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一般将来时课件(PPT) (1)

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我今年12岁. I ___ am 12 years old this year.(be)

Please look at the sentences

我去年11岁. was 11 years old last year(be) I ____ will be 13 years old next year(be) I ____ 他现在在北京。 is in Beijing now.(be) He ____
他昨天在上海。 He was ___ in Shanghai yesterday. (be) Hewill ___be in Shanghai tomorrow. (be)

1. be going to + do

2.助动词will/shall +do
(1).will和shall为助动词,will用于任 何人称,但shall只能用于第一人称主 语I和we。 I will/shall go to school tomorrow. They will go to school tomorrow.

We will/shall go to Beingjing next week. He will go to Beingjing next week

They will have an English party next week. Will they have an English party next week?

They won’t(will not) have an English party next week.

回答: (肯)Yes,主语+will. (否)No,主语+won’t. Yes,they will./No,they won’t.

注意:won’t=will not

They will have an English party next week.

Who will have an English party next week ?

② What will they have next week ?
③ When will they have an English party?

表示位置转移的动词(如:go, come, leave, start, arrive等),可用现 在进行时表示将来时
I’ m going fishing tomorrow. They‘ re leaving for Beijing next week. My fen friend is coming to China next month.

3.be about to +do 立刻,马上做..
We are about to leave.

1.与“tomorrow一家” 连用:

tomorrow the day after tomorrow tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon tomorrow evening at 7:00 tomorrow morning ……

2.与“next一家” 连用
time year week month term Monday at 7:00 next Sunday morning ……


3.与“in+一段时间” 连用 “在…之 后” three days in
a week two months 20 years ……

People will live to be 100 years old in 20 years.

4.与this 连用: morning evening afternoon this Monday afternoon Sunday ……

四、there be 句型的一般将来式
1. There is/are going to be 将有…
如:There is going to be a sports meeting at our school next week. 下星期我们学校将有一个运动会。

2. There will be

如:There will be a sports meeting at our school next week.

remember(remember) to 1.____ Will you ________ buy the oranges tomorrow? will invent(invent) a new 2.Who ________ computer in 2050? 3.We _____ will go (go) to the cinema next Sunday. The film _____ will be(be) very good. get (get) to school 4.What time ____ will you ____ tomorrow morning? 5.Jim ______ will do (do) a lot next Sunday. He ______ ______ will go (go) shopping and will cook(cook) supper.


gets (get) up at 6 in 6. He usually ____ the morning Look He is morning. Look! ______ (get) getting now But yesterday he ____ up now.

got (get) up very late, so he ____ went (go) to school late. Tomorrow he ____ will get (get) up very early, so he ___ won’t be (not be) tomorrow late for school tomorrow.

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