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this _____________ watch___________ diary____________ day____________ book____________ dress____________ sheep___________ tea_____________ box___________ strawberry_________ peach__________ sandwich__________ paper_________ juice__________ water____________ milk___________ rice__________ 二、单项选择

( )1. The __ in our yard (院子)are very beautiful.

A. cloth B. water C. flowers

( )2. Tom is one of the Chinese _____ in our school. A. boy B. boys C. boies ( )3. A cat has four ____ , doesn't it? A. foots B. feet C. feets ( )4. There are three ____ and five _____ in the room. A. American, Japanese B Americans, Japanese C. American, Japanese ( )5. Can you see nine ____ in the picture? A. fish B. book C. horse ( )6. The _____ has two______. A. boy; watch B. boy; watches C. boys; watch ( )7. The _____ are flying back to their country.(国家) A. Germany B. Germanys C. Germans ( )8. The girl brushes(刷) her _____ every day before she goes to bed. A. tooths B. teeth C. teeths

( )9.I see many _____ in the street.

A. peoples B.people C.people’s

( )10.The green sweater is his _________.

A.brother B.brothers C.brother’s

三、选择填空 (1’*10=10’)

( )1. They come from different (不同的)______

A. country B. countries C. a country D. countrys

( )2. How many ______ do you see in the picture?

A. tomatos B. tomatoes C. tomato D. the tomato

( )3. They are______.

A . woman teachers B. women teachers

C. women teacher D. woman teacher

( )4. Would you like _______ ,please?

A. two glass of water B. two glasses of water

C. two glass of waters D. two glasses of waters

( )5. Most of ______ live in _______.

A. Germans, German B. German, Germen

C. Germen, Germany D. Germans, Germany

( )6. There are some ______ in these _______.

A. knifes pencil-boxes B. knives pencils-box

C. knives pencil-box D. knives pencils-boxes

( )7. ______ like ______ by air.

A. Greens, travelling B. The Green, traveling

C. The Greens, travel D. The Greens, traveling

( )8. I wonder(想知道) why ______ are interested in action films(武打片).

A. the people B. people C. peoples D. the peoples

( )9. There is no ______ in the plate.

A. apples B. oranges C. rice(米饭) D. eggs

( )10.My uncle has three _______.

A.child B.childs C.children D.childrens


1. I have two____________ (knife)

2. There are many ___________ here. (box)

3. There are many ___________ on the road. (bus)

4. A few (一些)___________ are drawing on the wall. (boy)

5. The ______________ are playing football now. (child)

6. Please take two _______________ for me. (photo)

7. I like the red ________________.(tomato)

8. Would you please clean your _____________ now? (tooth)

9. Do you want some _________? (tea)

10. There are ten __________ _________in our school. (woman teacher)


1. __________________________(李明的父母)work in a big hospital.

2. This is __________________________________(我妹妹的语文书)

3. __________________________________(双胞胎的卧室) are very nice.

4. ______________________________(王平和王明的父亲) is a hotel manager.

5. Is this ___________________________________(你的好朋友的钢笔) ?

6. They are ___________________________________(Peter 和Sam的老师).

7. ___________________________(教师节) is on September 10th .

8. ___________________________________(学生们的桌椅) are very new.

9. We are very happy on ____________________________________(儿童节).

10. He is in _________________________________(老师的办公室) now.

11. Please open ______________________________________(教室的门).

12. ____________________________(赵敏的鞋) are white.

13. _________________________________(林红和张鹏的学校) is big and new.

14. ________________________________(John和Sally的母亲) are American.

15. _____________________________(刘伟的妻子的朋友) is from Guangzhou.

16. ______________________________(Tony哥哥的电脑) is broken.

17. It’s _____________________________(妇女节) on March 8th.

18. Are these ________________________________________(男生们的书包) ?

19. That is _______________________________________(Tom和李雷的教室).

20. ______________________________________(我父亲的和她父亲的朋友) are from Beijing.


1. _____ear 2.______actor 3. _____hen 4. ______toy

5.______university 6._____elephant 7._____hat 8.______umbrella 9.______rabbit

10.______idea 11.______hour 12_______ honest boy 13.______interesting book 14.______easy question 15.______orange dress 16_______apple pie 17_______X-ray machine(X光机) 18.______ice cream


1.________Beijing is _______capital(首都) of ________China.

2.There is _________”A” on his paper(纸).

3. I ate ______apple .It’s _______red apple.

4._______tall man over there is my boss. 5._______earth moves around sun.

6.No news is ________good news. 7.Have you visited Great Wall? 8.They often play football after school.

9.Children need love and attention. 10.Are there any birds in sky? 11. student in the third row is tallest in our class. 12.Did you have breakfast this morning? 13.Mr.White will go to Tokyo by air.

14.By way,do you know old woman in glasses?


1、 This is an apple.

2.She has a leaf in her pencil-box.

3. I am a university student.

4.That’s a sheep.

5. It’s an ant.

6. Is he an active teacher?


1、These are oranges.

2. They’re our friends.

3. Our dogs are under the tree.

4. Those are their peaches.

5. What do they do on the weekend?


一、请写出下列词的复数形式。(1’*50=50’) cities zoos countries teeth

mice boys brooms cars

trees horses buses foxes

branches babies families dishes

radios photos pianos knives

leaves lives thieves men

women children feet these

watches diaries days books

dresses sheep teas boxes

strawberries peaches sandwiches papers juice water milk rice

people CDs oxen deer fish

二、单项选择 (1’*10=10’)

1.C 2.B 3.B 4.B 5.A

6.B 7.C 8.B 9.B 10.C

三、选择填空 (1’*10=10’)

1.B 2.B 3.B 4.B 5.D

6.D 7.D 8.B 9.C 10.C


1. knives 2.boxes 3.buses 4.boys 5.children

6.photos 7.tomatoes 8.teeth 9.milk 10.women teachers

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