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y ( 男孩) 风筝) 酷的)4. pril (四月)

t(安静的) 星期四) m (农场) (


12.d_sk (

)) _ () t (

) n() ) ) _ (演出)

15.h_ _se () 17.tig _ (

18 cl_ss(班级) 19 n (学习) 20 b_d (床) 21 c_ _d(卡片)

22 r_d_ o(收音机) 23 w_ _k(星期,周) 24 ph_ t_(照片) 25 j_k_(玩笑)


( )1. A. January B. February C. March D. Monday

( ) 2. A. black B. red C. bag D. pink

( ) 3. A. monkey B. orange C. horse D. lion

( ) 4. A. Art B. English C. classroom D. Maths

( ) 5. A. sausage B. bread C. coat D. meat

( ) 6. A. girl B. tree C. mother D. father

( ) 7. A. pupil B. book C. desk D. pencil

( ) 8. A. apple B. banana C. panda D. pear

( ) 9. A. bus B. ship C. plane D. newspaper

( ) 10. A. T-shirt B. shoes C. eye D. hat

( )11. A. ten B. eight C. radio D. forty

( ) 12. A. white B. red C. pink D. cake

( ) 13. A. dog B. apple C. monkey D. lion

( ) 14. A. Chinese B. Art C. postcard D. PE

( ) 15. A. boat B. meat C. fruit D. bread

( ) 16. A. tree B. girl C. mother D. boy

( ) 17. A. doctor B. teacher C. desk D. driver

( ) 18. A. banana B. elephant C. panda D. cat

( ) 19. A. bus B. chopsticks C. plane D. ship

( ) 20. A. foot B. arm C. ear D. T-shirt ( )21A. red B blue C cat D yellow

( ) 22. A. monkey B panda C. elephant D. rice

( ) 23. A. chicken B. apple C. ice—cream D. biscuits

( ) 24. A. river B. south C. west D. east

( ) 25. A. spring B. summer C. three D. winter

( ) 26. A. T—shirt B. watermelon C banana D. pear

( ) 27. A. pen B. ruler C pencil D. three

( ) 28. A. dog B. apple C. monkey D. lion

( ) 29. A. train B. classroom C. room D. house

( ) 30. A. May B. June C. July D. CD-ROM


( )1. 王老师叫我指向窗户,她应该说:


A . Point to the door . B. Point to the window . ( )2. 在玩具店,要问大明最喜欢的玩具是什么,应该这样问:

A. What’s your favourite toy? B. What’s your toy?

( ) 3. 当别人赞美你时,你应该说:

A. No. B. Thank you.

( ) 4. 小英是个聪明的女孩。把这句话翻译成英语应该是:

A. Xiaoying is a very little girl . B. Xiaoying is a very clever girl.

( ) 5. Amy昨天感冒了。把这句话翻译成英语应该是:

A. Amy had a cold yesterday. B. Amy has a cold yesterday.

( ) 6. 当丽丽问你 “How old are you?”时,你应回答:

A. I’m Li Ping B. I’m twelve.

( )7.当你把东西递给别人时,可以说:

A. Here you are. B. Give you.

( ) 8. 当你的好朋友闷闷不乐时,你可以问:

A. What are you doing? B. What’s the matter?

( )9. 一个叔叔向你问路,你指着路边的标志牌“” 告诉他:

A. Turn right B. Turn left

( )10. Yesterday Lingling and Amy went to the park.这句话的意思是:

A. 昨天玲玲和艾米去了公园。 B. 昨天玲玲和艾米又饿又渴.

( )11. 上课铃响了,Ms Wang走进教室对同学们说:“Good morning ,boys

and girls.”这时同学们应该回答:

A. Good afternoon, Ms Wang. B. Good morning , Ms Wang.

( )12.上学路上,向同学介绍你的妹妹时,你应该说:

A. It is my sister. B. This is my sister.

( )13. 当同学问你:“How do you go to school?”时,你应该回答:

A. I go to school by bike. B. I go to school at eight o’clock.

( )14.“你想知道超市在哪里时,可以问:

A. What’s the supermarket? B. Where is the supermarket?

( )15. “There are ten books on the desk.” 把这句话翻译成汉语应该是:

A. 书桌上有十本书。 B. 这些是书。

四、单项选择。从A. B. C三个选项中选出最佳答案,并填括号内。30分


A. Happy birthday. B. Thank you. C. OK.

( ) 2. -----How are you? -----____________

A. Hello. B. I’m twelve. C. I’m fine.

( ) 3. These ____ my pencils.

A. am B. is C. are

( ) 4. ------What are you doing,Tom?

------- I football.

A. am playing B. playing C. played

( )5. ------ Where are you from, Daming?

------- I’m from __________.

A. English B. Chinese C. China

( )6. -------Did you read a book last night?

------- No, I didn’t. I TV.

A. watch B. watched C. watching

( )7. -----What’s that? -----It’s orange, it’s very big.


A. a B. an C. the

( )8. ------Whose bike is this? ------________________

A. It’s Sam. B. It’s Sam’s bike. C. It’s a bike.

( )9. -----Can I have some sweets?


A. Thank you. B. Happy birthday. C. Sorry, you can’t.

( ) 10. Tianjin is ___ than Beijing .

A. big B. bigger C. smaller

( ) 11. Look! It’s ____ big apple. A. an B. a C. /.

( )1 2. -----What’s your name?

------ ________.

A. I’m eleven B. I’m Tom C. Fine, thank you

( )1 3.-----Have you got fast food in England?


A. No, we have B. Yes, we haven’t. C. Yes, we have..

( ) 14. Here is a book _____ you.

A. under B. for C. at

( ) 15.-----What are you going to do tomorrow?

A. I’m going to visit my grandpa.

B. I visited my grandpa .

C. My grandpa is old.

( ) 16. She is my B. mother C. father

( ) 17. -----Look! What’s the time now?

A. It’s eight. B. It’s twelve. C. It’s nine.

( )1 8. -----Do you like fruits? ------_____________.

A. Yes, I have B. Yes, I do. C. Yes, I can.

( is your birthday? ------ In June.

A. When B. What C. Where

( )20. Boy: Is This your hat? Girl: Yes. It’s A. your B. my C. mine

( )21.------ Is Beijing the capital of China?.---- Yes. It’s the north.

A. on B. in C. at

( )22.----- What colour is your coat? ----- ____________________.

A. It’s small B. It’s my coat C. It’s black

( )23. Amy: Goodbye, Lingling. Lingling: _____________

A. Bye-bye , Amy. B. Thank you, Amy. C. Nice to meet you

( A. I’ll do my homework. B. I’ll play football C. I’ll go to the park.

( )25.------- bananas do you want?------ Five, please.

A. How many B. How much C. How

( )26.------ Did they buy ice creams?------

A. Yes, I did. B. Yes, they did. C. No, they did.

( ).

A. by a bus B. by the bus C. by bus

( )


A. Yes, he can. B. Yes, she can. C. Yes, I can.

( )29. I’m twelve, Xiaoqiang is eleven. Xiaoqiang is than I .

A. young B. younger C. older

( )30.------It’s Chinese New Year today.------

A. Happy Spring Festival! B. Happy Christmas! C. Happy birthday!



Daming: Good morning , Amy.


Daming: How are you today?



Amy: Daming: They are rowing a boat. Amy: Oh. What will you do on Sunday?

Daming: Amy: You are great.

1. ________ 2. _________3. ________ 4. ________ 5. ________


Lingling: What’s this?.

Amy: It’

Lingling: It’s very nice.

Amy: I’Lingling: . Amy: Yes! And it’s very big. Lingling: Ooooh! Amy: It’s Buckingham Palace. Lingling: It’s very big and very beautiful.

Amy: 1. ___ 2. ______3. ____ 4. ____ 5. ______


Amy: Hello, Daming. How are you?

Daming: ,thanks. What did you do at the weekend?

Amy: We visited Daming: Where did you go?

Amy:. And we visited the London Eye?

Daming: What’

s the London Eye?


Amy: It’.

Daming: I don’t understand . Amy: .

Daming: Yes!

1. ________ 2. _________ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. ________ 六、阅读理解,从各题所给的A. B. C

(A) I’m Li Ping, I’twenty-five boys and twenty girls in my class. Boys can play football . Girls can play table tennis. Wang Hong can play the flute. Li Hui can play the guitar. Zhang Tao can ride a bike. Li Ming can fly the kite. I can draw pictures.

( )1. Li Hui can play the _____.

A. piano B. flute C. guitar

( ) 2. Boys can play ______.

A. football B. table tennis C. basketball

( ) 3. Zhang Tao can _________.

A. drive a car B. ride a bike C. play football

( ) 4.There are girls in Li Ping’s class.

A. forty-five B. twenty-five C. twenty

( ) 5. Li Ping can _________.

A. play table tennis B. draw pictures C. ride a bike

(B) Daming and his father went to the Great Wall at the weekend. It is very old and very long. They went there at ten o’clock in the morning. They went by bus to

Badaling. Then they walked for one hour. There were lots of people. They took photos of the mountains. Daming took a photo of his father.

( )1. Daming and his father went to at the weekend.

A. the British Museum B. the Great Wall C. America

( A. very old and very long B. very young and very short C. very big and very high

( A. by car B. by bike C. by bus

( A. his mother B. his brother C. his father

( .

A. two hour B. one hour C. half an hour

(C) Life was very different in China many years ago. There weren’t any buses.

There weren’t any televisions. We lived in a small house. We didn’t have enough food. But now there are lots of buses and cars. We have got lots of food. We live in a big house. China is changing.

( )1. There weren’t any many years ago.

A. buses and televisions B. buses or televisions C. cars or televisions

( ) 2. We lived in many years ago .

A. a small house B. a big house C. a small park

( ) 3. We live in now

A. a small house B. a big house C. a small park

( ) 4. We have got lots of now.

A. food B. rice C. nooodles

( ) 5. We didn’.

A. now B. yesterday C. many years ago


七、句子改错。下列每句A 、B、 C三个选项中有一个是错的,找出来把番号


1. ( )___

A B C ( )________

A B C ( )________

A B C )______

A B C ’ ( )____

A B C A B C ( )( )______


9.I’m ) ________

A B C ) _________

A B C ( )_________

A B C ( )_________

A B C ( )_______


) _________

A B C ( ) ________



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