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Book 11_U3_课外阅读

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Many television programmes are very realistic(现实的). One who watches TV often feels that whatever happened in the film could well happen to him. With only a little imagination, every man in the street becomes a thief, a spy or a murderer. Jane had been watching a spy film at her friend’s house. In it, a young girl had been followed and murdered. She felt a little frightened, walking to the station. She took a train back to the centre of the city. There were a lot of people traveling with her, so she felt much safer.

A man sitting opposite her, reading a newspaper, glanced at her. She thought nothing of it until she saw him staring at her. Remember the film and feeling very uncomfortable, she got off the train and went to the bus stop. When he got on the same bus as he did, she found that he was following her. As long as she had been with other people she wasn’t frightened. But when she got off the bus, the streets were almost empty. She walked as quickly as she could. She could hear footsteps following her but she didn’t dare to look around. After what seemed to have been hours, but was unable to find them, because she was so frightened. The footsteps stopped behind her. She felt a hand on her shoulder. Instead of feeling hands round her neck, however, she heard a pleasant voice. “I apologize if I frightened you. I’m your new neighbour. I thought I recognized you in the train, but I wasn’t sure.”

1. Jane felt frightened, walking to the station, because ________.

A. she had seen a murder on television

B. she was being followed

C. she had been at her friend’s house

D. she was a girl of rich imagination

2. Jane’s friend lived ______ her.

A. very near

B. a short distance away from

C. a long way from

D. next to

3. Jane was really frightened because _______.

A. the man who followed her was her new neighbour

B. the man apologized

C. the street was empty

D. she thought she met a murderer

4. The man put his hand on her shoulder. He meant to _______ Jane.

A. kill

B. be friendly to


C. frighten

D. play a joke on

5. A girl will be frightened if ______.

A. she often watches TV

B. she is followed by a stranger for a long time.

C. she meets her neighbour suddenly

D. she feels a hand on her shoulder


1. A

2. C

3. D

4. B

5. B


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