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Unit 1 英语句子结构练习(一般过去时练习)

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1. 主语+be动词(am, is, are)+表语(非动词) I am a teacher. She is from Beijing. They are Chinese. 2. There be (is, are)+人/物+介词+the+地点。 There is some water in the glass. 3. 行为动词的一般现在时 主语不为三单:I, we, you, they, 复数 主语+动原+…. 主语为三单:he, she, it, 一个人/物 主语+动词三单(动词s)+….

1. 频率 ever, usually, often, always, sometimes 2. 事实 live, have, speak, study, teach, work, come from… 3. 感情 want, like, love



主语 + am

be + 现在分词 are is
we, you, they 复数的人或物

双写加ing (一个元音 字母+一个辅音字母 结尾) lie-lying 变ie为y加ing

I am
he, she, it, 一个人或物


时间状语 /标志 Look! Listen! Be careful!

It’s + 点钟

一般将来时 最基本的结构: will + 动词原形 will + be+… be going
to do sth.
否定词 Won’t
He will go swimming if it doesn’t rain tomorrow.

主将状从现 if


as soon as


next …


in + 一段时间 in/on+将来时间

时间状语 /标志
in the future this year/week/afternoon/ …


(1) 主语+be 动词(was, were)+表语(非动词) There was / were + …
规则变化与 过去分词相同


last… …ago

in the past

时间状语 /标志

just now

this morning before+一段时间 in/on+过去时间



主(不三)+动词原形/助动词do 主(三)+动词s/助动词/does

一般现 every/usually/often 在时 sometimes/事实/感情
yesterday/last/ago/ 一般过 just now/ this morning 去时 in/on+过去时间


一般将 tomorrow/next/soon this, in the future, 来时 in+ 一段时间
in/on+将来时间 look/listen/now 现在进 It’s+点钟. 行时 at the moment


be (am/is/are) going to+动词 原形

be (am/is/are) + 动词ing

Bob’s Day
Bob got up at 7:30 yesterday morning. After breakfast, he went to school at 8:10 by bus. He got to school at 8:45.He had his first class at 9:00.He had lunch at 12:30 at school. After school, he played football with his classmates. After finishing his homework, he played computer games at 8:30 last night. He went to bed at 10:30 last night.


play- played want- wanted decide- decided live- lived smile- smiled walk- walked kill- killed call- called ask- asked raise- raised jump- jumped cry- cried clean- cleaned knit- knitted look- looked bury- buried study- studied skip- skipped visit- visited enjoy- enjoyed try- tried laugh- laughed dance- danced prepare- prepared surprise- surprised

1. Peter, just now, came Peter came just now. 2. Peter, this morning, in the room, wrote, Peter wrote in the room this morning. 3. the students, hard, stu

died, in the classroom, yesterday. The students studied hard in the classroom yesterday. 4. They last Friday, slept, in the hotel. They slept in the hotel last Friday. 5. Some people, three days ago, for two hours, in the river, have swum, Some people swam for two hours in the river three days ago.

1. 他昨天在这条河里游了三个小时了。 He swam for three hours in this river yesterday. 2.我姐今天上午在公园快乐地里跳舞。 My sister danced happily in the park this morning. 3. Jim刚才在操场上跑了20分钟了。 Jim ran for 20 minutes on the playground just now. 4. Lily2010年在这所学校学习英语。 Lily learnt English in this school in 2010. 5. 我三年前住在上海。 I lived in Shanghai three years ago.

1.We were ____(be)in this school three years ago. was Tom ________ (be) in this school last year. There _______ were (be) many students last year. 2.Lily___________(not have) lunch at school didn’t have last week. 3._____Peter____(buy) a MP3 player before a Did buy month? didn’t Yes, he _____. / No, he _____. did asked (ask) her father for some money 4.Jack ______ just now. did tell (tell) us a story? 5.When _____Mrs. Green ____ This morning.

6.Where is Kate? is washing She ______________ (wash) the clothes. does she often ________(wash) wash When _____ the clothes? She _______(wash) the clothes every Saturday. washes washed (wash) the clothes last Friday. But she _______ She ______ has already ________ washed (wash) the clothes.

rain-rained 直加ed live-lived 以e结尾直加
study-studied 以辅音字母+y结尾 变y为i+ ed play-played 以元音字母+y结尾 直加 + ed stop-stopped 双写加ed (一个元音 字母+一个辅音字母 结尾) 不规则变化

主语 + 助动词 + 过去分词 has
he, she, it, 一个人或物


I, we, you, they 复数的人或物

时间状语 /标志
已 完 成 already yet just before ever never 次数 未 完 成 for+一段时间
过去时间 since + 一般过去时

1. 他已经在这条河里游了三个小时了。 He has swum for three hours in this river. 2.我姐自从今天上午7点就在公园里跳舞。 My sister has danced since 7 o’clock this morning. 3. Jim已经正在操场上跑了20分钟了。 Jim has already run for 20 minutes on the playground. 4. Lily从2010年学习英语。 Lily has learnt English since 2010. 5. 我已经在这所学校学习三年了。 I have already studied for three years in this school.

二、用括号里动词的适当形式填空 1. I ___________ (have) breakfast already 2. She ____________ (study) for three years. 3. They _____ never _______ (not hear) from each other since 1995. 4. ______ you _______ (finish) your homework yet? No. I ________ 5. Li Fang _____ (be) good at English. 6. She usually _______ (watch) TV in the evening. 7. Listen! Someone________

____ (sing) in the next room? 8. How long ______ you _______ (be) at this school?

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