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What's the weather like

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Let’ s chant
Red sun, yellow sun

We' re having fun.
Black clouds, white clouds. We' re milking cows. Big rain, small rain. We' re catching the train.

Heavy snow, light snow.
We' re staying at home.

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Here’s the weather for Thursday, the nineteenth of May. It will be sunny this morning. The temperature will be twentyeight degrees. Thanks for listening.

Hello. Here’s the weather for Thursday, the nineteenth of May. It will be hot and sunny in the morning. The high temperature will be thirty degrees. The low temperature will be twenty-six degrees. Thanks for listening.

Hi. Here’s the weather for Thursday, the nineteenth of May. It will be windy this morning. A storm is coming from the South China Sea. This afternoon it will be wet. There will be fifteen millimetres of rain. Thanks for listening.

Fill in the report form: Day: _____________ Friday


_______________________ the fourteenth of June
______ ten millimetres

Temperature: _____________ degrees thirty-five Rain:

Weather: windy and snowy Temperature: -15?C ~ 2?C
-15 ?C: minus fifteen degrees

A: What' s the weather like in Alaska? B: It' s windy and snowy. A: What' s the temperature? B: The high temperature is two degrees. The low temperature is minus fifteen degrees.

Weather: foggy and wet Temperature: -5? C~8? C

Weather: sunny and hot Temperature: 15?C~23?C

Do you know?
1. The coldest place is in the South Pole(南极). The lowest temperature is ________ . C A. -35o C B. -65o C C. -89o C

2. The hottest place is in Africa(非洲). The highest temperature is ______. B A. 38o C B. 63o C C. 72o C

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Do you know?
3. The driest place(最干燥的地方) in China is Xinjiang Province(新疆). There were _______ millimetres of rain B last year. A. 125 B. 25 C. 85

4. In summer Nanjing is wet and hot. The highest temperature is over _______ . C
A. 38o C B. 35o C C. 40o C

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Let’s be weather girls and weather boys!

weather girl

How can you get the weather information?

1. Write down today’s weather report. 2. Read and recite the text.


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