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hello hi goodbye bye-bye

Hello, I’m Sam. Hi, I’m Amy.

How are you? I’m fine,thank you.

How old are you? I’m nine .

Happy birthday!

Here’s your cake. Thank you.

boy girl Ms Mr morning afternoon

Good morning,boys and girls. Good morning,Ms Smart.

Good afternoon.,Mr Li. Good afternoon.

name sit stand up down door window blackboard desk chair pen pencil book bag ball cap present kite bird cat dog panda monkey tiger elephant

What’s your name? My name is ...

Stand up,please. Sit down,please.

Point to the door.

What’s this? It’s.....

What’s that? It’s ....

This is my school.

This is my classroom.

This is my English teacher.

What are they ? They’re.....

Is it a kite? Yes, it is. No , it isn’t

Where is the cat? It’s in ....

red blue yellow green black white

What clour is it? It’s red.

tine how many one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve o’clock

What’s the time?

How many?

mother father brother sister grandma grandpa doctor nurse teacher driver farmer policeman

He’s .... She’s......

head arm hand leg foot eye ear nose mouth

This is his .... This is her ....

toy car ship bus taxi bike plane doll computer game tree

football basketball swim ride a bike skip watch TV go to school go to the park go to the zoo go to see film go home go to bed get up

Chinese Maths Science Music Art PE

meat rice noodles fish milk banana pear orange apple

Do you like.....? Yes, I do . No , I don’t.

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