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Teaching Design

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Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank-Note

- 1 -

Part One: Teaching Design (第一部分:教学设计)

Period 1: A sample lesson plan for reading (SCENES 3, ACT ONE of £1000000 BANK NOTE)


To help students develop their reading ability To help students learn about English playwriting Procedures

I. Warming up by learning vocabulary

Today we are going to a theatre. Before we go, we shall get ready with the words and expressions used in the play we are going to watch. Turn to page 98 and go over the vocabulary list. II. Pre-reading

1. Listening

3. Reading and underlining

What would happen to a perfectly honest and intelligent stranger who should be turned adrift in London without a friend, and with no money but a million-pound bank-note, and no way to account for his being in possession of it? Would he starve to death or not? Would he get arrested if

- 2 -

he tried to change it? Could he live for a month without being sent to jail?

Now read the play and underline all the collocations in the passage. You are asked to copy them

4. Reading, identifying and settling

Attention, please! It is time to skim the play one more time and identify the difficult sentences. Try analyzing the structures of the difficult sentences and discuss them among your group members. You may also put your questions to me for help.

5. Reading and transferring

IV. Closing down

Closing down by doing exercises

In the last five minutes let’s do the comprehension exercises 1 and 2 on page 19. Check your answers against your neighbour’s when you have finished.

Closing down by translating

- 3 -

- 4 -

- 5 -

- 6 -

- 7 -

- 8 -

- 9 -

- 10 -

- 11 -

- 12 -

- 13 -

Period 2: A sample lesson plan for Learning about Language

(Noun clauses as the object and predictive)


To learn about Noun clauses as the object and predictive

To discover and learn to use some useful words and expressions

To discover and learn to use some useful structures


Warming up by dictation

II. Discovering useful words and expressions

In pairs do the exercises 1, 2, 3 and 4 on pages 19 and 20. You must finish them in 10 minutes. III. Learning about grammar——Read and identify Noun clauses

Like phrases, subordinate clauses can perform the function of the various parts of speech such as nouns, adjectives, and adverbs. A subordinate clause which functions as a noun is called a noun clause and can serve as a(an):

? Subject

? Direct Object

? Indirect Object

? Predicate Noun

? Object of a Preposition

? Object Complement

? Appositive to a Subject or Object

Scan the text for examples of Noun clauses as the object and predictive.

IV. Ready used materials for Noun clauses as the object and predictive

V. Consolidating by doing exercises

To consolidate your understanding of Noun clauses as the object and predictive you will be given 10 minutes to go over exercises 1,2,3,4 and 5 on pages 20 and 21.

- 14 -

Period 3: A sample lesson plan for Using Language

(ACT ONE, Scene 4 of £1000000 BANK NOTE)


To learn more about the story by reading the passage ACT ONE, Scene 4 of £1000000 BANK NOTE

To act out this part

To learn to use the language by reading, listening, speaking and writing


I. Warming up

Warm up by listening and reading aloud to the tape recording of ACT ONE, Scene 4 of £1000000 BANK NOTE.

II. Guided reading

1. Reading and acting

Read the play first, and then try to act it out in group.

2. Reading and underlining

Next you are to read carefully and write in your note book all the useful expressions or

3. Listening and writing

Now you are going to do exercises 1 and 2 on page 23 following the article.

4. Reading and learning

Next we are going to read ABOUT MARK TWAIN on page 23. After school you shall write down all the collocations from the passage in your notebook.

- 15 -

5.Writing a play or drama—Playwriting

Everyone has at least one idea for an episode of their favorite show. Instead of a story about your favorite show, why not turn it into a play for you and your friends! Turn to page 23 and write a play as required. You may read the following for help.

III. Closing down by acting

Hello and Welcome! This is the club for actors and actresses of all ages to

come and swap acting ideas, tips, or anything else relating to any type of

acting. I hope you will enjoy yourself here!

Actors and actresses from our club are going to act out ACT ONE of

£1000000 BANK NOTE.

- 16 -

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