c __ __ E e __f

__g __h I__ __j K__ __i

M__ __ __ O o P__ Q__ __r

S s T__ __u __v W w X__

__Y Z z

2. Write the in the capital letters.写出下列单词的大写形式。

supermarket train station movie


swimming pool bus stop post office


Hospital police station library station


3. Write the sentences in small letters.写出下列句子的小写形式。


____________________________________________________ IT IS BETWEEN THE MOVIE THEATER AND THE TRAIN STATION. ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ DO YOU HAVE ANY JEANS ?

____________________________________________________ WHAT SIZE DO YOU WANT ?


4. Circle the word that doesn’t belong.圈出不同类的单


(1)A.ruler B.pen C.door D.eraser

(2) A.car B.apple C.egg D.chicken

(3) A.duck B.cat C.monkey D.boy

(4) A.doctor B.desk C.bed D.chair

(5) A.nurse B.drivr C.music D.player

5.Read and match.读一读,连一连。

(1)post ground

(2)police office

(3) play ball

(4)sales woman

(5)basket man

(6)note market

(7)news work

(8)class book

(9)super paper

(10)home room

6.Read and write.读一读,写一写。


(2) those(单数) ___________

(3) is (复数)_____________

(4) he’s(完整形式)____________

(5) she’s(完整形式)_____________

(6) isn’t(完整形式)_____________

(7) it is (缩写形式)_____________

(8) we’re(完整形式)______________

(9) they are(缩写形式)____________

(10)I am (缩写形式)______________

7.Look,translate and match.看图,翻译短语,并选择正确的图片。

(1)sweep the floor______________ ( )

(2)fly a kate_______________ ( )

(3)do homework______________ ( )

(4)read a book_____________ ( )

(5)sing a song______________ ( )

8.Read and match.为句子选择合适的答语。


(1) What does he do ? ( )

(2) Where does he work ? ( )

(3) What are you doing ? ( )

(4) Wlcome to our school. ( )

(5) What’s the time ? ( )

(6) How are you this morning ? ( )

(7) Do you like bananas ? ( )

(8) How many monkeys are there in the cage ? ( )

(9) What color is your school bag ? ( )

(10)Let’s go to the park ? ( )

(11)What would you like ? ( )

(12)How much are they ? ( )

(13)Can I have some oranges,please ?

(14)What’s 13 plus 17 ?

(15)Can you spell the word ?


A. He works in factory .

B. I’m read a book.

C. He’s a policeman.

D. Thank you.

E. It’s three o’clock.

F. Yes, I do.

G. Fine.Thank you.

H. OK. Let’s go.

I. Blue.

J. There are five monkeys.

K. They’re fifty yuan.

L. A hamburger, please.

M. 30. ( ) ( ) ( )

N. Yes,S-T-R-O-N-G.

O. Sure.Here you are.

9.Read and choose.读句子,选择正确单词。

(1)What (do does) she do ?

(2)--Do you like (bird birds) ?

--Yes,I (do don’t).

(3)—Do you know (she her) ?

--No,I (do don’t).

(4)How much (is are) they ?

(5)(Do Are) you teacher ?

(6)(What What’s) do you do ?

(7)She (work works) in a factory ?

(8)He is (a an)engineer.

(9)(When Where) is monkey ?

(10)He (are is) behind the tree.

(11)Where (are is) my socks ?

(12)—Is it in your bag ?

--No,it (is isn’t).

(13)The cat is (in on) front of the soft.

(14)They are twenty (yuan yuans).

(15)I (am is) a boy.

10.Read and choose.读句子,选择最佳答案。


( )A.Good morning.

( )B.How old are you a?

(2) 你怎样对同学说“圣诞快乐”:

( )A.Merry Christmas!

( )B.Happy birthday!

(3) 老师如何将新同学约翰介绍给大家:

( )A.This is John.

( )B.This is my friend,John.

(4) 你如何告诉约翰你的年龄:

( )A.How old are you ?

( )B.I am ten.

(5) 你如何问妈妈你自己的书包在哪里:

( )A.It’s in your bedroom.

( )B.Where is my school bag ?

(6) 你如何询问钢笔的价格:

( )A.How much is the pen ?

( )B.What color is the pen ?

(7) 如果你要和同学们一起打扫教室,你应该怎么说:

( )A.The classroom is clean.

( )B.Let’s clean the classroom.

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