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U 5 错题集

? We _____(not do) anything at the moment. ? It is great _____(fun, funny) to go to the amusement parks. ? Don't be nervous. You may leave your bag _______(anywhere, everywhere). ? Joyee,______(unlike, dislike) her brother, doesn't like to be dressed up as Aladdin. ? He has _____(knee) down, picked up a small toy and threw it out of his bedroom. ? Have you seen manyu big _____(foot) on the ground.

? He looked ______(angry) at me. ? Diogenes, a famous ____(think), has been ______(death) for more than two thousand years. ? Outdoor _______(amuse) will relax you after a whole day in the office. ? She knelt on her ______(kneel) and began to pray. ? Look! That _____(sleep) child is my Chinese teacher's son.

? Snow White and Mickey Mouse were ______(create) by Walt Disney. ? His father _____(dead) three months ago.The police failed to find the rubber, ___? A. did he B. didn't he C. did they D. didn't they ? Sorry, I ____ my book at home. would you please lend yours to me? A. left B. have left C. forget D. have forgotten ? I knew nothing about that ___ they told me. A. since B. because C. after D. until

? She cut the cloth with _____ scissors. A. a couple of B. a pair of C. two D. some ? I've read ____ sports news about the F1 race today. A. two B. pieces C . two pieces D. two pieces of ? The way to be relaxed is _____ for a holiday in the countryside every month. A. go B. goes C. to go D. gone

? We know about the lives of dinosaurs from the skeletons and footprints. _____ _____ you know about the lives of dinosaurs? ? The famous writer Lu Xun created many popular characters. Many popular characters ____ _____ ____ the famous writer Lu Xun. ? He got a job that he really liked. _____ _____ ____ job did he get finally?

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