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Module 3 At the weekend
Unit 1 We visited lots of places.

London Bridge

Where is it?
?You can borrow every kinds of books from it.(你可以从里面借到各种各样的书) ?It is one of the three famous museums in the world.(它是世界三大博物馆之一) ? It is a museum of human history and culture in London. (它坐落于伦敦的人类历史文化博物馆)

the British Museum

The British Museum

Where is it?
?It weighs over 13 tons. ?It is one of London's well-known land marks . (它是伦敦著名的地标之一)

? It is a big bell!

Big Ben

Where is it?
?It weighs 1,600 tons. ?It is the world’s biggest spinning structure. (它是世界上最大的旋转建筑物 。) ?It is 450 feet in height above the River Thames.(它高达450英尺,高耸立在泰晤士河上空。)

The London Eye

London Eye
It’s wonderful.
It’s a big wheel.

The London Eye

? the Great Wall

Tian’anmen Square




I don’t understand

saturday + sunday = weekend


原型 do visit play go buy send see

过去式 did visited played went bought sent saw


had met went ran came bought




Where did you go at the weekend?
British Museum. Eyewall I went to the London BigGreat Ben Tian’an men Square

What did you do at the weekend?

bought ice cream. I played watched basketball TV. with my friends.

? A: What did you do at the weekend?

? B:
? A: Where did you go? ? B:

Listen and answer : 1.How many persons are there in the dialogue?

There are two.
2.Who are they?


are Daming and Amy.

3.Where did Amy , Lingling and Sam go? They went to the British Museum. They Visited Big Ben and the London Eye. 4.What did Lingling like best?

She liked the bus ride best.

Talk about you trip.


did you go?

What did

you do ?
saw bought

Read, choose and write.
( Amy /Lingling) At the weekend, Amy, Sam and Lingling the British Museum. They went to the and the London Eye. They sent Daming a Lingling She liked the ( liked phoned (visited ( Daming /Sam). /took photos of) ) ).

(Great Wall / Big Ben (letter/ postcard

/didn’t like) the London Eye. ) ride best.

( train/ bus

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