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一、单项选择 (20分) 1. Is this car A. your B. yours C. him 2. to him. They are mine. A. isn’t belong B. doesn’t belong C. aren’t belong 3. ---Let me this letter for you. ---Thank you very much, A. type B. types C. typing 4. ----What is your mother doing? A. cook B. cooks C. cooking 5. You’d betterhome now, or your mother will be angry. A. going B. to go C. went 6. I’m sure that you needA. / B. an C. the. 7. My mother says that she A. came B. will come C. comes 8. Jimmy doesn’t say very much, A. does he B. doesn’t he C. is he 9. A. other B. else C. another 10. Speak up , Penny. I’m afraid I can’t you. A. listen B. hear C.see 11. me. A. to B. for C. at 12. Cheer up! Perhaps we didn’t do tooA. bad B. badly C. good 13. you. A. to B. for C. as 14. This letter’ it again. A. typing B. type C. typed 15. fashion now. A. on B. at C. off 16. than the green one. A. prettier B. more pretty C. more prettier pretty.

17. of the three. A. tall B. taller C. more taller 18. ----would you like this dress ? ----OK A. to try B. trying C. tried 19. ----Shall I make ----That’s a good idea. A. any B. few C. some

D. you D.don’t belong

D. typed.

D. is cooking D. go D. a D. has come D. isn’t he D. the other D. look D. on D. well. D. of D. to type D. in

D. the most

D. the tallest.

D. for trying

D. many

20. When you ask your friend that if she want some tea , you can say A. Shall I make some tea for you ? B. would you like some tea ?

C. Do you want any tea ? D. ABC

二、阅读理解 (30分)


My name is Billy . I’m a boy . I am eleven . I’m in China now . My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher . I like Chinese food , but my parents don’t . They like bread . I have a nice room . There’s a bed , a desk and a chair in it . There’re many books on the desk . I like books . I often read books in the evening .

( )1. Billy is ________.

A. a boy B. eleven C. in China D. A,B and C

( )2. Billy’s father is ________.

A. a teacher B. a doctor C. Chinese D. a worker

( )3. Billy likes ________.

A. Chinese B. Chinese food C. bread D. English

( )4. Billy has a ________ room .

A. nice B. big C. small D. good

( )5. Billy often reads books ________.

A. at home B. after class C. in the evening D. at school


Hello, I’m Liu Ying. I’m a student. There are five people in my family. They are my parents, my brother Liu Tao, my sister Liu Hong, and I. My father and mother are all doctors. On Saturdays and Sundays they are free, then we often go to the park with our little dog Bobby. My father like swimming, but my mother can’t. My mother can play table tennis. I can play the table tennis, too, Sometimes we play it at Blue Apple Sports Hall. My brother likes playing football very much. I don’t like football. My sister Liu Hong is 4. But she can play football, swim, play table tennis, play the violin. And she likes eating and drinking very much, ha ha!

( ) 1. Liu Ying’s parents work in the hospital.

( ) 2. Liu Ying has two brothers.

( ) 3. There’s a dog in Liu Ying’s home.

( ) 4. Liu Ying and Liu Tao like playing football

( ) 5. Liu Ying’s mother can’t swimming.


There is a small shop in our school. It sells a lot of things. From the shop we can buy some school things, like pencils, ball pens, rulers, pencil boxes and exercise books. We can aslo buy some food and drink, like apples, pears, bananas, milk, oranges and cakes. The things in this shop aren’t dear.They are cheap. The students like going there to buy some school things, and sometimes they go there to have a drink. The shop assistantsthere are friendly. We like them and they like us, too.

( ) 1. What’s in our school?

A. A cinema. B. A big shop. C. A small shop.

( ) 2. From the shop we can ’t buy any ________.

A. Pens B. Toy cars C. Oranges

( ) 3. The things in the shop are ________ .

A. dear B. nice C. cheap

( ) 4. We ______ like the shop.

A. don ’t B. all C. can’t

( ) 5. Where is the small shop?

A. In our school. B. Behind our school. C. Near our school.

三、从Ⅱ栏中选出Ⅰ栏的正确应答,将其序号填在括号内。(10分) Ⅰ Ⅱ

( ) 1. Do you like bears? A. Some flowers, please.

( ) 2. Are there any swings in the building? B. There is a mouse.

( ) 3. Can you fly kites? C. No, she isn’t.

( ) 4. Show us how to make a card. D. Yes, there are four.

( ) 5. What do you need ? E. No, I can’t.

( ) 6. What shapes are they? F. Yes, I do.

( ) 7. Is your mother cooking nice food? G. Fifty-eight yuan.

( ) 8. Hello. Is that Nancy? . H. They are triangles.

( ) 9. How much are the masks? I. OK.

( )10.What’s in the cat’s mouth? J. Yes, this is Nancy speaking.

四、正确的词填空 (18分)


用 much , many , little , few 填空

2. I don’t likebutter on my bread.

cigarettes in the box.


用 too , very 或 enough填空。

5. I couldn’t speak to the boss. He wasbusy.

6. I couldn’t go out. It wasfor you to carry ?

to be a member of our association?

10. They couldn’t see that filmyoung.



11. ----It’s hot today. Let’s go to swim,

-----A good 12. ----would you like some sugar ?


13. ----Do you have any sugar ?


-----Oh, what a !

14. Eat more and smoke less. That’s good that I can’t get up.

16. There isn’t any coffee. Let’s have some tea 18. I don’t like the colour五、句型转换(10分)

1. “I’m hungry.” Tom says. (改为间接引语)

2. Listen to it! (改为否定句)

3. Tom is tall . Jane is taller. (合并一句)

4. I’ve got some biscuits. (改为否定句)

5. This is book. (对划线部分提问)


Andy: Ow!

Lucy: Andy: .

Lucy: yourself?

Andy: Yes, I have.


Lucy: Try and stand up.

Can you stand up?



Andy: I'm sorry, Lucy.

that I can't get up.

Lucy: see you.


an X-ray, Andy.

Keys: 一、

1-5 BDADD 6-10 BBABB 11-15BBBDD 16-20ADACD


1-5 DBCAC 6-10 TFTFT 11-15 CBCBA


1-5 FDEIA 6-10 HCJGB

四、 A

1. many

2. much

3. few

4. little B

5. very

6. too

7. very

8. enough

9. enough

10.too C

11. idea

12. little

13. pity

14. advice

15. afraid

16. instead

17. failed

18. either


1. matter

2. down

3. hurt

4. think

5. back

6. help

7. afraid

8. better

9. phone

10. once

11. sure

12. need

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