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1. 单词熟悉:


Semester(学期,学年) quiz(n.测试,考查。Vt.对…进行测试)


How are you? Fine,thank you.

Be ready for…..(准备做某事)

Nice to meet you (问候语:见到你很高兴)

What’s your (his,her)name? my(his ,her) name is XXX

What ‘s this(that)? This is a(an)XXX?

What are these(those)? These (those)are XXXX(名词复数).

Is this(that) your XXX? Yes,it’s /no ,it isn’t.

Where is it? It is on /under XXX (在XXX上面、下面,)

It is above/ below XXXX ( 在XXX上、下,表示不接触 )。 It is beside XXXX(在XXX旁边)

It is behind/ in front of XXX (在XXX后面、前面 )

How many XXX do I have? ( 我有多少XXX东西<该物品为可数名次>? ) I have 数词+名词复数 /a、an +名词单数。

Put……on….(把…加上….) eg: let’s put one to three .it’s four

Let’s count.(让我数一下)

Write with……(用….写)


Eg: where’s MR. wood? He is writing on the blackboard with the chalk. 总结学习情况(进行单元测试 必须进行)

如lesson 7(对这单元的单词和句子进行检查)

Unit 2

1. 熟悉单词(animals 所有课本提到的动物)

2. 课文句子

Same /different.

What can they do?(他们会做什么?) they can XXXX(动词).

Where does it(he,she) live?(第三人称单数) in a river/forest/hole…..(地点名词) Where do they (复数) live?


What happened?(怎么了?发生什么事了?)

Eg:liming fell in the mud.(过去分词)


1. 熟悉单词(商场)

Shop store department restaurant market movie theatre

2. 课文中的重点句子:

What do you want to do? Let’s go shopping(我们去购物) I want to buy XXXX(我想买XXXX)

Excuse me !(打扰了,询问时的客气用语)

May I help you? (需要我帮忙吗?)

I want to XXXX.

I’ll show you.(一般将来式) 表示将要发生的事

Let’s go to (a restaurant) to do(eat ice cream)(让我们去XXX地方去做XXX事)

Let’s go to the movie theater to watch a movie

Let,s go and do sth(让我们去做什么什么吧)

Let’s go and buy a big umbrella

I’m tired(累了)

What do they do?(他们是干什么的?他们的职位是什么?)

He is a cashier/clerk/waiter/business man

As I was going down the street, a teacher I chanced to meet.(碰巧遇见,偶遇) (当我过去正在做某事时,我恰好碰见某某人)

Where do they work?(他们在哪工作?)

Eg: a cashier works in a store.

How is the weather?=what's the weather like today?(天气怎么样?) Answer:the weather(或it) is cold……

Where are you going?(现在进行式)

To the bicycle shop across the street(街对面的自行车店)

My bicycle is broken(坏了)



Fly kites(放风筝) watch a movie(看电影)

go home(回家<注意家为副词>不加任何介词)

Put on clothes(穿衣服) drive a car(驾车) stay home(待在家里)

ride a bicycle(骑自行车) movie theatre(电影院)

A roll of film(一卷胶卷)

地点:shop store restaurant mall(购物商场)department store(百货商店) Grocery store(杂货店)office building

Unit 4

What’s your favourite colour? I like …./my favourite colour is ….

I don’t like socks either(either:也不,在否定句中表示也不….)意为:也不喜欢。 三餐:

Breakfast lunch supper/dinner dessert(甜点)

What’s for lunch?(午饭吃什么?)

We have/eat noodles rice dumplings soup fish vegetables

What’s matter?(怎么了?什么问题?)

What do you like to do ?(你喜欢做什么?)

I like to play with my doll and my skipping rope.

He likes to play on the computer.(在电脑上玩)

Like to do sth (喜欢做某事)

With my markers, I like to draw pictures(用彩笔)

Be ready for ….(chant:圣歌)


Draw pictures write stories read books sing songs


第一人称单数:I me my mine

第一人称复数:we us our ours

第二人称单数: you you your yours

第二人称复数: you you your yours

第三人称单数:他 he him his his

她 she her her hers

它 it it its its

第三人称复数:they them their theirs

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