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2013-2014年五年级英语上册 期中测试笔试部分复习题(无答案) 人教PEP

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( )1. A. play computer games

B. read books

( )2. A. young and strong

B. old and thin

( )3. A. potato B. tomato

( )4. A. do homework

B. watch TV

( )5. A. strict B. young


1. Monday Tuesday Mr. 2. sweet tasty eggplant

3. tofu smart fish 4.active pork mutton

5. you lunch we


( )1. He’s _______ Canada. A. of B. from C. on

( )2. She is _______ university student. A. a B. an C. the

( )3. What do you have _______ Wednesdays? A. at B. to C. on

( )4. What do you have_______ lunch today? A. for B. from C. at

( )5. I have eggplant and tomatoes. What_____ you? A. of B. about C. for

( )6. What___ is it today? A. today B. day C. week

( )7. I often play football ____ Sunday. A. in B. on C. at

( )8. I like Chinese. What_____ you? A. do B. for C. about

( )9. We___ English, Chinese, music and art. A. have B. has C. are

( )10. Sunday is fun____ me. A. on B. with C. for

( )11. —Is she smart? —Yes,__________. A. she’s B. she isn't C. she is .

( )12. She is _______ university student. A. an B. the C. a

( )13. —______ your English teacher? —Miss Li. A. Who’s B. Who C. What’s

( )14. We _______ two new teachers now. A. are B. have C. has

( )15. —Is she quiet? —No, she isn’t. She is very_______. A. smart B. strict

C. active

( )16. What do you have ______ Wednesdays? A. at B. to C. on

( )17. Amy ______ tomatoes, tofu and fish for lunch on Mondays. A. have B. has

C. had

( )18. What would she like? She’d _____ eggplant. A. likes B. liking C. like

( )19. What do you have _____ lunch today? A. for B from C. at

( )20. ______ your math teacher? A. What’s B. Who’s C. Where’s

( )21._________? Grapes. A. What’s your favourite food? B. What’s your favourite fruit?

( )22. Is he strong? _____. A. Yes, he is. B. Yes, she is.

( )23. ______? It’s Friday. A. What day is it today? B. What do you have on Fridays?

( )24. What do you do on Sundays?________.

A. I do homework, too. B. That’s right. C. I often play ping-pong.

( )25. _______? I like fish. A. Do you like mutton? B. What would you like?


1. math who is your teacher (?)

2. she young is (?)

3. math P.E. have we and English (.)

4. day is what today it (?)

5. do what on do you Saturday

1. day is what it (?)

2. on what you do do Sundays (?)

3. I homework often on do Sundays my (?)

4. have music I and math Tuesdays on (.)

5. do we what Mondays have on (?)

6.your principal is she (?)

7. that is young who lady (?)

8. he active smart is and (.)

9. very she but kind is (.)

10. teachers we three have new (.)

11. he what is like (?)

12. and thin is he short (.)

13. that young who lady is (?)

14. day is what today it (?)

15. do what on have you Mondays (?)


A. Thank you. B. What’s your favourite day? C. Nice to meet you.

D. What’s your favourite food? E. Can I ask you some question?

F. What do you do on the weekends? G. Do you like weekends?

A: Hello, Miss White. You are new in our school._______. B: Sure.

A: ___________ B: Yes, I like weekends.

A: ___________ B: I often read books and do sports on the weekends. A: ___________ B: I like tomatoes. They are healthy.

A: ___________ B: You are welcome.


( )1. A. science B. China C. Chinese

( )2. A. class B. apple C. banana

( )3.A. TV B. P.E. C. art

( )4. A. Social Studies B. Moral Education C. student

( )5. A. Monday B. Friday C. friend

( )6. A. watch B. read C. book

( )7. A. swim B. ping-pong C. football

( )8. A. yes B. yeah C. no

( )9. A. what B. who C. day

( )10. A. we B. you C. like

( )11. A. Monday B. Friday C. day D. Sunday

( )12. A. tea B. Coke B. milk D. egg

( )13. A. morning B. strong C. old D. tall

( )14. A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Friday D. old

( )15. A. tomato B. pork C. potato D. cabbage


( )1. 星期日 A. funny B. Sunday C. sunny ( )2. 什么 A. what watch C. who

( )3.课程 A. class B. glass C. pass ( )4.语文 A. Chinese B. B.

China C. Canada

( )5.音乐 A. math B. music C. much ( )6.星期五 A. Tuesday B. Thursday C. Friday

( )7.今天 A. day B. today C. tomorrow ( )8.科学 A. study B. student C. study

( )9.现在 A. cow B. how C. now ( )10.家庭作业 A. homework B. housework C. work

( )1.强壮的 A. small B. short C. strong ( )2.那,那个 A. this B. the C. that

( )3.先生 A. Miss B. Mrs C. Mr. ( )4.聪明的 A. active B. strict C. smart

( )5.谁是 A. What’s B. Who’s C. Whose ( )6.科学 A. math science C. art

( )7.积极的 A. quiet B. active C. smart

( )8.语文老师 A. chinese teacher B. science teacher C. Chinese teacher

( )9.女士 A. lady B. woman C. man ( )10.像,喜欢 A. very like C. look


( )1. What day is it today? A. Tomorrow is Friday.

( )2. What do you do on Sundays? B. We have art and Chinese.

( )3. Do you often read books on weekends? C. It’s Tuesday.

( )4. What do you have on Mondays? D. I often watch TV.

( )5. What day is it tomorrow? E. Yes, I do.

( )1. Who’s that old man ? A. No, she isn’t.

( )2. Where is he from ? B. He’s tall and strong.

( )3. What’s he like ? C. Yes, he is .

( )4. Is he funny ? D. He’s my grandpa.

( )5. Is she active ? E. He’s from Canada.

B. B.

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