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1.大写字母W是 笔写成。A. 1 B. 2 C. 3

13.There are 8 in our classroom. A. bread B. girls C. desk

14.Are they works? A. children B. children’s C. child 2.字母A读作 。A. [ ai] B. [ ei] C. [?] 3.与字母I相邻的两个字母是 。A. H,J B. N,L C. F,H 4.Let’s shopping. A. goes B. going C. go 5.What’s hobby? Painting. A. his B. him C. he 6. do you like to wear? The brown jacket. A. What B. How C. Who

7.What’s he ? A. job B. like C. hobby

8.I like snowmen. A. to make B. make C. making 9.What do you after school? A. doing B. does C. do 10.We can go here foot. A. by B. on C. in 11.How much the pencil-box? A. is B. am C. are 12.Can tell the way to the bank? A. you , I B. your, my C. you, me

15.Linda is apples. A. cut B. cuting C. cutting 16.Can you play me? A. and B. with C. for

17. you go home? 4:30 pm. A. Where B. Who C. When 18. are coming this afternoon. A. My classmates B. Boy C. She

19.That is a skirt. It’s a kilt. A. not B. \ C. no 20.I looking for my ruler. A. am B. is C. are 二、判断 读音是否相同,是打“√”,否打“×”(10分) 1. game lake ( ) 2. here there ( ) 3. good room ( ) 4. this mouth ( ) 5. those home ( )



1.I’m (sweep) the floor.

2.There are some (peach) in the basket. 3.I want to (wear) the blue jeans. 4.What’s the weather like today? It’s (sun). 5.Pass (I )your hand. 四、情景交际(10分)

( )1.Is he your father? A.Yes,please. ( )2.Have you finished? B.Not yet.

( )3.Can I help you? C.They are in the glass.. ( )4.Where are the toothbrushes? D.Yes,he is.

( )5.What are you doing? E.I’m mopping the floor.五、按要求写句子(20分)


I the flower.

2.I play games after class.(对划线部分提问)

What you after class? 3.The pen is in the box.(对划线部分提问) the pen?

4.There is a book in the bag.(肯定回答) Yes, .

5.I clean the windows every day.(用how替换) I the windows now. 六、读一读,并判断正(T)误(F)(10分)

Mother snail is very busy. She is cooking dinner now. Her son is washing vegeteables. He is helping his mom. But they have no salt. Little snail has to buy it. But he will be back in a few days.

( )1. Mother snail is busy cooking dinner now.

( )2. Her son is washing the dishes.

( )3. They have some salt.

( )4. Little snail will be back in a moment.

( )5. Little snail is good boy.


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