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Book 11_U3_语法

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1. We often use euphemism to express taboo or very sensitive subjects.

His grandfather passed away last week. The funeral will be held this Friday. “pass away” means “过世”.

When Sinclair joined in 1959, membership was falling, and the society was on its last legs. “On one’s last legs” means “濒临崩溃”.

Last year, my father set up a club for Senior Citizens. Once a week, they meet up and play cards.

“Senior Citizen” means“老年人”.

The school is for people who are physically challenged.

“physically challenged” means “身体残废”

He was only 14 years old and was already a juvenile delinquent. He would spend his next 10 years in prison.

“a juvenile delinquent” means “少年犯”

2. We often use euphemism to raise the status of someone or something.

The sanitary workers cleaned the hospital. “Sanitary worker” means“清洁工人”.

Clive Sinclair is the man who brought technology to the man in the street. “the man in the street” means “普通人”.

My father has a lot of free time because he is between jobs at the moment. “between jobs” means“失业”.

3. We often use euphemism to indicate situations not fit to express directly in public. I am just going to wash my hands. “wash one’s hands” means“上洗手间”.

The film was famous for having the highest body count of any war film. “body count” means“死者的数量”

The murderer would spend the rest of his life in The city’s correctional facility.

“Correctional facility” means “监狱”.

Step IV More euphemism for you to enjoy

I'm goin’ to answer the natural call.

I'm goin’ to make some water.

I'm gonna pee.

The boy is a bit slow for his age. (The boy is stupid.)

He is a bicycle doctor. He mends bicycles.

Nowadays many weight-watchers would like to go to the gym.


Social diseases are on the increase in Hong Kong.


Step V More doulbespeaks

He is not a grave man until he is a grave man.

grave有两个含义, 一个是“严肃的” (形容词), 一个是“坟墓” (名词), 因此这句话的意思是:他不是一个严肃的人, 除非他躺到坟墓里, 才能严肃起来。

They pray for you today and prey on you tomorrow.

他们今天为你祈祷, 明天就会加害于你。

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